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DB: Your train tickets in Germany

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As well as Trenitalia or SNCF in their respective markets, DB (Deutsche Bahn) is the largest railway company in Germany. DB travels with the ICE (InterCityExpress), which makes it possible to cross Germany in a few hours. DB also offers slow trains at one hundred stations with DB-Regio.

As well as Trenitalia or SNCF in their respective markets, DB (Deutsche Bahn) is the largest railway company in Germany. DB travels with the ICE (InterCityExpress), which makes it possible to cross Germany in a few hours. DB also offers slow trains at one hundred stations with DB-Regio.


Deutsche Bahn in just 2 minutes

  • Trains to France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland
  • 4.4 thousand million passengers per year
  • Low cost trains
  • Germany Train operator
  • Founded in 1994

The DB trains

Deutsche Bahn has the DB long-distance services with the ICE for national and international routes with the necessary infrastructure, the DB-Regio for trips with connections to the outskirts of the cities and the S-Bahn for trips in the major cities. With this variety of trains, travelling by train is one of the best ways to visit Germany.

DB long-distance traffic

DB Fernverkehr is a partially independent division of Deutsche Bahn, which operates long-distance passenger trains in Germany. DB Long-Haul operates all InterCityExpress and InterCity trains in Germany and several neighbouring countries.

As in domestic use, trains can also be seen in Germany's neighbouring countries. Line 1 of the Deutsche Bahn - ICE to Basel and Zurich. DB ICE 3 trains and Thalys also run to Brussels and a little slower to Amsterdam. Deutsche Bahn also works with the French SNCF. In June 2007, a new line from Paris to Frankfurt and Stuttgart was inaugurated, powered by trains ICE and TGV.

The ICE trains to London through the Channel Tunnel were planned for 2018, but DB stated that they would wait for updated infrastructure. Of course, trains to Austria are also planned. ICE Line 5 from Germany and Austria goes to Vienna and in the north ICE Line 9 goes to Copenhagen via Hamburg.

Long-distance trains:

DB - CEE: for international high-speed traffic. At present there is only one line from Frankfurt to Milan, while other international high-speed connections run with the ICE International.

DB - ICE: for high-speed trains between cities and regions.

DB - EC: for trains through Germany and neighbouring European countries, mostly in cooperation with the other countries.

DB - IC: for long-distance trains connecting regions. If the trains cross international borders, they are usually called EuroCity (EC). Some EuroCity services are operated by foreign state railways.

DB region

DB Regio is a Deutsche Bahn company that operates passenger trains on short and medium distances in Germany. Unlike its long-distance partner DB-Fernverkehr, it does not work alone. The traffic is ordered and paid for by the federal states or their authorities.

Local transport:

DB - IRE: Interregio-Express serves regions and connects cities. IRE trains are only available in Baden-Württemberg and on the Hamburg-Berlin route.

DB - RE: serves regions and connects cities.

DB - RB: Regional trains stop at all stations (except where the S-Bahn is also available) and are the simplest train service.

DB - S: S-Bahn is a fast transit service and most stop at all stations. S-Bahn trains operate in the high-frequency range and are comparable to the Paris RER, for example.

Deutsche Bahn price models

Deutsche Bahn offers two different price models:

- The flex price (originally normal price): full flexibility. All trains on the specified date can be used on the selected route.

- The savings price or super savings price is the cheapest fare. The prices for long-distance journeys (ICE, IC or EC trains) already start at 19.90€.

Local trains (S-Bahn, IRE, RE and RB trains) also accept tickets from local transport associations, which can also be used in buses, trams and underground trains.

The reduced DB BahnCard is also included in the price model:

DB - BahnCard 25: 25% discount on flex price and savings price

DB - BahnCard 50: 50% discount on flex price and savings price

DB - BahnCard 100: unlimited travel on all Deutsche Bahn trains. Available in DB trains, some private railway companies and also in many local transport associations.

Further special tickets such as Interrail or the country tickets for unlimited journeys on local trains and in many transport associations are also available.

TOP destinations in Germany

    • Company
    • DB - SNCF
    • DB - NS
    • DB - SNCB
    • DB
    • DB
    • DB
    • DB
    • DB
    • DB
    • Train
    • ICE
    • ECE
    • ICE
    • Thalys + ICE
    • IC
    • IC
    • IC
    • IC
    • EC
    • EC
    • Provenance
    • Munich
    • Frankfurt
    • Hamburg
    • Frankfurt
    • Hamburg
    • Hamburg
    • Munich
    • Frankfurt
    • Strasbourg
    • Munich
    • Train stops
    • Stuttgart - Karlsruhe - Strasbourg
    • Dortmund - Strasbourg - Zurich
    • Bremen - Osnabrück
    • Dortmund - Cologne
    • Hanover - Nuremberg
    • Nuremberg - Leipzig
    • Fulda - Erfurt - Leipzig
    • Karlsruhe - Stuttgart - Ulm - Augsburg
    • Ingolstadt - Nuremberg - Erfurt - Leipzig
    • Arrival
    • Paris
    • kite
    • Amsterdam
    • Brussels
    • Munich
    • Berlin
    • Berlin
    • Berlin
    • Munich
    • Dresden
    • Duration
    • 5h 30 min
    • 6h 30 min
    • 2h 30 min
    • 3h 30 min
    • 6h
    • 2h 10 min
    • 4h 25 min
    • 3h 50 min
    • 4h 25 min
    • 4h 40 min

Frequently Asked Questions

How long in advance can I buy a DB ticket?

Deutsche Bahn tickets can be purchased 120 to 180 working days in advance.

Can I travel on DB trains with a pram?

Yes, but it must be folded. Blocking a corridor or an emergency exit is prohibited.

Can I travel by bicycle on DB trains?

There are additional tickets for passengers travelling by bicycle on Deutsche Bahn trains.

Can I travel with bottles exceeding 100 ml?

In contrast to airlines, Deutsche Bahn has no 100 ml limit.

What identity papers do I need to travel with DB?

A valid identity card is sufficient for residents of the European Union. For foreigners, we recommend that you contact the relevant ministry if you need a different document.

Can I travel with my pet on a DB train?

Pets are accepted on the train if their weight does not exceed 10 kg. However, the pet must move in a cage of 60 x 35 x 35 cm.

Where and how can I claim the delay of my DB train?

In the event of a delay of 120 to 179 minutes, the passenger is entitled to the total fare. However, there are various conditions for international routes. Contact Deutsche-Bahn for additional information on train delays.

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