The comparators: Omio and Kombo, what are the differences?

You want to compare your tickets, you wonder what are the differences between Omio and Kombo? Both sites compare the train and bus ticket offers of several companies (SNCF, Flixbus, Blablabus, inOui ...). Thus, they allow you to find the best prices on your travels.
But then what's the difference?

Omio or Kombo, which routes are offered?

Omio, formerly Goeuro, offers bus, train and plane tickets throughout Europe, the United States and Canada. For both Kombo and Omio, offering international travel means having a wide range of options.
Unlike Kombo, Omio does not combine different means of transport.
On Omio, if you search, for example, for a Montpellier - Lille, you will find results for trains, results for buses, and results for planes.
At Kombo, we've made it our business to make your travel easier, while making sure you get the best opportunities. Thus, if you are looking for a Montpellier - Lille, you will find combinations of different means of transport. You are then free to choose the direct route or the combination that suits you best.

For those of you who are more adventurous, these combinations are of course possible all over Europe:
Let's take the example of a Milan - Berlin : There are direct journeys between Milan and Berlin, or other journeys Flixbus with a connection in Munich of a few hours to stretch your legs.
Another interesting example would be a Paris - San Sebastian: You will find for this trip a combination Train + BlaBlacar, or direct bus journeys. Here again you have the choice: The fastest way by train, the cheapest way by bus.

How are the results sorted at Omio and Kombo?

Unlike Omio, we thought first of all of the practicality and speed of your reservation. Therefore, when you search for a Marseille - Lyon, for example, we sort the results into 3 categories :
- Suggested: The most balanced routes in terms of time/price and adapted to your personal needs.
- Fastest: The routes with the shortest travel times.
- The cheapest: Trips with the lowest prices.
And also ...
At Omio, trips are listed only by type of transport (train, bus, plane). You will then have to search in these lists for the route that suits you best.

Can I buy my ticket directly on the Omio website?

Both Kombo and Omio allow you to buy tickets directly on the site. With one difference, the bus company Flixbus.
Omio, unlike Kombo, does not allow you to book your Flixbus ticket directly on its website. You will be redirected to the German company's purchasing platform.
At Kombo, as you know, we think economy and ease for our customers. We have therefore worked on these Flixbus bookings, and we are pleased to be able to allow you to order your tickets directly via our website.
We also offer several payment methods: Credit card or Paypal. These payment methods have additional security, preventing any possibility of fraud.

In short: Omio and Kombo

Buy all the tickets directly on the website:
- Kombo: ✅
- Omio: ❌
Sells international tickets:
- Kombo: ✅
- Omio: ✅
Combines the different means of transport :
- Kombo ✅
- Omio ❌
Customized ticket sorting system:
- Kombo ✅
- Omio ❌
So you have understood that at Kombo we are committed to offering you an experience that reflects your image: dynamic and modern.
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