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General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTC)

The website (hereinafter referred to as "the Kombo Site"), is published by ARTEA, a SAS with a capital of 14,100 euros, whose registered office is 12 rue Anselme, 93400 St Ouen, France, identified in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under the SIREN number: 820 902 377, intra-community VAT number FR 42 82 0902377 (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"). Director of publication: Mr. Clément Hugon.
All orders placed on the Site Kombo are subject to these Terms and Conditions of Sale. The Company reserves the right to adapt or modify at any time the present, the version of the general conditions of sale applicable to any transaction being the one appearing online on the Site Kombo at the time of payment. The Site Kombo is in French language.

1. Journeys by train or coach

The Train or Coach Journeys offered for sale are tickets for Train or Coach Journeys, also known as "bus", from different Train or Bus Operators. The Company takes the greatest care in the presentation and description of the results to best satisfy the Client's information. The Routes and Prices indicated in the result of a Search carried out by the customer are the best results available to the Site Kombo at the time of the search. These results are the fruit of the work of the Kombo Site and may have been provided by Train or Bus Operators, or by Internet searches done manually or automatically. Due to the way the Train or Bus Operators' pricing processes work, prices can change at any time and in particular between their presentation to the Customer and their final selection. Depending on the train or bus operators, the final selection does not take place at the same time in the sales tunnel.
The Company markets all Train or coach (bus) journeys available from the referenced Train or Bus Operators. Therefore, the Company cannot guarantee that all the Train or Bus Operators' Train or Bus Routes are available on the Kombo Site.

Some train or coach (bus) journeys require a stopover, and therefore include several intermediate journeys: from the point of departure to the stopover, then from the stopover to the point of arrival. In this case, the Kombo Site proposes to the Client separate Coach (bus) Journeys, which can be operated either by the same Operator or by different Operators. On these journeys, the Customer purchases independent Tickets. The Kombo Site cannot ensure the connection during the stopover. The Company will do its utmost to offer routes with sufficient connecting time. The Customer shall also ensure that he/she chooses a coach (bus) Journey whose delay will allow a connection, even if the first intermediate journey is delayed. The Company shall in no way be liable for a missed connection, particularly if the first intermediate journey is delayed.

Some train or coach (bus) journeys require an identity document to travel, especially for foreign countries. The Customer is responsible for checking which ID is required for the coach (bus) journey in the country(ies) crossed, for checking the validity of this ID, and for having this ID on him/her during the coach (bus) journey. Also due to the current health situation, the customer must ensure that he/she is in compliance with the rules of the transport company as well as those of the countries in which he/she travels, especially in the case of border crossings.

2. The Client

The Customer declares to be a natural person (possibly acting on behalf of a legal entity), to be of legal age (at least 18 years), to have the legal capacity to enter into this Agreement, and to use this Site in accordance with the provisions of these GCS which he fully understands, in order to be able to place an order on the Site Kombo. When registering the Customer's personal data at the time of registration, the Customer must ensure the accuracy and completeness of the mandatory data he provides. In the possible case of authentication delegated to external service providers (Facebook, Google or other), he must ensure after the automatic creation of the account that the data is accurate.

The Buyer hereby declares that he/she is of legal age (at least 18 years old) and has the legal capacity to enter into this Contract and to use this Site in accordance with the provisions of these GTC, which he/she fully understands and accepts. The Purchaser agrees to assume full financial responsibility for any use of this Site to the Intermediary.
It is not necessary for the Customer to create a Personal Account in order to purchase on the Kombo Site.
The Client undertakes to comply with the general provisions of the Train or Bus Operators of the Train or Coach (bus) journeys that he has purchased on the Kombo Site. The Company reserves the right to suspend an account or to block a user if the user makes abusive use of the services of the Kombo Site.
In particular, any automated use (scripts, robots ...) of the Site Kombo may result in suspension of the account or blocking of the user. Similarly, misuse of a sponsorship system may result in the cancellation of the benefits of this sponsorship.

3. Passengers

In the sales dialogue, the Customer has a set of Passengers for whom he can purchase Train or Coach (bus) journeys. The Customer may add up to 9 Passengers to a Trip. For each Passenger, the Customer is responsible for the respective personal data that he/she provides. These data are necessary for the edition of the train or coach (bus) journeys by the Operators. In the event of an error in these personal data, the Company cannot be held responsible for the publication of a bus or train journey that does not contain the correct information.

4. Searching for train or bus tickets

The Customer carries out a Train or Coach (bus) Trip Search for a set of Passengers that he defines and selects. The Company then displays the proposed Train or Coach (bus) Journeys corresponding to the Search, as well as the Cancellation and Refund conditions, if any, for each of the Train or Coach (bus) Journeys.
If the Customer changes the Search parameters, such as the number of Passengers, dates and destinations of the Bus or Train Journeys, the Customer must perform a new Search so that the results take these changes into account.
When the Customer has chosen a Bus or Train Trip, he can proceed to payment. In the future, the Kombo Site reserves the right to add functionalities, for example to allow to book more Routes.

5. Awards

Due to the nature of travel products, it is possible that the price may change between the date of booking and the date of actual payment. The customer shall therefore be responsible for the price in force at the time of payment.

6. Payment of train or bus tickets

The Client may pay for the Train or Bus (bus) journeys selected by him through the interface of the Kombo Site. The accepted means of payment are the different types of Credit Card: Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal.

Before being able to pay, the Client must validate the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale as well as all the general provisions of the various Train or Bus Operators present among the selected train or bus tickets. These provisions can also be consulted directly on the train or bus operators' websites. In order to finalise payment for his Train or Coach (bus) journeys, the Customer must check the amount of the transaction before validating by clicking on the "Pay" button.

It should be noted that the price of bus tickets can be collected either by the bus company or by the Kombo Site. The entire sales transaction as well as the payment are secured by the TLS 1.0 protocol (SSL).

7. Issuing the bus ticket

Once payment has been made, the tickets for the train or coach (bus) journeys ordered by the Customer are issued. The Company shall deal with the Operator(s) in order to recover the data that will enable the Customer to retrieve his tickets. The Kombo Website will be able to carry out this processing with the Train or Bus Operators by different means, such as a reservation through an API, a manual reservation, or any other means that allows to book the tickets of the Bus Travels on behalf of the Client. The Client therefore delegates the task of booking the bus ticket to Kombo Company, which may or may not receive a commission on the ticket thus purchased. The Company is responsible for issuing the Bus or Train Tickets to the Customer on time, usually in PDF format. Nevertheless, the Company cannot guarantee that the Customer has received its Tickets. In this case, the Customer must contact the Site to report that he has not received his Tickets. Finally, the Company is NOT responsible for transport, since the transport service is provided by the Train or Bus Operator. If the bus or train transport service has not met the Client's expectations, the Client may contact the Operator directly.

The Kombo Site reserves the right to cancel the reservation if there are good reasons to believe that it is fraudulent.

Bus tickets are dematerialized. The Company therefore sends the tickets in PDF format by email to the Customer after payment. The Client undertakes to contact the Company if he has still not received his Train or Coach (bus) journeys one hour after payment.

Once the tickets have been received, the Customer can then print out his tickets on paper. The Customer undertakes to present the tickets when accessing the bus (coach) :

• Either in printed form,

• Either in digital form, on the screen of a device allowing the banknote to be displayed in PDF format. In this case, the Company strongly encourages the Customer to properly recharge the device used to present the ticket.

The Company may under no circumstances be held liable for the consequences of the Customer's failure to present the Ticket.

8. Right of withdrawal

The Client is informed that the Train or coach (bus) journeys sold by the Company are not subject to the application of a right of withdrawal. Consequently, the Train or coach (bus) journeys sold by the Company are exclusively subject to the Cancellation and Reimbursement conditions stipulated by the various Train or Bus Operators for each fare.

9. Modification and Cancellation of Tickets

La Modification ou l’Annulation des billets de bus peut être disponible pour certains Trajets en bus, en fonction des tarifs. Dans le cas où la Modification ou l’Annulation des billets de bus sont possibles, elles peuvent entraîner des frais.

In any case, the Company will present the possibilities offered by the Train or Bus Operators, according to the fare of each Bus or Train Trip, for the Modification and Cancellation of tickets.

10. Personal data

The Company shall collect Personal Data for each Passenger. This Personal Data may include surname, first name, date of birth, email, previous trips searched for or made. E-mail addresses provided by the Customer as part of a sponsorship program may also be recorded. The Client has a right of access to his Personal Data (law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978) by contacting the Company by e-mail. This request must be accompanied by a piece of identification with dates and places of birth in order to prove his identity.

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The Personal Data required by Train or Bus Operators for the reservation of a Bus or Train Trip are transmitted to them.

11. Use of the service

The Client is authorized to use the Kombo Site only through the proposed graphical interface. Scraping or direct connection through an API that may be developed by the Company is strictly prohibited unless accompanied by written authorization from the Company.

12. Applicable law

These GTC are subject to French law. Any dispute relating to their interpretation and/or execution shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the French courts.


The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale were updated on 7 January 2020.