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Travelling by train from Italy to France, or from France to Italy? It is possible! And at low cost. This is the aim of the Thello railway company: to offer a more affordable, more accessible link between Italy and France.

Thello's story:

Thello is a train operator providing direct routes between France and Italy. Created in 2010 by the companies Trenitalia and Transdev in a first phase, to finally become 100% owned by Trenitalia. It is the first company to compete with the giant SNCF.. This entry into France is due in particular to the opening up of rail transport to competition. In a nutshell, this opening represents a policy that allows different companies to market their rail transport services. All this therefore gradually putting an end to the monopoly of the SNCF. (the only one on the market since 1937!). The first line of Thello is released in 2011. It provides a connection from Paris-Gare de Lyon (France) to Venice-Santa Lucia (Italy). This line serves the stations of Dijon, Milan, Brescia, Verona, Vicenza, Padua and finally Venice-Mestre. According to the 2012 reports, this Thello line would have had a fill rate of 85%, which represents about 300,000 passengers!

Then comes the second line of the Thello company in 2012. This time it will operate between Paris-Gare de Lyon (France) and Rome-Gare Termini. Unfortunately, this line will be closed in 2013 due to complications in the use of the track. But Thello will open a new line in 2014. Unlike its predecessors, this new line will run from Marseille-Saint Charles (France) to Milan-Centrale (Italy). Thello continues its expansion in France, with the opening of a line departing from Nice, for example, but the health crisis of COVID-19 in 2020 has slowed this momentum. Thello wished to suspend its traffic in order to reopen it gradually in the following months. We propose you for the continuation a list of the various possible routes with the company Thello, and their characteristics:

Train Thello

"Some people are lucky," thinks this tourist on the beach, seeing the passengers through the windows of this Thello train.

Thello : A Paris - Venice line :

Thanks to this line, leave from Gare de Lyon, in Paris, and wake up at the Cité des eaux, I have named... Venice! Indeed this line proposes a daily journey, and at night (and at Kombo we love the night train.)).
Embark around 7:15 pm in Paris. Settle into the couchettes, which can be reserved when you buy your ticket (count around 30 euros for a one-way ticket in a 6-person couchette compartment and less than 100 euros in a 2-berth cabin). Wake up quietly in the sunlight of Venice in the early morning, for a day that can only start well!

On the Thello route, a stopover in Milan is possible:

To do this, it's quite simple, it's the same route as the previous one. Indeed the Thello line: Paris - Venice serves the stations of Dijon, Milan, Brescia, Verona, Vicenza, Padua and finally Venice - Maestre. So all you have to do is wake up a little earlier, at dawn, drink a little coffee, and you're ready to visit Milan!

Italian Correspondence and Thello: Paris - Rome

We're referring to the path just above. This time you'll have to make a connection. So you're boarding on the Paris-Venice route, and you stop in Milan. When you arrive in Milan, you have to take the Milan - Rome connection via Trenitalia and their "Frecciarossa" (top-of-the-range trains of the company). But don't worry, at Kombo we want you to leave with peace of mind. That's why we offer you tickets where your connections are automatically made. No need to go to different websites to book your second trip, everything happens at Kombo. Kombo gathers the tickets of many companies. For example for your trip to Rome, a simple search Paris - Rome on Kombo, and we propose you a combination of existing tickets to take you to your destination.

Whether Train Thello + Train Trenitalia, or Train Thello + Train Italo, or even Train Thello - Bus, we will find the combination that suits you best! The results will then be sorted into three categories:
- Suggested: The most balanced routes in terms of time/price and adapted to your personal needs.
- Fastest: The routes with the lowest travel times.
- The cheapest: Trips with the lowest prices.

Thello : A Marseille - Milan line :

For sun lovers, it is also possible to leave from the south thanks to the Thello line from Marseille to Milan. There are two departures during the day, one in the morning, which will take you to Milan in the early afternoon, and another in the evening, which will take you to Milan at night.

A Thello line that starts in Nice and goes through the coast

There are two Thello routes from Nice (they are the same as those from Marseille):
The first leaves Nice in the morning and takes you to Milan, the fashion capital of the world, in the early afternoon. The second departure is at the end of the day and will make you arrive in the middle of the night. If you are tired of Milan, don't panic, the route serves many cities in Italy: Ventimiglia, Sanremo, Imperia, Diano, Alassio, Albenga, Finale Ligure, Savona, Genoa, Voghera, Pavia and finally Central Milan.

And if you want to visit another city that is not on this route, no worries. Just enter the city you want to visit in the search bar and Kombo will take care of the rest. Do you want to spend a few days in Naples and visit the remains of Pompeii? Just do a Nice-Naples search, and Kombo will take care of finding your route and combine all the means to get there.
Start from Nice with the Thello Marseille - Milan line, stop on the way and take your connection, whether it's by train Italo or Trenitalia, a bus or even a Blablacar. We will find the right route among all the choices available. Then, whether it's the fastest, cheapest or our suggested routes, the choice is yours!

What is good to know before a trip Thello:

Thello offers a simple, flexible pricing package with two main price categories:
- Smart fare: Up to 7 days before departure, Thello offers reduced fares. However, please note that these tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable.
- Flexi fare: can be changed (subject to a new reservation at an equal or higher price) free of charge once and refundable with a deduction of 5 euros per person until departure.

For the children: Thello offers special rates!
For children under 4 years old, the trips are free (up to one child per adult), and for 4-14 years old you benefit from -30%. Travelling from Nice to Milan for 10.50€ with Thello is therefore possible.
For groups : Here too, Thello offers you an adapted offer with the Minigroup option (discounts vary according to the number of people, and is available for groups of 2 to 5 people).
For companions of people with reduced mobility: Here too you will benefit from an optimised tariff from Thello, called "Disabled Compagnion".
For regulars: Thello provides 2 solutions for the most loyal passengers. The first is the 5-trip book (ideal for those who often take the same line). The second is the TER + Thello season ticket. TER Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur subscribers can access Thello trains between Nice, Monaco and/or Ventimiglia thanks to this subscription.
For Eurail and Interrail pass holders: You can take advantage of the special fare on Thello trains (your pass must be valid in France and/or Italy)

The trains present on Kombo :