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Come to Strasbourg on bus from Italy

Compare the prices of the companies Flixbus, Marino, Marozzi, BigBus, or Prestiaecomande by Strasbourg.

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Can we go to Strasbourg on bus from from Italy?

It is very possible to reach Strasbourg by comparing and traveling by bus from Italy. The advantage of Kombo is that you can directly book your cheap bus ticket on our website in a few clicks!

Which bus company is the cheapest for Strasbourg?

Several bus companies like Flixbus, Marino, Marozzi, BigBus, or Prestiaecomande offer from Italy routes for Strasbourg. It's up to you to make the right choice by comparing the tickets of your favorite bus companies in time.

Travel information for Strasbourg from Italy

To join Strasbourg on bus from Italy, there are several possibilities. The first is to take a direct bus through local companies (Flixbus, Marino, Marozzi, BigBus, or Prestiaecomande). These buses are often shorter and cheaper.

The second option is to take buses with connections. In total, this is not less than 2 bus serving Strasbourg from Italy.

The promise of Kombo? Make the trip cheaper to reach Strasbourg either to Italy or from any European country such as France, UK, or even Germany.

Your arrival

On your arrival in the city of Strasbourg, the bus stops in 6 bus stations:

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