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SNCF: All your Inoui, Ouigo, Ter etc. train tickets

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As an official partner of 400 train, bus, plane, and carpooling companies, Kombo allows you to compare all the major companies: SNCF, Ouigo, Trenitalia, Flixbus, BlaBlaCar, Air France, and more. This way, you can be sure to always find the best itinerary for all your journeys.

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SNCF in 2 minutes!

  • Trains to 10 countries in Europe

  • 100 million passengers per year

  • Cheaper Ouigo TGVs

  • French train operator

  • 28,000 km of track

SNCF Discount Cards

Youth Advantage Card

  • Ages 12 to 27

  • €49 per year

  • -30% on all SNCF train tickets 7 days a week, without any restrictions on day or time (except Ouigo and TER)

  • -60% per accompanying child, for up to 3 children (ages 4-11).

Adult Advantage Card

  • Ages 28 to 59

  • €49 per year

  • -30% on round-trip SNCF train tickets for weekends or when traveling with a child (except Ouigo and TER)

  • -60% per accompanying child, for up to 3 children (ages 4-11).

Senior Advantage Card

  • 60 years and older

  • €49 per year

  • -30% on all SNCF train tickets 7 days a week, without any restrictions on day or time (except Ouigo and TER)

  • -60% per accompanying child, for up to 3 children (ages 4-11).

SNCF Other discount Cards

  • The MAX Jeune and Senior subscriptions allow, for €79/month, to travel in France by booking TGV Inoui and Intercités without paying a single euro more. The offer can therefore be profitable with only one journey per month.

  • Carte Liberté: The SNCF Carte Liberté replaces the Fréquence subscription. This card costs €399 (excluding promotions) and is valid for one year for journeys in France and Europe. With the Carte Liberté, you can take advantage of promotions ranging from -45% (for travel in 1st class) to -60% (for travel in 2nd class) on the Business Première fare. You can also travel on the standard fare with -30% for you and one accompanying person, as well as -60% on up to 3 accompanying children compared to the price paid by the holder.

    More information on the SNCF Carte Liberté subscription and prices.

SNCF trains

Today, SNCF offers the TGV Inoui, the low-cost Ouigo trains, the Intercités which are not TGVs, TERs to get around the regions, and international trains serving France's neighbours such as Thalys or Eurostar. With this wide range of trains, travelling by train is one of the best ways to explore France and visit the country. SNCF train tickets are sold on the Oui.SNCF website (formerly known as, and renamed SNCF Connect in 2022) but also on our Kombo website, so you can compare prices.


Inoui TGVs are SNCF's high-speed trains launched in 2017. With free wi-fi and even more comfort, Inoui combines fast travel with a high level of service, both on the train and in stations. They are the premium offer of SNCF. You can travel in the business class, the second class. A bar and snack corner is also at your disposal in the train.


Ouigo is the name of the SNCF's low-cost trains, so you can make maximum savings while you explore France. Ouigo trains are single-class trains that allow you to travel from Marne La Vallée, Massy TGV and Charles de Gaulle TGV stations in Paris to Lyon, Marseille, Lille, Bordeaux and more. Ouigo trains do not depart at the same times as the TGVs, and concentrate more on the less busy times. This is also why they are cheaper.


Regional and local travel is provided by TER (Train Express Régional) trains, which offer first and second class depending on the route, and can travel at a speed of 160 km/h. Ticket prices start at €2.00. It is fixed, depending only on the distance travelled, and not on how full the train is. TER trains are great for travelling and exploring. This is the case of the Train des Merveilles in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur which is perfect for discovering the towns and villages of the Mediterranean coast. They are also part of the best SNCF Tariffs, and allow you to find many cheap trains. The plus: SNCF timetables don't matter, because if you miss your TER, you can get on the next one, or the one after that. This can be useful for daytime return trips, which can be risky in terms of timing. Please note that this will only be possible for trains on the same day.


The Intercités (ICs) connect the main stations in Paris quickly and easily to destinations such as Le Havre, Lyon and Bordeaux, Limoges, or Clermont Ferrand. Equipped with first and second class and an on-board bar service, these trains reach an average speed of 200 km/h and run day and night. Indeed, there are still a few lines in France that allow night train travel thanks to the SNCF. Finally, although not as fast as the TGV, they are also much cheaper. In addition, these night Intercités trains allow you to save a night's accommodation on the spot. So you arrive at your destination early in the morning ready to start the day!

International trains

SNCF also offers an extensive network of international journeys through its trains or partnerships allowing travel throughout Europe. These include:

Elipsos - connections to Spain

Eurostar - links to England

Lyria - connections to Switzerland

Thalys - services to Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany jointly owned by SNCF and SNCB

DB-SNCF - connections to Germany possible through the association of SNCF in France and DB (Deutsche Bahn) the German operator

NTV (Italo) - connections in Italy

WESTbahn - rail connections in Austria

NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) - connections to the Netherlands

Travel in France with Jules

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We introduce you to Kombo?

Kombo is, above all, a team of travel enthusiasts who work (secretly) to make ticket searching simpler. With over 4 million users, the platform has been allowing you to compare and book train, bus, plane, and carpooling tickets since 2016.

But we don't just sell tickets! We also take care of you throughout your journey. This includes a customer service based in France, easily reachable 7 days a week, as well as many little tips and features developed to make your life easier. For example, tickets available on your phone or automatic reimbursement in case of delays or cancellations.


How much does an SNCF train ticket cost for children?

Children under the age of 4 travel free on all SNCF trains, sharing the adult's seat. However, if you want your baby to have its own seat - to fit a carrycot, for example - opt for a Forfait Bambin at €9. Between the ages of 4 and 12, children can benefit from a 50% reduction on the price of the ticket on all SNCF trains. Over the age of 12, they pay the full fare. In both cases, you must add your child to the passenger list, indicating his/her date of birth. The price is applied automatically.

Can a minor travel alone with SNCF?

Yes, this is possible with the Junior et Cie service on most Inoui TGVs. Children aged 4 to 14 are looked after by staff who ensure the safety and well-being of your child throughout the journey, from boarding to the arrival of the SNCF train. But beware, if there are regular trains with Junior & Cie during the holidays, these trips are not so frequent. For those over 16 years old, it is sufficient to bring an identity document with you. Please check this information with SNCF before booking your tickets.

Are SNCF trains equipped to assist people with disabilities?

Inoui trains are perfectly suited to transporting people in wheelchairs. The spaces on board are designed to allow people with reduced mobility to travel as well as possible. For other trains, it is best to check at the time of booking.

Is there a luggage limit on SNCF trains?

The luggage policy is quite flexible on SNCF trains. The only rules are that you can bring as much luggage as you want as long as it does not disturb the passage inside the carriage and the other passengers, and if you can carry all of it by yourself.

Please note that on Ouigo trains, one piece of hand luggage and one piece of cabin luggage are allowed per person. If you wish to travel with additional or larger luggage, you will have to pay a supplement (€5 until 30 minutes before departure, then €20).

For bicycles, there are specific conditions as you usually have to book in advance. But some TERs allow you to transport your bike without booking anything to carry your bike.

How long in advance do you have to arrive at the station to catch your SNCF train?

Security checks are carried out on various trains, such as Eurostar trains from France to the UK, where a passport or ID is required. We recommend that you arrive at the station at least 30 minutes before departure on national trains, and 1 hour on international trains and Ouigo trains.

Can I take my bike on board SNCF trains?

Traditional (non-disassembled) bicycles are allowed on board some TGV and Intercités trains - in a reserved carriage - on compulsory reservation of a seat and payment of a special €10 ticket. Foldable or collapsible bicycles are considered as one piece of hand luggage and are therefore admitted free of charge, provided they do not exceed 120x90 cm. On some TER trains and Intercités trains (with optional seat reservations), bicycles travel free of charge - they must be inserted in the spaces provided.

Is my dog allowed on SNCF trains?

On TER, TGV and Intercités trains, you must book an additional ticket to take your dog with you. You can travel with up to 2 pets. Small pets (not exceeding 6 kg) are allowed provided they are kept in special luggage (maximum size 45x30x25) and for a supplement of €7.00. Animals weighing more than 6 kg are admitted for a ticket equal to 50% of the second class basic fare, provided they are kept on a leash and muzzled. These tickets allow changes up to the day before departure, but involve a 10% deduction from the day of departure. A 10% deduction is also required in the event of cancellation.

How can I save money on SNCF train tickets?

By booking in advance, you can access the cheapest tickets and SNCF offers.

You can use special offers, Ouigo tickets and Intercités which are cheaper than Inoui. You can also follow our tips for finding cheap train tickets.

What types of SNCF train tickets are available?

For each type of train, SNCF offers tickets at different price ranges that offer different levels of flexibility. Below are the types of SNCF tickets that can be purchased and their conditions of use:

  • SECONDE: SECONDE tickets, as the name suggests, give access to second class seats. These are limited availability tickets and the price increases as the departure date approaches. So the earlier you book, the better your chances of getting a low price. SECONDE tickets are conditionally exchangeable or refundable. This fare is only available on Inoui TGVs and Intercités trains.

  • PREM'S: PREM'S tickets are the cheapest tickets. They are available in second and first class. For these tickets, it is first-come first-served, as only a limited number of PREM'S tickets are available. Therefore, it is important to book in advance. PREM'S tickets are conditionally exchangeable or refundable. This fare is only available for the TGV Inoui and Intercités.

  • PREMIERE: Première fares give access to first class seats. More space, more comfort with a reclining seat. You can also choose your seat at the time of booking. As with second class fares, First class tickets increase as the departure date approaches. So hurry to get access to the cheaper TGV First Class seats.

  • BUSINESS PREMIERE: This is the flexible First Class fare. Like the Première fare, it allows you to choose your seat in First Class, offers the same comfort and gives you access to the Grand Voyageur Lounge in stations. Most importantly, tickets can be exchanged or refunded up to 30 minutes after departure. This offer is very convenient for daytime return trips, as it allows you to worry less about TGV timetables.

There are other types of tickets for international trains such as Eurostar, Lyria, or Thalys.

When to buy SNCF train tickets?

Inoui and Intercités:

For Inoui and Intercités tickets, sales generally open 4 months before the departure date.

More details on TGV Inoui tickets.


For Ouigo High Speed tickets, sales generally open between 2 and 9 months before the departure date. Ouigo Train Classique tickets go on sale 45 days before the departure date.

More details on Ouigo tickets.


TER tickets go on sale between 4 and 5 months before the departure date.

More details on TER tickets.

Thalys :

For Thalys tickets, sales open from 4 months before the departure date. In certain exceptional periods, the opening is delayed to 3 months before the departure date.

More details on Thalys tickets.

Lyria :

TGV Lyria ticket sales usually open 6 months before the departure date.

Eurostar :

Eurostar tickets can be booked up to 330 days before the departure date, but there are exceptions, for example in the case of a connecting journey or roadworks.

More details on Eurostar tickets.

How do I choose my seat when I book?

When you book an SNCF train ticket, the system allocates you a seat. But it is also possible to give a preference. The types of seats vary according to first or second class. You can select a preference between the window and the corridor, but also choose the direction of travel. You will then be allocated a seat according to the availability of seats on the selected train, trying to accommodate your preferences. The seat number will be given to you after payment of your reservation.

SNCF train tickets: paper or electronic?

Kombo only sends tickets by email, so they are provided to you in electronic format. Once you have received your ticket by email, you have the choice of printing it at home or downloading it directly onto your smartphone or tablet.

What are the conditions for changing or cancelling SNCF tickets?

Depending on the type of ticket purchased, SNCF has different conditions for changing or cancelling tickets. If you want to change your ticket, check directly in your aftersales area whether the fare you have purchased allows you to do so, you can cancel directly online on our dedicated space.

What happens if the train I booked is late?

If an SNCF train is delayed by more than 30 minutes, the SNCF offers the Garantie G30 service (only if the delay is caused by the SNCF itself). The Garantie G30 offers compensation in the form of either a digital voucher to be used for a future journey or a bank transfer, depending on the length of the delay. Find out more about SNCF train delays in our FAQ.

How do I access my train in French stations?

In French stations, the ticket is checked at the platform entrance. This is usually done manually by SNCF ticket inspectors as you enter the train or on board the SNCF train. In some stations, you can only access the platform after validating your ticket on an automatic terminal at one of the platform entrance doors. Access to the train is possible up to a maximum of 2 minutes before departure (except for Ouigo trains for which boarding closes 5 minutes before departure). Some stations, such as those in Paris, are very busy, so it's best to arrive at the station well in advance to gain access to the tracks in time.

How do I cancel SNCF train tickets?

We know how complicated it can be to cancel a ticket and get a refund when you no longer wish to travel. At Kombo, we aim to give you the best booking experience for your journeys, and we know that ease of cancellation and exchange is crucial to you. So we've set up a way for you to cancel your train tickets super fast, and get your money back (depending on your ticket conditions) within a few days, directly through you aftersales.

How to contact SNCF?

Depending on the type of train you are taking, there are different ways to contact the SNCF. You can contact them by phone, the SNCF phone number is +33 1 84 94 36 35.

To get in touch with SNCF, you can also send them a message on their social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

If you bought your tickets on Kombo and you have a question we also invite you to consult our FAQ where you may find your answer more quickly.

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