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Air France: Fly anywhere in the world in complete safety

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Navigate forward to interact with the calendar and select a date. Press the question mark key to get the keyboard shortcuts for changing dates.

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On Kombo, book your plane tickets at the best price. From Paris-New-York to Rennes-Guatemala City (Yes, we really sold that ticket), our algorithm compares the biggest transport companies to find you the easiest, cheapest, fastest, in short the most adapted to your needs.

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Air France 2 minutes chrono

  • The most prestigious French airline

  • Low cost flights with Transavia

  • 100 million passengers per year

  • 250 destinations worldwide

  • 2300 flights a day

  • 554 aircrafts

Buying an Air France ticket with Kombo means flying with your eyes closed.

Book your Air France flight ticket directly on Kombo, it's simple and convenient.

By buying your Air France tickets on Kombo, you can compare prices with other flights and find the cheapest airline. Then, you won't even have to worry about checking in with Air France. Usually when booking on Kombo, the check-in is automatic and we do it for you. We send you the boarding passes 24 hours before departure. Finally, Kombo guarantees you a responsive customer service. We guarantee a response to all your questions within 4 hours.

Do you really know Air France?

Founded in 1933, Air France, is, like the SNCF in the rail sector, the largest French airline. Its main activity is passenger transport, but it has also diversified into the freight sector as well as aircraft maintenance.
It serves the main French airports as well as many foreign airports. After Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport (near Paris), which deals more primarily with overseas flights, Paris-Orly airport is the company's second hub. It is mainly used for flights within France as well as for overseas destinations.

Air France is one of the airlines that serves the most countries in the world (116), behind Turkish Airlines which serves 121 countries.

Today, the company belongs to the privately owned Air France-KLM group, which is the 4th largest in the world in terms of turnover, just behind Lufthansa.

Air France-KLM group aircraft

The Air France-KLM group comprises three airlines: Air France, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Transavia.
Transavia, the group's low-cost subsidiary, helps boost sales in Europe and the Mediterranean basin to leisure destinations. While the other two main airlines provide worldwide transport with larger aircraft and a more upscale service. With its 554 aircraft, it is the first group to have all categories of Airbus aircraft.
With Kombo, you will find all the flights of the group! For short-haul Transavia and, for long and medium-haul, Air France and KLM.

How to pay less for Air France tickets?

Whether it's Air France, Lufthansa, American Airlines, Easyjet, Ryanair or any airline, there are a limited number of low-cost tickets available. If you want to be flexible, you can book at the last minute. But for the best Air France prices, you'll need to plan ahead.
Generally, the best times to book your Air France tickets are in January, February and September from Tuesday to Thursday. You will have understood, buy your Air France tickets as soon as possible on Kombo will allow you to pay less.

Travel anywhere in the world with Kombo

Air France services

Just like trains, depending on the class you choose, Air France offers a range of services on its planes. With Kombo, whatever the class, and even if you have taken the cheapest ticket, you will be checked in automatically!

Air France's "Economy" class

You will only have to check in your luggage if you have it, otherwise you can go directly to the boarding gate. Once on board, wine and champagne lovers will be delighted. Indeed, the bottles offered by Air France have each been meticulously selected by the 2013 World's Best Sommelier, Paolo Basso.
As far as meals on board Air France are concerned, generally, 2 courses will be offered. Depending on the destination Air France will prepare local culinary specialties that should satisfy the most demanding among you. Local dishes are particularly common when you travel to Asia.
After booking your ticket, for the youngest (under 11 years old), and for people on special diets, we advise you to contact the airline to let them know what you want.

As for in-flight entertainment, Air France aircraft offer the possibility, thanks to tablets integrated into the seat, to watch your favorite movies, play games alone or with other passengers or listen to your favorite music, for longer flights. A blanket and cushions will also be provided.

For baggage: For each passenger, Air France authorizes one piece of cabin baggage, and one small bag: laptop, camera, purse, etc. For any other additional baggage, you will have to purchase an additional option.

The "Premium Economy" class

Air France's Premium Economy class allows you to have priority access at the time of boarding. If you are a "Flying Blue Gold" or "Platinum" or "SkyTeam Elite Plus" member, you will have free access to the Air France privileged lounges, depending on the availability of seats.
You will also be in the ideal position to be among the first to use the aircraft. On board, comfort will be the order of the day, with larger and more flexible seats and more personal space than in Economy class. Perfect for long journeys.
Electronic accessories such as a reading light, a large interactive scherm and sound-reducing cufflinks will be available.

Finally, you will have much more elaborate, refined menus specially designed by Air France chefs.

For luggage: for each passage in Air France's Premium Economy class allows you to check in 2 pieces of luggage weighing up to 23 kg, 2 cabin bags as well as 1 small bag for free. This means you can take as much luggage with you as you would on a train.
Finally, Flying Blue Silver, Gold or Platinum or SkyTeam Elite/Elite Plus members, will benefit from a third 23kg hold bag free of charge.

Business class

Air France's Business class offers you many advantages
Once you have checked in, you will have priority and unlimited access to the Air France Privilege Lounge where you can eat, rest, learn, listen to music and read. On board, you will be surprised by the elegance, practicality and comfort of the seats. They will transform into an office, a restaurant, a cinema, and even a bedroom away from the outside world. Indeed, with an 18.5-inch screen, storage for your tablets, smartphones and computers, an adaptive reading light, gourmet meals and a hostess who takes care of you, flights will be particularly pleasant.

The class "La Première

Air France's most sophisticated class, will offer you a unique experience. The journey will start at your home door where a driver will pick you up in a prestigious vehicle. Once you arrive at the airport, as you exit the car, Air France agents will be at your disposal to carry your luggage and accompany you to an exclusive lounge to check in.
You will then be taken to the special Air France "La Première" lounge. You will then be taken to Air France's special "La Première" lounge, where you will be able to taste the gastronomic dishes of Alain Ducasse (the great French chef), rest, and even have access to a confidentiality room. Security clearance is faster and easier. Once on board, the crew will be introduced to you and you will be able to settle into the prestigious Air France "La Première" suite. Your copper-plated armchair will be transformed into a real memory bed. Air France agents will be at your disposal to make sure you don't miss anything. The 24-inch screen will satisfy your eyes and immerse you in a real movie theater.

Flying Blue loyalty program

Air France has a loyalty program to allow travelers to accumulate "Miles" (points) and "XP" (points too). This allows access to benefits that are normally reserved for people who buy "Business" or "La Première" class tickets.
To put it simply, the "XP" of Air France, helps you earn more "Miles" and the "Miles" allow you to access VIP lounges, enjoy an upgrade, a seat option, an à la carte menu, pay for a hotel night or rent a car for example.
To earn Miles, you must join the Air France Flying Blue program. You start out as an "explorer member", so every euro you spend will earn you 4 "Miles". On the other hand, if you become a Silver, Gold and then Platinium member, each euro will earn you 6, 7 and 8 Miles respectively.

How to become a Silver, Gold and Platinium member?

Thanks to "XP". In fact, for each journey you make with Air France, you earn 10 "XP" and this amount is multiplied by 2 if you take an "Economy Premium" ticket, by 3 in "Business" and finally by 5 in "La Première".

Each category, in addition to earning you more "Miles" per euro spent, gives you many other advantages.

Air France season ticket! Did you know that?

Air France offers season tickets to allow frequent travellers to benefit from reduced fares, based on the same principle as SNCF discount cards.

Air France now offers 3 different cards:

Map France-Europe-North Africa

This Air France card allows travellers to benefit from a minimum €100 discount on round-trip flights in mainland France. For round-trip flights in Europe and North Africa, the minimum discount is €120. The card also allows you to have 2 free bags in the hold, exchangeable and refundable tickets at any time, be given priority on the check-in path thanks to SkyPriority and of course, to earn more "miles" and "XP".
This card is offered at €419 per year and is only applicable with Air France flights.

Map Antilles-Guyane-Reunion

This card allows travellers to benefit from a 10% discount in the Premium Economy cabin and 5% in the Business cabin on travel between mainland France and Cayenne, Fort-de-France, Pointe-à-Pitre, Saint-Martin and Saint-Denis (Reunion Island). In addition to the extra benefits listed above, you will be allowed 3 pieces of checked baggage. If you are in Business class, each bag can weigh up to 32kg, if you are in Premium Economy, it will be a maximum of 23kg.
The card costs €269 per year and is only applicable to Air France flights.

Combined Card

Finally, the Air France combined card allows you to have in one card, the advantages and discounts on the destinations of the two cards mentioned above.
As a result, as you may have guessed, the card is a little more expensive as it costs €569 per year.