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The train is a fast, safe and efficient travel through the countries of Europe. The train ride is one of the most popular choices for travel through clean, modern and fast trains.

The railways in Europe varies from one country to the other, some of them travel to neighboring countries. Most railway companies in Europe belong to the state, others are private. In France, the SNCF is public, but soon the market was liberalized. In Italy, there is a public company, Trenitalia, and private, Italo . As for the UK, railways are privatized, which means that there are several companies serving routes across the country. Market liberalization in Europe should see other businesses to the surface and move into new territories.

In addition, all countries are committed to high-speed trains in Europe. Many routes, particularly cross-border, can be done in a matter of hours. These links include Londres-Paris et Amsterdam-Bruxelles. Pour des trajets plus longs, des trains de nuit peuvent être envisagés.

The train ride

Taking the train is a great alternative to air in Europe: the seats are generally spacious and comfortable, no long lines at airport security, and stations are often more accessible than airports. The train also allows you to enjoy the picturesque you cross: the snowy Austrian Alps to the green hills of the Basque Country

The rail service, speed and price. They vary considerably from one country: Western Europe tend to use the most modern and high-speed trains, while Eastern European trains may be less frequent and also tend to have far less expensive prices. prices of train tickets can fluctuate considerably, so it is best to book your train tickets long in advance as possible. Our tips for cheap train tickets

The main train companies

SNCF exploite l'ensemble des services ferroviaires nationaux français, y compris le réseau TGV. More than 800 high-speed trains depart daily SNCF. The TGV SNCF transports every year more than 100 million passengers.

- Deutsche Bahn : German national railway company is the largest in Europe, taking around 2 billion passengers per year. High-speed trains Intercity Express (ICE) Deutsche Bahn connect major German cities as well as some international destinations in Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Denmark and the Netherlands.

- Italo is a private high-speed train that connects 16 stations in 13 Italian cities. Italo operates 3 lines of high-speed train in Italy: Verona Naples (via Bologna, Florence and Rome); Venice in Salerno (via Padua, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples); Turin to Salerno (via Milan, Reggio Emilia, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples).

- Trenitalia owned by the Italian government, Trenitalia it is the main Italian railway company. Trenitalia offers regional and long-haul routes and international connections with France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

- Renfe : Renfe Operadora is the Spanish national railway company. Renfe's AVE high-speed trains run at up to 350 km/h and connect Madrid with other major Spanish cities such as Seville, Barcelona, Valencia, Toledo, Córdoba and Malaga.

Flixtrain : Compagnie de train lancée par Flixbus company .

International trains in Europe

- Eurostar : All trips from London to other major French cities, or Belgian always involve a Eurostar train through the Channel Tunnel. Eurostar trains run between London and Paris, Lille, Lyon and Brussels. Eurostar travel from London to Paris or Brussels lasts around 2:30.

Créé en partenariat entre la SNCF, the SNCF and Deutsche Bahn in May 1995 Thalys connects major cities in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands in international TGV. Thalys trains between Paris, Brussels, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Liege, Aachen and Cologne.

- Lyria : The Lyria, a partnership between SBB and SNCF transports over four million passengers a year between France and Switzerland. The Lyria operates six railway lines: between Geneva and Lille, between Geneva and Nice (via Marseille) between Lausanne and Paris (via Geneva), between Lausanne and Paris (via Dijon), between Interlaken and Paris ( via Bern, Basel and Dijon) and between Zurich and Paris (via Basel and Mulhouse)

- Thello Created in 2010 as part of an agreement cooperation between. Trenitalia and SNCF, the train connects Thello large cities of France in the cities of northern Italy. The Thello trains in many cities of the French Riviera. Thello offers night trains between Paris Gare de Lyon and Venice Santa Lucia, which stops at Dijon City, central Milan, Brescia, Verona Porta Nuova Vicenza and Padua along the way. The day trains between Milan and Marseille (via Genoa and Nice) are also operated by Thello.

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