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Ouigo: the low cost offers train of SNCF

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How about finding the cheapest journey?

As an official partner of 400 train, bus, plane, and carpooling companies, Kombo allows you to compare all the major companies: SNCF, Ouigo, Trenitalia, Flixbus, BlaBlaCar, Air France, and more. This way, you can be sure to always find the best itinerary for all your journeys.

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Have we introduced you to Kombo?

Kombo is, above all, a team of travel enthusiasts who work (secretly) to make ticket searching simpler. With over 4 million users, the platform has been allowing you to compare and book train, bus, plane, and carpooling tickets since 2016.

But we don't just sell tickets! We also take care of you throughout your journey. This includes a customer service based in France, easily reachable 7 days a week, as well as many little tips and features developed to make your life easier. For example, tickets available on your phone or automatic reimbursement in case of delays or cancellations.

Ouigo in 2 minutes

  • Unbeatable price from €10

  • Fast trains like TGV

  • 30 towns served in France

  • Launched in 2013 by SNCF

Find the cheapest Ouigo tickets

Don't forget to buy tickets as soon as they go on sale! The first Ouigo tickets on sale can be up to 2x cheaper, but be quick. The best prices go very quickly. The longer you wait, the more you risk paying.

Ouigo, the cheap TGV

Ouigo is the low-cost train service provided by SNCF, launched in 2013. It offers journeys throughout France at unbeatable prices, thanks to a reinvented train concept. With its single class, absence of a bar car, and two levels, the Ouigo company offers trains optimized to accommodate the maximum number of passengers under the best conditions, and all at a much lower fare than the traditional offerings of SNCF and other carriers.

Exclusive on Kombo: Ouigo trains are now cancelable

Usually Ouigo trains are neither cancellable nor refundable. They are exchangeable up to 30 minutes before departure, for costs of € 19.

Only on Kombo, you can add a warranty that allows you to be reimbursed by 70% of the ticket price, without reason or proof.

Where can you go with Ouigo trains?

The Ouigo company offers two types of services: Ouigo High-Speed Journeys and Ouigo Classic Train Journeys.

Ouigo High-Speed Journeys: The original Ouigo low-cost TGV service enables high-speed travel to over 40 cities in France, starting from 10€. The trains used are TGVs, with a top speed of up to 320 km/h.

However, Ouigo TGVs differ from the Inoui service, the classic TGV of SNCF, with a redesigned train layout that allows for more passengers to be accommodated at a lower cost. The Ouigo service is stripped down to essentials, resulting in lower prices. This means that more than 1260 people can board a single train.

Ouigo Classic Trains: This new Ouigo offering provides service to medium-sized cities with classic trains, meaning they are not high-speed trains, at a competitive price ranging from 10€ to a maximum of 49€. The journeys are generally longer than with a TGV but are economical and very practical, as they allow access to cities that were previously not served by the company. Currently, 14 cities are included in this service.

Ouigo High-Speed Journeys

This offer is available on numerous routes, such as:

  • The Ouigo Paris-Marseille route, one of the most frequently traveled.

  • Paris-Nice passing through Aix-en-Provence, Toulon, Saint-Raphaël, Cannes, and Antibes.

  • Paris-Toulouse passing through Massy, Bordeaux, Agen, and Montauban.

  • Paris-Montpellier passing through Lyon, Valence, Avignon, and Nîmes.

  • Paris-Brest passing through Rennes, Saint-Brieuc, Guingamp, and Morlaix.

Direct journeys from Paris are offered to cities like Lyon, Lille, Strasbourg, Rennes, and Aix-en-Provence. Even in winter, there's a line from Paris to Bourg Saint Maurice that takes you directly to the base of the slopes.

Ouigo Classic Trains

This offering is available on 3 different lines from Paris (round-trip):

  1. Paris Austerlitz-Les Aubrais passing through Juvisy, Massy-Palaiseau, Versailles Chantiers, Chartres, Le Mans, Angers Saint-Laud, and Nantes.

  2. Paris Austerlitz-Nantes passing through Juvisy, Blois-Chambord, Saint-Pierre-des-Corps (4km from Tours), Saumur, Angers Saint-Laud.

  3. Paris Bercy-Lyon Perrache passing through Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, Melun, Dijon Ville, Chalon-sur-Saône, Mâcon Ville.

Ouigo Spain

Finally, Kombo also offers journeys in Spain with Ouigo Spain. This way, you'll be able to travel across the Iberian Peninsula from France at an economical price. Cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, and even Seville are accessible, providing ample opportunities to plan your upcoming vacations.

Ouigo ticket

When traveling on Ouigo, there is only one seat in the classroom, which means that all passengers are offered the same level of service on board. Since there is no restaurant on the train car, so it is highly recommended to refuel before in your favorite supermarket.

When booking a Ouigo train tickets, you can add some options to make your trip more enjoyable as possible:

  • Electric socket: Check the "plug" if you need to recharge your electrical appliances. This service includes a nominal fee.

  • Additional baggage: Also available for a fee, take up to two more bags with you on board.

  • Stroller: You can take a free stroller in Ouigo trains, provided that the state at time of booking and bend when boarding.

  • Warning message: Select the text messages to receive confirmation of the ticket booking and travel information, including the train platform number directly on your smartphone.

  • Pets: If your cat, dog or rabbit weighs 6 kg, you must purchase a pet ticket price.

  • Quiet: For a small charge, you can choose a place in the quietest cars of the train. Perfect for those who want to work or relax in peace and quiet during the journey.


Are the Ouigo tickets sold in Kombo at the same price as the Ouigo site?

Yup! We do not charge additional costs for our customers, because we get a Ouigo commission for every ticket sold.

Are the Ouigo tickets sold in Kombo at the same price as the Ouigo site?

Yup! We do not charge additional costs for our customers, because you get a Ouigo commission for every ticket sold.

Are Ouigo tickets refundable?

No. OUIGO tickets are non-refundable. It is by accepting these constraints that OUIGO is able to offer tickets at such low prices.

Since OUIGO tickets are named, it is not possible to change the name of the ticket.

Should I arrive early at the station for the OUIGO?

Yes, unlike a TGV Inoui, boarding on OUIGO trains is not possible at the last minute. You must therefore arrive at least 20 minutes in advance, but for greater peace of mind, we recommend that you arrive at the station 1 hour earlier.

OUIGO staff will check your train ticket at the time of boarding, i.e. before you board the train.

What is the difference in comfort between OUIGO and Inoui?

The journey time of an OUIGO and an Inoui is very similar. But the stations used by the OUIGO are sometimes outside the city centre.

As for the seats, they are very comfortable on both the OUIGO and the Inoui.

What luggage is included in OUIGO?

On board OUIGO trains you can take one hand luggage (max. 36x27x15 cm) and one carry-on luggage (max. 55x35x25 cm) free of charge.

Can I take suitcases or other larger luggage on board OUIGO?

Yes, you can add an extra piece of luggage when purchasing your OUIGO ticket for €5.

Please note that you will not be able to add luggage after purchase.

It is possible to add luggage at the station, but the cost is €20, which is 4 times more than booking on Kombo.

The little extra: this extra baggage, also called XL, can be up to 1.30 metres and 30 kg. This is usually more than enough for a large suitcase!

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Can you cancel or modify your Ouigo tickets?

All Ouigo tickets are semi-flexible tickets. This means that your reservation cannot be canceled or refunded. However, you can exchange and modify your ticket up to 30 minutes before departure, subject to an exchange fee of 19€ per passenger. You will also need to pay the fare difference between the exchanged ticket and the new ticket if there is one.

These various fares and conditions are indicated to you at the time of booking, as well as in your aftersale space after ordering.

Good to know: Ouigo offers an alternative to cancellation by allowing you to "release your seat" for another passenger. This is a kind of resale of your ticket. Indeed, if the train is full and your seat finds a new taker, you are reimbursed up to 80% of the price of your ticket in the form of a voucher. But beware, this only works if the train is full.

We have also prepared a guide for you on how to easily cancel your train tickets.

How to get cheaper Ouigo tickets?

Plan ahead

TGV Ouigo tickets are available for sale 9 months before the desired departure date. For Ouigo Classic Trains, it's 45 days before departure. Due to variable prices, the earlier you book your trip, the more you ensure an advantageous fare, starting from 10€ per adult.

You can also find more advice on how to pay less for all your tickets.

Can I use my SNCF discount card with my Ouigo train?

Due to the already very attractive prices of Ouigo company tickets, the following SNCF discount cards cannot be used at the time of your reservation:

The Carte Liberté

The Cartes Avantage Jeune, Adulte, and Senior

Weekly/Monthly/2nd or 1st class subscription plans

Max Jeune/Max Senior subscriptions

Max Actif/Max Actif + subscriptions

The Interrail Pass

Grand Voyageur and Grand Voyageur Le Club loyalty cards

The Carte Famille Nombreuse

Some tips before traveling with an Ouigo train

  • Access to the Ouigo train is allowed up to 5 minutes before departure. Boarding opens 30 minutes before departure, so we recommend arriving no later than this time to avoid the stress of departure.

  • Don't forget your tickets (which can be on your phone) and your identification, to avoid any issues during ticket checks.

  • Label your luggage, as it will be very useful in case of loss. All train stations in France provide free luggage tags.

  • If you're traveling on a TGV Ouigo, bring your own snack, as there is no onboard catering service.

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