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To know if the Liberty Card fits me in 5 minutes.

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Are you a travel junkie, or do you simply have to use the train more than 4 times a year? Read the rest of this article about the Freedom Card of the SNCF because it could be of great interest to you...

Who is the Liberty Card for?

The Liberty Card, like the Benefit Cards offers reduced prices on many routes throughout the year. It is therefore aimed at regular train users and experienced travellers. This card replaces the Fréquence 30 and 50 season tickets since 9 May 2019 with the launch of the simplification of the SNCF's fare offer.
Anyone can subscribe to this offer, there is no age limit, and you can even share your benefits with your friends and family! Convenient, isn't it?

What are the characteristics of the Liberty Card?

This card is valid for 1 year throughout France and Europe. La SNCF offers two prices for this Card: 399€ at the normal rate, or 379€ for customers with a pro contract. (price excluding promo).
The pro contract: what is it? Quickly, this contract is reserved for people managing a train budget of less than €150,000 per year on behalf of a VSE/SME or as a self-employed person. It offers its holder advantages such as: 5% discount on the Business Premiere fare, exclusive access to the Pro 2nd fare, Express Access, Access to the inOui TGV Frequent Traveller Lounges, and therefore a €20 discount on the purchase of a Liberté Card.

Ma torniamo al nostro principale interesse, questa Liberty Card vi offre..:
- 60% di sconto per i viaggi in 2° (calcolato sulla tariffa Business Première)
- 45% sui viaggi in 1a classe (sempre calcolato sulla tariffa Business Première)
- Una partecipazione ai benefici: -50% per 3 bambini al seguito (da 4 a 11 anni), sulla tariffa ridotta pagata dal titolare della carta
- Approfittate anche degli sconti sui servizi SNCF: -20% sul servizio di noleggio AVIS, un autista a partire da 10€.
Inoltre, e grazie a questa offerta, viaggiate a prezzo ridotto e fisso sui vostri viaggi in 1a e 2a classe. Ciò significa che per un viaggio Marseille-Lille, per esempio, pagherai lo stesso prezzo che hai prenotato 5 minuti prima, o 4 mesi prima! Non c'è bisogno di affrettarsi, vi consiglio di prendere il biglietto quando siete sicuri che il vostro viaggio avrà luogo.

On which routes can I use my Liberté Card?

The SNCF Liberty Card is effective:
- On the TGV inOui and Intercities
- On the TER
- In France and Europe: (TGV inOui, DB SNCF or TGV Lyria)
Warning: This offer does not work on OuiGo and Intercities 100% ECO

Will the Liberty Card be profitable for me?

With near certainty the answer to your question is: YES!
If you're a regular traveller, chances are you'll make good money on this Card, and fast! On average it only takes 4 round trips for you to be a winner. For example on Toulouse-Strasbourg, you would usually need to plan within 300€ for a round trip. With this Card, the same journey costs you 120€ (second class), so you save 180€! Not bad, right?