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All information about the free carpooling


The carpooling refers to the sharing of a vehicle between several passengers on a common trip to spread the costs associated with that trip. It is often used for regular short distance trips, but free carpooling platforms offering longer distances also exist. There are a number of features to consider when you want to engage in free carpooling, and this is what we will explain in detail.

What is free carpooling?

In short: Free carpooling connects carpoolers without charging a commission on the trips made. Carpoolers can therefore be linked up at no cost.

Free carpooling is becoming increasingly popular because it offers flexibility, convenience and user-friendliness that other means of transport may not allow. It is also a perfect solution to problems related to traffic congestion and pollution, as it reduces the number of cars on the road.

The concept is based on sharing a car with passengers who have to travel the same route. In short, free carpooling is similar to a free carpooling system, except that the website linking the carpoolers does not charge a commission on the journey made.

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What are the free carpooling companies?

Mobicoop provides passengers with practical offers that make their daily life easier. Indeed, they are not forced to become members, and they too can have access to general meetings. Putting freedom at the centre of its values, Mobicoop is committed to ensuring the protection of users' data.

Roulez Malin offers the same free carpooling service. It is a platform where carpooling is 100% free from one city to another. Indeed, the passenger only pays the commission shared with the driver.

Klaxit is the new name of IDVroom. It is the carpooling service initially proposed by the SNCF. It favours short distances and payment is simplified with all the customizable routes. Promotions are put in place during periods of work on the tracks. Today, Klaxit is the French leader in short-distance carpooling with more than 2 million users.

CityGo: Citygo is the specialist in urban carpooling, and even offers to book trips at the last minute. The Citygo application is very easy to use. You just have to indicate the route you want to take and the budget price and drivers will be suggested. To make your choice among the drivers, they are classified by reviews of the last trips by users and car models. Count about one euro per kilometer, unbeatable for trips from the big city to the suburbs!

La Roue Verte: is a carpooling service completely free of charge both for those who offer their cars and for the passengers. In order to know the price of the journey for the passenger, a scale is defined according to the number of kilometres to be covered for the desired journey. The trick is simple, the more passengers you have, the more you save: 2 people in the car and the driving costs are divided by 2!

What are the differences between free carpooling companies and traditional carpooling companies (BlaBlaCar)?

Currently, free carpooling companies let drivers set the prices. The sites do not take a position on the prices offered on their platforms, it is up to the users to agree on a price that is advantageous to both parties.

These sites are made possible by donations from the community, users and members. In return, passengers can make greater savings as travel becomes less expensive. This is not the case with traditional carpooling companies such as Blablacar, which charge commissions.

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Why choose free carpooling?

If you are still not convinced by free carpooling... here is an anthology of the advantages that you can get from it:

- The system is convenient since you can find a carpool near you at any time. All you have to do is choose the destination that suits you from a multitude destinations and schedules.

- Free carpooling combines ease and low cost. This is the main advantage of this system. Wherever you are, whenever you want, you can always make a reservation and still enjoy an attractive price since no commission is taken.

- Need to talk? Live a fulfilling experience, building relationships with your fellow travellers!

- Make a gesture for the planet and share a car!

What are the limits of free carpooling?

In spite of the many advantages that free carpooling can offer, it is indeed towards classic carpooling that travellers will turn to: More comfort, security, a quick means of payment and above all, a very large range of trips.

For this reason, routes may be less flexible than on Blablacar for example, with fewer places served due to lack of users.

It is also sometimes difficult to find the route that suits us and at the best price. At Kombo, our credo is to never let ourselves be discouraged by challenges! By using Kombo, you can sort carpools directly. Kombo has prepared a comparison of the different existing companies. It's up to you to see which company best suits your needs... and your personality! All you have to do is choose between a classic or free carpool, it's up to you and your budget.

Carpooling on Kombo :

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