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All information on carpooling

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Navigate forward to interact with the calendar and select a date. Press the question mark key to get the keyboard shortcuts for changing dates.

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As an official partner of 400 train, bus, plane, and carpooling companies, Kombo allows you to compare all the major companies: SNCF, Ouigo, Trenitalia, Flixbus, BlaBlaCar, Air France, and more. This way, you can be sure to always find the best itinerary for all your journeys.

400 train, bus, plane, and carpool companies

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Compare carpooling prices

Carpooling makes it possible to share the cost of a car trip by optimizing the vehicle's load. You will find here more information about Blablacar carpooling. Here are the differences between the major carpooling companies:


BlaBlaCar is the reference website for online carpool booking. Blablacar is used more via its mobile application, but also has a website on which it is possible to search and book journeys. If Kombo offers the tickets of bus and train, you can also find BlaBlaCar carpools on our website and compare them with the prices of bus and train tickets. Blablacar has many advantages: A large number of routes thanks to its large number of users (1.5 million travellers per month, if with that you can't find where you want to go...). The prices are much lower than for a train journey, and are about the same as those of the bus. His community is also known to be particularly honest and supportive. For example, although prices can be adjusted directly by the driver, few people take advantage of the platform's peak periods (during strikes for example) to raise prices. Some people (and we thank them for it) even tend to lower their prices below the average in order to accommodate more people in their vehicle. Finally, it's also by meeting people that Blablacar represents a great travel option. If you take an interest in the people you travel with, you will discover a variety of personalities and careers, leading to all kinds of discussions and making the journey go much faster. Aware that not all travellers wish to chat during their journey, Blablacar allows its users to indicate their preferences. The same goes for cigarette tolerance, the presence of animals and music in the car. Only those over 13 years of age are allowed to travel alone with Blablacar. The platform also includes some extras such as the possibility of travelling "between women". She also owns her own bus company Blablabus. This company belonged to the SNCF under the name of Ouibus until 2019. It is on this date that the leader in carpooling in France proceeds with the takeover and the change of name of the company.


Gomore is a car rental platform between particular, who also proposed a carpool service. Founded in 2005 in Denmark, it was widely used in Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Finland, and had even managed to seduce the French West after its launch in the hexagon in 2016. The peculiarity of this platform was that, contrary BlaBlaCar to, she asked no extra cost to travelers. Free carpool, so. To ensure its viability, Gomore therefore relied on his second job: the rental vehicle or shorter average length between individuals. Ideal for budget travelers, it is possible to rent the vehicle of an individual for a period ranging from 4 hours to 1 month, but also for longer periods thanks to their leasing service in partnership with Europcar. A secure, based on human relationships and sharing, and also allows a lot of flexibility, since it is possible to extend the rental period of a vehicle if needed, or to cancel reservation fee. Gomore has also introduced a loyalty point system. Today, it is on these two activities (medium-term rental and leasing) that GoMore counts in France. Indeed, carpooling is no longer available on GoMore's French website since March 2, 2020. It is no longer an option for your journeys in France. However, the free carpooling service is still available on the Danish and Spanish sites (under the name Amovens).

Free carpooling

The free carpooling connects carpoolers without charging a commission on journeys. This carpool is free for linking Carpoolers can no cost. There are many sites offering free carpooling. Among the best known we can count Mobicoop from an association aims to provide the best user experience, with the first principle that carpooling is a common good, and that wealth it generates must remain in the hands of its users. Today, the association has turned into cooperative to give it greater means and development perspective. Therefore, it is now building a large project bringing together many different carpool sites like Malin Drive, OuestGo, and many others. Others have chosen to offer services pro the benefit of individuals. This is the case of The Green Wheel. This site is compensated by the proposal of services to companies and communities to offer a simple car sharing service, inexpensive and above all free for individuals, sometimes even loyalty systems. There will be however not possible to pay online (it occurs at the time of departure) or leave comments. Notice there no age limit with free carpool, so be careful and plan an adult gets the traveler at the end of the journey if he is under 18 years.


DriiveMe proposes to car rental companies to have their car fleets moved by private individuals for the modest sum of 1€. Car rental companies constantly need to move their vehicles through different points to balance their fleets. To do so, these companies can either use dedicated carriers for a substantial fee, or DriiveMe. DriiveMe references these fleet movement needs in the form of rental offers for individuals. The latter can thus use the vehicles to be moved to carry out their journey, all for the symbolic sum of 1€. The traveller then has 24 hours (starting from the departure time indicated) to complete the journey. By renting a car with DriiveMe, you have insurance and enough kilometers to complete the trip. The user is only responsible for the costs of the journey. DriiveMe is therefore an ingenious way to get around at a lower cost while providing a service. However, the vast majority of journeys are made between large cities. Therefore, if your goal is to reach Quimper from Lons le Saunier, DriiveMe may not be the best option...


As its name suggests, Flixcar is the Flixbus for carpooling. Launched at the end of 2019 by Flixmobility (the company behind Flixbus), Flixcar is a platform to search and find free carpooling routes. There is no commission for the company, everything goes back into the driver's pocket, making the service particularly attractive. The Flixcar platform, sporting the brand's now famous green and orange colours, is intelligent, simple to use and economical. Flixcar has been discontinued and no longer exists since 2020.