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Buy your Blablabus tickets cheaper


Blablabus is the entity that belongs to the platform to share car Blablacar Driver. The company was called before OUIBUS Blablabus and was renamed in 2019

Blablabus is the entity that belongs to the platform to share car Blablacar Driver. The company was called before OUIBUS Blablabus and was renamed in 2019


BlaBlaBus in short

Bus company from BlablaCar
Already 13 million passengers
Bus with Wifi, air conditioning and plugs
Formerly Ouibus
15,000 trips
10 countries

    • BusTrajet en bus
    • BlaBlaBus
    • Wifi
    • checkedchecked
    • Power
    • checkedchecked
    • Toilets
    • checkedchecked
    • AC
    • checkedchecked
    • E-ticket
    • checkedchecked
    • TicketBillet de bus pas cher
      Change / Cancel
    • Without charge
    • Baggage
    • 2 hold luggage + 2 hand luggage
    • Child alone
    • Between 12 and 16 years old ("authorization to travel alone" signed by the legal representative)
    • Child car seat for children under 3 years of age
    • To be provided
    • Animals
    • Guide dog only
    • Bike
    • Foldable accepted

BlablaBus: how it works?

Blablabus (formerly known as Ouibus) offers more than 15,000 journeys in France and Europe based on the cooperation of independent and local coach operators. The idea is to offer a maximum number of long-distance bus journeys on the main routes at very attractive prices. And the best way to make these long journeys pass quickly is to make them in night buses !

How to buy your tickets BlaBlaBus?

On Kombo's website:

Buy your BlaBlaBus tickets directly on Kombo. This solution allows you to compare and combine several routes and modes of transport. After paying, you get your Blablabus ticket in PDF that you can save on your smartphone.

Toujours moins cher : Kombo met également en avant des bons de réduction BlaBlaBus, et offre régulièrement des promotions permettant d’acheter ses billets moins chers. Pour ne louper aucun bon plan, n’hésitez pas à suivre Kombo sur les réseaux sociaux ou à vous abonner à la newsletter.

How to buy a Blablabus ticket without credit card ?

Blablabus put in place a ticket resale network. Or rather, a whole sales network of voucher that you can use online. This system thus allows you to purchase tickets with cash and then book on the Internet in code. The codes are valid Blablabus Kombo.

The history of Blablabus

Initially created by the train company SNCF under the name Ouibus, the company was renamed BlaBlaBus in 2019. It was indeed at that time that Blablacar bought Ouibus from SNCF. This bus company is ideal for all those who want to cover as many countries as possible and for those who want to travel easily throughout Europe. Moreover, it is possible to combine a Blablabus bus with carpooling Blablacar, which offers ever more precise route possibilities.

How is the access to the Blablabus?

Anticipate your departure in Blablabus

To board the BlaBlaBus, we recommend you to arrive at least 30 minutes early. Bring your ID and your ticket. You can present your Blablabus ticket on your phone, or printed on paper.

Your child travels alone with Blablabus?

If your child is under 12, he must necessarily be accompanied by an adult.

If your child is between 12 and 16, he can travel only if they have authorization to travel signed by its legal representative

You are living with disabilities ?

You must notify your situation to Blablabus when you book your ticket at least 36 hours before departure. Then you can make an appointment with Blablabus equipment to be supported upon arrival to the departure of the bus. To contact: 01 71 53 01 80 (standard rate number) from Monday to Saturday from 9h to 17h.

Can one couple trips with his BlaBlaCar BlablaBus ?

You have the perfect possibility to couple your BlablaBus route with BlablaBlaCar. BlaBlaBus was created with the aim of complementing intermodal mobility services. It allows you to find the cheapest "long distance" means of transport at the cheapest price and to combine it with carpooling if you have to travel to less well served areas. To do this, Kombo remains the best way to find the best journey combinations by bus, train and carpooling.

The starting stations Blablabus

The departure station is shown directly on your Blablabus ticket. Please note that the location varies according to the city. Some train stations also have a bus station. In this case, your departure will be at the same place as if you were taking the train. On the other hand, some bus and train stations are separate, as is the case in Lyon for example. Other cities also have several bus stations (as in Paris). As soon as you book, Kombo makes sure to provide the full name of the departure station in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. We still advise you to check the location of the station/station in advance on the internet (Google maps, for example, shows the mention Blablabus in red on the side information bar).

Destinations accessible with Blablabus

Blablabus serves several countries in Europe as you can see on the map of Blablabus destinations:

Where can I go with BlablaBus?

How do I change / cancel my BlablaBus journey?

The conditions for exchanging and cancelling BlaBlaBus tickets are similar to the Ouibus conditions. For more details, please consult the page Ouibus. We have also prepared a great guide to show you how to cancel your Blablabus bus tickets easily.

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