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Cheap train travel in Europe thanks to Thalys!


Everything you need to know about Thalys!

  • 4 countries: Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany
  • Free Wifi on all lines
  • 7 million passengers per year
  • Amsterdam at 3h17 from Paris

Why Kombo to buy their tickets Thalys?

Kombo gives you an overview of all possible routes and routes between your departure and arrival point. This allows you to choose between several modes of transport such as train, bus or carpooling. We will therefore be able to give you the best rates, regardless of the mode of transport and distance travelled. Still having doubts? The best thing is to try again.

And we let you read the opinions of our users to convince you.

What is Thalys ?

Thalys is a TGV brand between France, Belgium and the Netherlands. It is a Franco-Belgian brand, born from a consortium between several European railway companies: SNCF, SNCB and Deutsche Bahn in 1996.

Where can you go with Thalys?

Whether you want to visit Amsterdam and its canals, go to a football match in Dortmund, or greet the Manneken-Pis in Brussels, Thalys is your best ally. Be careful, if you want to go to London, you will have to use Eurostar and not Thalys.

Here are all the cities served by Thalys:


• Bruxelles

• Antwerp

• Liège


• Paris

• Marne-la-Vallée Disneyland Paris

• Aéroport Paris Charles-de-Gaulle

• Aime-La-Plagne

• Aix-en-Provence

• Albertville

• Avignon

• Bordeaux

• Bourg-Saint-Maurice

• Chambéry

• Landry

• Marseille

• Moûtiers

• Valence


• Cologne

• Aix-la-Chapelle

• Dortmund

• Duisbourg

• Düsseldorf

• Düsseldorf Aéroport

• Essen


• Amsterdam

• Amsterdam Schiphol

• Rotterdam

When to buy a Thalys ticket?

Thalys tickets are generally on sale between 3 and 4 months before the departure date.

In the same way as for airlines, we recommend that you buy your Thalys tickets as soon as possible to benefit from the best prices.

- For Thalys Soleil that take you to the south of France, sales open in February for departures between June and August.

- For Thalys Neige that take you to the foot of the snow slopes, sales open in September for departures between December and April.

Train Thalys

And to think that these horses have no idea of the comfort offered by the Thalys that is passing by...

What are the types of Thalys tickets and what is the difference between them?

Thalys trains have three classes:

- Standard

- Confort

- Premium

From a practical and ecological point of view, travelling with Thalys is one of the most recommended ways to visit Europe via Amsterdam, Brussels or Cologne.

Types of Thalys tickets

From reduced fares to flexible tickets, Thalys offers a wide choice of tickets that can be adapted to everyone.

Standard ticket, the cheapest ticket

The cheapest ticket is perfect for those looking to take the train without spending too much. Buy an economic ticket with Thalys includes free onboard WiFi and your own electrical outlets to keep you connected (e) while you are traveling. This type of ticket is not flexible (not exchangeable and non refundable), so be sure to take the right train schedule. But paying a little more expensive these Standard Thalys tickets, you can have changeable tickets with costs. The fee is 15 € for the exchange until the departure of the Thalys train, in addition to payment of the price difference between the old and the new ticket. This ticket is 50% refundable until the train Thalys . Passengers wishing to change their ticket should contact Thalys directly at least one day before departure.

-Cheap Comfort, comfort ticket

In Thalys Comfort ticket allows to enjoy the same services as the type of ticket Standard, with larger seats, more comfortable. As for tickets Standard modifiable with fresh, you can change the start time in the same conditions.

-Premium ticket, business and flexible ticket

Premium Thalys ticket allows passengers to benefit from all the advantages of Comfort ticket, but with more comfort and flexibility. More comfort because you will be served a meal for you. You will have access to the press and the lounge (to relax, read or eat before leaving) Cool, right? More flexibility: Holders of this Premium ticket can choose any train on the day of their journey up to one hour before departure. The ticket is 100% refundable before the departure time and up to one hour after Thalys the ticket office. Obviously this is the most expensive of Thalys tickets.

Discounted tickets include :

- children's tickets (age 4 to 12)


- for youth (12 to 26)


- Seniors (over 60 years)


- for people in wheelchairs and escorts of disabled

Which subscriptions Thalys tickets cheaper ?

If you need to travel regularly by Thalys, private or professional, it may be more advantageous to take a subscription. For example, if you travel by Thalys at least 3 times a month to join Paris to Amsterdam, you can save up to € 4,556 by choosing the Pass Frequent Thalys.                    

Calculate my savings with Thalys subscription

You have 2 types of subscription Thalys available:

- Premium pass: if you regularly travel to Belgium with Premium tickets, this subscription is for you. Thanks to Thalys Pass Premium, you benefit from a single tariff of € 30 on each Premium ticket. This is the most flexible subscription: 100% refund before and after departure or the ability to change your ticket to the time of departure.

- Frequent pass: regardless of destination, if you regularly travel with Thalys to go in Germany, Belgium or the Netherlands, choose this subscription. It gives you access to all types of Thalys ticket (Premium, Comfort and Standard). Book your tickets with 50% discount guaranteed until 7 days before departure (if less than 7 days before departure, you can always access to tickets -30%). Excluding the Thalys Sun and Snow Thalys. Ticket exchanges are unlimited. However, it may be you are asked to pay the difference if the new ticket is more expensive than the one reserved initially. If you miss a Thalys for which you have a ticket, you can always take a train "framing" but that does not necessarily give you the right to a seat. What a train framing? It is the train preceding or following the reference process (the one for which you had a ticket) in the same direction.

How to find specials and special rates on Thalys ?

Using Kombo, you are guaranteed to be able to buy a Thalys ticket at the cheapest price. If the company itself is an operation we will post those specials. Also watch the Thalys site,

. Also be careful with the Thalys site, they may have to make special offers with the seasons or local events. Like many bus companies or Thalys also offers special rates for children from 4 to 12 years, young people under 25 and adults 60 and over.

Is there WiFi in Thalys?

Yes! All Thalys trains are equipped with Wi-Fi. So you can stay connected (e) for the duration of your trip.

You can eat on Thalys trains? (Restoration, and welcome bar)

Si vous avez un billet Thalys Premium, vous avez droit à un plateau repas à bord du train Thalys, servi directement à votre siège.

How to buy a Thalys ticket with disabilities ?

If you are disabled, Thalys will not forget you and you benefit from special rates, a fixed price in the Premium area.


- Travel in Belgium by Thalys to 29 €


- Travel in Netherlands by Thalys to 35 €


- Travel to Germany Thalys to 35 €


However, this type of tickets can not be purchased online and you need to call (+33) 183 75 49 69 (cost of a local call) 7/7 from 7:00 until 22:00 to make your reservation. And if I am accompanied? You can of course you bring someone around you. The coach will have the same rate as you. This is the Thalys attendant costs.

What to think before leaving with Thalys ?

The Thalys is international, there may be entering some trains take longer a national process if customs wish to controls.At the Paris North train station for example, baggage must be inspected by a scanner as at the airport. Depending territories, regulation can vary and the controls too.To alert you to possible problems, always be sure to arrive early.It is better to wait a little miss his Thalys!

How much luggage can you take Thalys ?

On board the Thalys, you are allowed to travel with 2 bags (75 x 53 x 30cm max) and 1 hand luggage per person. There are no weight restrictions.Know that in the event of excess baggage, Thalys is given the right to ask you 30 € per additional bag or deny access on select bags.If you are a young parent, do not you, the stroller does not count as a background in either. So you can take your luggage and baby stroller and more at no additional cost.The bike issue aboard a Thalys is a recurring issue (especially for those who go to visit the Netherlands, Kingdom of the bike).

Can you take a Thalys train with a bike ?

Yes! But beware, there are some rules to follow:


- The two bicycle wheels must be removed


- It should be stored in a bag that meet very precise dimensions: 135 x 85 x 30cm max. If you have a folding bike, it must meet the same dimensions as a conventional luggage (75 x 53 x 30cm max)


You must arrive at the dock at least 30 minutes before departure of the Thalys.



Please note that the bike luggage office. So you can only take one bag instead of 2.


If you have another type of luggage (musical instrument for example), you can of course take it with you but it should not exceed 2m in length. Therefore prefer the violin bass. And in the same way as for the bicycle, luggage said "special" is substituted for one of the two baggage allowed by Thalys.

In what stations can be taken Thalys trains ?

Because of the multinational character of the brand Thalys, the company operates from four major European stations located in Paris, Brussels, Cologne and Amsterdam. However, in most cities, there are more of a great station. We have listed below the main stations Thalys in each of their cities pivots so you do not have to worry about the start or finish of your train.


Paris : all Thalys depart and arrive at Paris Gare du Nord located north of the French capital. The station is well served by many subways and buses from throughout the city.


Brussels: The main train station is Thalys Brussels Midi , located south of the city but very well connected by bus and metro. The station has the necessary facilities to travel any passenger including shops, information desks, tolls, WiFi (fee) and luggage storage. Transfers from Brussels Airport also arrive at Brussels Midi.


Amsterdam: The only train station is offering Thalys link Amsterdam-Centraal. The station is located near the center of Amsterdam and has excellent tram transport links, boat, metro and bus. There are also connections with the Amsterdam Schipol airport.


Cologne: At the foot of the iconic cathedral is the central railway station, Cologne Hauptbahnhof . All trains Thalys depart from and arrive at the station, which offers a wide variety of shops, cafes and bars. Passengers will also find luggage warehouses, parking for cars and bikes.

How to cross borders Thalys ?

Thalys operating in the Schengen area, the Border Police does not operate in immigration control. That said, make sure that you have the necessary identity papers before leaving. However, customs are required to do random checks. The only advice we can give you here is to observe the regulations of each of the territories crossed and you will have no problem!

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