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Terms of Sales

kombo.co (hereinafter referred to as "Kombo Site") is published by ARTEA Company, SAS with capital of 14 100 euros, whose Head Office is in 12 rue Anselme, 93400 St Ouen, France, identified the RCS paris under number SIREN: 820 902 377, VAT number FR 42 82 number 0,902,377 (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"). Editor: Mr. Clément Hugon.
All orders placed on Kombo Site are subject to these Terms of Sale. The Company reserves the right to modify or change at any time, the version of the general terms and conditions applicable to any transaction is that appearing online on the website Kombo at checkout. Kombo The site is in French.

1. The journeys by coach (bus)

Rides by coach (bus) offered for sale are tickets Commuting by bus, also called "bus", various bus operators. The company takes great care in the presentation and description of the results to best meet the information the Customer. Rides and Prices shown at the result of a search carried out by the customer are the best results available to the Kombo Site at the time of the search. These results are the fruit of Kombo site work and may have been provided by bus operators, or through Internet searches done manually or automatically. By the operation of pricing process bus operators, prices may change at any time and especially between their presentation to the Client and their final selection. Depending on the bus operators, the final selection is not made at the same time in the sales tunnel.
The Company markets all routes by coach (bus) available from approved bus operators. The Company can not therefore ensure that all routes by coach (bus) bus operators are available on the website Kombo.

Some Journeys by coach (bus) require stopping, and include more intermediate routes: from the starting point to the stop and the stop at the finish line. In this case, the site offers Kombo the Customer Journeys by coach (bus) distinct, which can be operated either by the same bus operator or by various bus operators, and can not ensure the correspondence during the stopover. The Company will strive to offer trips with a duration of sufficient correspondence. The Customer also careful to choose a trip by coach (bus) which will delay a match, even in case of delay of the first intermediate path. The Company may in no case be responsible for a missed connection, especially if the first intermediate route has been delayed.

Some trips by coach (bus) require identification for travel, especially for foreign countries. Customer is responsible to check what ID is required for the flight by coach (bus) in the (s) crossed country (s), to check the validity of the identification, and to have this piece identity on it during operation in the bus (bus).

2. The customer

The Customer declares to be an individual (possibly on behalf of a legal entity), legal age (at least 18 years), to have the legal capacity to enter into this Agreement and to use this Site in accordance with these GTC he understands perfectly, so you can place an order on the website Kombo. When registering your details at registration, it must ensure the accuracy and completeness of required data it provides. In the unlikely event of delegated authentication to external service providers (Facebook, Google or otherwise), it must ensure after the automatic creation of the account that the data is accurate.

The Buyer declares hereby be major (at least 18 years) and have the legal capacity to enter into this Agreement and to use this Site in accordance with the provisions of these Terms that he / she fully understands and accepts. Buyer agrees to take full financial responsibility for any use of this site to the Intermediary.
It is not necessary to purchase on the website Kombo the Customer creates a Personal Account.
The Customer agrees to comply with the general provisions of Bus Operators Journeys by bus (bus) that he bought on the website Kombo. The Company reserves the right to suspend an account or block a user if it performs a misuse of Kombo Site services.
In particular, any automated use (scripts, robots ...) Kombo the Site may result in account suspension or blocking of the user. Similarly misuse of a sponsorship system may result in the cancellation of the benefits of this sponsorship.

3. The passengers

The customer has in the dialogue sale of Passengers set for which it can buy Journeys by coach (bus). Customer may add up to 9 passengers for a trip by coach. For each passenger, the Customer is responsible for the respective personal data it provides. These data are necessary for editing Journeys by coach (bus) by bus operators. In case of errors in the personal data, the Company can not be held responsible for editing a bus trip so with no good information.

4. The search for bus tickets

The Customer performs Routes Search by coach (bus) for a set of Passengers that defines and selects. The Company will display the routes by coach (bus) provided corresponding to the search, and the conditions of cancellation and possible reimbursement for each of the routes by coach (bus).
If the customer changes the search parameters, such as number of passengers, dates and destinations by bus routes, it must perform a new search for the results to take into account these changes.
When the customer has chosen a Bus ride, it can make the payment. In the future, the Kombo website reserves the right to add functionality, for example to enable reservations advantage of Routes.

5. Price

Due to the nature of travel products, it is possible that the price change between the date of booking and the actual payment date. The customer will have to take the price in effect at the time he makes the payment.

6. The payment of bus tickets

Customer may pay Journeys by coach (bus) it has selected through Kombo website interface. Accepted payment methods are different types of Credit Card: Carte Bleue, Visa, or MasterCard.

Before you pay, Customer must validate these Conditions of Sale and all of the general provisions of the various bus operators present among the selected bus tickets. These provisions are also available directly on the website of the bus operators. To finalize the payment of Journeys by bus (bus), the Customer must check the transaction amount before validating by clicking on the button "Pay".

Note that the bus ticket prices can be collected either by the bus company or by Kombo Site. All of the sales transaction and payment are secured by TLS 1.0 (SSL).

7. The issuance of the bus ticket

After the payment, ticket Journeys by coach (bus) ordered by the Customer are issued. The Company deals with the (s) Operator (s) bus to retrieve data that enable the customer to get his tickets. The Kombo site may make this treatment with bus operators by different means, such as a booking through an API, manual book, or any other means to book the tickets of bus routes on behalf of the Client. The Customer therefore delegates the task of booking bus ticket to Kombo Company, which can affect whether or not a commission on the ticket and bought.

Kombo The Site reserves the right to cancel the reservation if there are good reasons to believe that it is fraudulent.

Tickets for bus routes are dematerialized. The Company therefore sends the ticket in PDF format by email to Customer after payment. The Company advises the Client to contact if he has not received his Journeys by bus (bus) one hour after the payment.

Once received tickets, the customer can then print the tickets on paper. The Customer undertakes to present the ticket when accessing the bus (coach):

• In printed form,

• Either in digital form on the screen of an apparatus for displaying the PDF ticket. In this case, the Company would urge the Customer that you charge the device for presenting the ticket.

The Company shall not be responsible in any way for the no-show by the customer the ticket.

8. Right to retract

The Customer is informed that the bus routes (bus) sold by the Company are not subject to the application of a right of withdrawal. Accordingly, Journeys by coach (bus) sold by the Company are not subject to conditions of cancellation and reimbursement provided by the various bus operators for each fare.

9. Modification and Cancellation of tickets

The modification or cancellation of bus tickets may be available for certain routes by bus, by rate. If the modification or cancellation of bus tickets are possible, they may incur charges.

In all cases, the Company will present the possibilities offered by bus operators, depending on the price of each Bus ride for Modification and Cancellation of tickets.

10. Personal data

The Company must collect Data for each passenger. These Personal Data may include name, first name, date of birth, email, previously searched or made trips. The email addresses provided by the Client as part of a sponsorship program can also be recorded. The Customer has a right to access his Personal Data (Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978) by contacting the company via email. This request must be attached to an identification mention of the dates and places of birth to prove his identity.

The Personal Data needed to bus operators for booking a Bus ride transmitted to them.

11. Service Usage

The Customer may use the Site only via Kombo proposed GUI. The scraping or direct connection via an API that can be developed by the Company are strictly prohibited unless they are accompanied by a written consent of the Company.

12. Applicable right

These Terms are governed by French law. Any dispute relating to their interpretation and / or execution falls the French courts.


These General Terms and Conditions of Sale were updated on 8 October 2019.