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About Kombo

Our vision is to facilitate mobility

Kombo was created in 2016 by two entrepreneurs, Clement and Matthieu, after the liberalization of the market in France. Our aim is simply to enable everyone to travel by bus, easily and at the best price. If you also think that train is too expensive, we may be friends.

We offer trips from all bus operators in France (Ouibus, Flixbus, Isilines, Eurolines ...) and carpooling with BlaBlaCar. But above all, we try to offer the simplest interface possible to book your trip. At Kombo, our commitment is to deliver you a transport offer as comprehensive as possible. We have developed a powerful search algorithm to provide the results quickly. Last but not least, we are attached to objectivity: we are committed not to favor one carrier over another.

The team

Matthieu, CEO


Before the bus market was liberalized, this adventurer had to pedal to do a world tour... by bike. During this trip he was able to make his first bus ride, in Nepal. And guess who was among the passengers ? A goat. For real.
Matthieu has found the first office of Kombo, in the basement of a printing house.
He likes: spending what he could save thanks to cheap transportation, Helvetica font, photography, and surfing on Internet (yes yes).

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Clément, CTO


Somehow Clement is the Steve Jobs Kombo (without glasses). He launched the site in 2016 and manages all the technical part, from web site development to the creation of technology combining routes. No code problem is difficult enough for him and he surprises all our partners for its speed of integration.
He likes: liberalized markets, WiFi in the bus and the Pastabox with cheese (and he does not like bugs).

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