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Find cheaper Eurostar tickets

Eurostar in 2 minutes top time!

  • Inaugurated by Mitterrand and Elizabeth II in 1994
  • Not to be confused with the Shuttle Shuttle
  • 50km of Channel Tunnel in 20 minutes
  • 2h15 of travel time between Paris and London....
  • But an hour of jet lag!
  • More than 10M passengers/year
  • Speed up to 320km/h

About Eurostar

Eurostar is a high-speed train, or TGV, to London from Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam. But Eurostar also serves other destinations such as Disneyland Paris, Lyon or the south of France with Marseille for example. Thanks to the e300 and e320 trains, Eurostar can reach a speed of 320 km/h. With comfortable seats, faster check-in and passport control than at the airport, Eurostar takes you from one city centre to another, making it the most comfortable means of transport to connect the continent to London.

4 tips to get a cheap Eurostar ticket

Book your Eurostar tickets in advance : Eurostar train tickets are available between 150 and 280 days. Book in advance to make sure you get the cheapest tickets as their number is very limited. They sell (very) fast, leaving only the most expensive tickets.

Travel by Eurostar in off-peak periods : on Eurostar, ticket prices are cheaper in off-peak hours, more during the week and during the day. Mid-week trips (Tuesday to Thursday) are often the cheapest. For the best prices, avoid taking Eurostar in the morning and evening during the week (many professionals...), on Friday and Sunday evenings, favourable for weekend departures, public holidays but also school holidays.

Test Eurostar Snap : Eurostar Snap is a service that allows you to have Eurostar tickets at 35€. But there are many constraints... You have to be flexible about the departure time, which you only discover at the last moment, precisely 48 hours in advance. Once these Eurostar Snap tickets have been purchased, the time or date cannot be changed, and Eurostar Snap is also non-refundable. Last point: you need to create an account on Eurostar Snap to be able to use it.

Buy your Eurostar tickets on Kombo : Kombo is connected to all ticket sources and can find the cheapest Eurostar tickets. Our algorithms also allow you to combine Eurostar tickets with other train tickets to connect more cities. We may also find alternatives to Eurostar,  With trips bus for example, often much cheaper.

One-way ticket Round trip
Standard 56 € - 236 € 78 € - 418 €
Standard Premier 134 € - 303 € 198 € - 538 €
Business Premier 349 € 620 €

How much do Eurostar tickets cost?

Eurostar ticket prices can start at €39 in the event of a promotion, but can reach €250 at the last minute. Of course, the price also depends on the class you choose. Here is a summary table of the average prices per class for a Paris-London:

Paris - London: is it better to take Eurostar, the bus, the plane?

-En Eurostar: The advantage of Eurostar is that you go and arrive directly in the city centre in Paris, Brussels, or London. As for the price, it varies greatly. Some promotions allow you to get cheap Eurostar tickets. But at the last moment, the prices are higher. If you're in a hurry, look no further, Eurostar is for you!

-En route: The plane asks to go 1h30 in advance to the airport to pass the controls. And the journey is from airport to airport. If it brings you closer to where you're going, it may be ideal! But if you are going to the centre, make sure you count travel time and public transport or taxi costs.

-En bus: What about the bus, compared to Eurostar? If you are economical and flexible in time to go to London, use the bus. And the best price? That's where you'll need Kombo, which allows you to find the cheapest Eurostar tickets.

What are the differences between Standard, Standard Premier and Business Premier on Eurostar?

Eurostar classes offer a range of services to suit all budgets, whether you travel for work or leisure.

Standard : the Eurostar Standard ticket is the cheapest. It is preferable to book in advance, as Standard tickets tend to sell quickly. Holders of standard tickets can take 2 suitcases + 1 carry-on baggage for free. Passengers can also enjoy free WiFi and seat selection. Standard tickets are modifiable with a 40€ fee.

Prime Standard : slightly more expensive than the Standard ticket type, the Premier Standard ticket offers additional services. In addition to the advantages of Standard tickets, Standard Premier tickets offer spacious seats with more legroom, a wide choice of free magazines and newspapers, a light meal and drinks served in your place. Standard tickets are modifiable with a 50€ fee.

Business Premier: Business Premier ticket holders can enjoy all the above advantages. In addition, passengers will benefit from 3 bags instead of 2, a hot menu designed by the famous chef Raymond Blanc, and the Business Premier lounge before boarding, a check-in in only 10 minutes and a taxi reservation service. But above all, this type of Business Premier ticket allows flexible travel: you can modify and cancel your trip, before your departure or up to 60 days after your departure, all at no cost.

Is there a Eurostar subscription?

No ! on the other hand, Eurostar teams have set up the "Eurostar Club", a loyalty programme that offers you tickets or discounts. You earn 1 point for every £1 spent and these points entitle you to specific privileges managed by Eurostar:

- From 200 points: Eurostar tickets at reduced prices

- From 500 points : upgrade

- From 1,000 points : a return trip by Eurostar to London

To benefit from these advantages, you must register upstream on the Eurostar website.

How long before the departure of the Eurostar must I register?

To get your Eurostar without running, it is recommended to arrive at least 45 minutes early. We recommend that you go there 1 hour before to have time, take advantage of the shops to get the provisions for the trip. Exceptionally (border police strikes, etc.), the registration time may be extended. Always check before you leave.

What are the Eurostar train schedules?

Depending on the time of day, there is a Eurostar every 30 minutes or every hour. From Paris, the first trains leave from 7am to 9pm. From London, the first trains leave from 5:30 in the morning, until 19:00 in the evening.

Which stations are served by Eurostar?

The Paris terminal for Eurostar is Paris Gare du Nord, located in the 10th arrondissement, 20 minutes walk from Notre Dame Cathedral. To take the Eurostar, you have to go up to the 1st floor of the Gare du Nord using the escalators located in the middle of the station.

A Disneyland Paris, Eurostar arrives at the Gare de Marne-la-Vallée - Chessy, located 5 minutes walk from the Disneyland Resort. You can also leave your luggage at the station and go directly to the park with the Disney Express package. In London, Eurostar trains depart and arrive at St Pancras International Station, located just north of the city centre. Before 2007, Eurostar arrived at Waterloo Station in London.

The Brussels-Midi station is located in the very heart of Brussels, which makes it easier to navigate in the Belgian capital. It is a large station with 22 platforms, and the Eurostar ticket office is clearly marked near platform 8. When travelling in Brussels, your Eurostar ticket is automatically valid for the connection between Brussels Midi (Zuid) and Brussels Central.

Amsterdam Centraal is located in the city centre, just north of the tourist attractions of the Binnenstad district. There are luggage depots if you arrive early and want to explore the city before you can check in at your hotel.

Frequently asked questions about Eurostar

What should I bring with me on the Eurostar?

Besides your travel ticket, you must bring: passport or national identity card valid proof of travel insurance for every country you visit your European Health Insurance Card

Who owns Eurostar?

The company that operates Eurostar, Eurostar International Limited (EIL), belongs to 55 percent to SNCF, the remainder owned by investment funds and SNCB, the Belgian railways.

Where can I go with Eurostar?

In addition to Paris, London, Amsterdam and Brussels, Eurostar operates on a seasonal basis. During the summer months, between July and September, some Eurostar trains go directly to Avignon, while during the winter months between December and April, the Eurostars can go directly to the Alpine ski resorts like Love her -Plagne or Bourg St Maurice.

At the station, how is the boarding Eurostar?

It must first scan your Eurostar ticket, whether printed or as a QR code on your phone. Then it must pass security, cross the border and finally you arrive in the waiting room. There are plenty of seats to land, restrooms and work tables with power outlets.

What services on the Eurostar?

There is a bar wagon dedicated to refreshments in the Eurostar, with the possibility of sandwiches, crisps, olives, chocolate bars, coffees, hot chocolate or tea. Then you can eat and drink in the dining car or bring them back to your place. There are electrical outlets on the Eurostar in some cars.

How to get to Paris Gare du Nord to catch the Eurostar to Paris?

Gare du Nord, the Eurostar station in Paris, in the city center and easily accessible: lines 4 and 5 of the metro, taxis, bikes or even Velib.

How to get to London St. Pancras International for Eurostar?

It is easy to get to the International St Pancras using the London Underground. Six different metro lines Kings Cross Station and from there you can get to St Pancras International in walking distance. St Pancras International is also minutes from Euston.

Can we take the Eurostar between London and Amsterdam?

Since April 2018, with Eurostar, you can travel between London and Amsterdam in 3:41, and unlike before there is no match in Brussels. The cheapest tickets cost about £ 35 each way.

Should I book a place on Eurostar in advance?

A place you will be given when booking. And s''il there are free seats when you're on the train, you can easily move to have more space.

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