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Our vision: facilitate mobility

Kombo was created in 2016 by 2 entrepreneurs, Clément Hugon and Matthieu Marquenet. A year before, the bus market was liberalized in France with the Emmanuel Macron's law. Our dream is to allow everyone to move easily, and at the best price. For this purpose, we are creating an application that allows you to buy tickets for any mode of transport. We are convinced that this is the meaning of the story.

We therefore list direct trips of more than 200 companies throughout Europe. For the train, you will find tickets from SNCF, TGV, Inoui, Intercités, and soon Eurostar, Thalys, Ouigo, Trenitalia or Italo. For the bus, you will have the best prices at companies such as Flixbus, Blablabus, Alsa, National Express, Marino, or Marozzi. And it's not over yet, because you will also see the best carpool trips with Blablacar. Also at Kombo, we make every effort to make things easier for you with our technology. First of all, search results come in very quickly. When there is no direct route to a specific destination, our powerful algorithm will find the best possible routes for you. And our interface has been designed for both smartphone and general public use. And if needed, our customer service is always available. Finally, we are committed to objectivity: we undertake not to discriminate one mode of transport over another.

Matthieu, CEO

After training as an engineer, Matthieu Marquenet wanted to make his dream come true: cycling around the world. He involved 2 of his high school friends in the adventure, found sponsors thanks to the support of Zinedine Zidane, and travelled 18 countries by calf strength. These 3 companions have crossed the Andes in icy nights at 4500m altitude, slept in firemen's houses in Brazil, got arrested by the Chinese police and got lost in the jungle of Laos. It is during this adventure that he made his first bus trip to Nepal. And guess who was sitting next to him on the bus? A goat! Not kidding.
He's the one who founded Kombo's first office in the basement of a printing house.
What he loves: spending a lot of money thanks to the savings made on transport, Helvetica police, photography, night trains, and sleeping in nature (and he doesn't like disorder).

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Clément, CTO

Clément is like the Steve Jobs of Kombo (but without glasses). He launched the website in 2016 and he manages the entire technical part, from web development of the site to the creation of the route combination technology. No code problem can resist him. He always surprises all of our partners with his deeds. As a hard worker, he spends his weekends building his house with his own hands and with a whole bunch of eco-friendly tips. We'll show it to you when it's over.
What he likes: vegan dishes, cheese, playing babyfoot but especially winning (and he doesn't like bugs).

➡️ His LinkedIn profile

The trains present on Kombo

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