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How to cancel or exchange SNCF, Flixbus and BlaBlaBus tickets.

With Kombo, book your train, bus and plane tickets

All you need to know about how to cancel or exchange an SNCF train ticket, or Flixbus and BlaBlaBus bus tickets.

Cancel or exchange SNCF train tickets (TGV, inOui, TER)

Kombo references all train tickets from the SNCF : TGV, inOui, TER, Intercities, Eurostar etc. Beyond the possibility to compare them, combine them with each other or with bus, the advantage of booking your trip on Kombo is that cancellations are super easy. So we will present you some quick tutorials to make sure you know how to cancel your train ticket.

Reminder of SNCF exchange and cancellation rules

Small reminder of the reimbursement rules of the SNCF. Once you have bought an SNCF train ticket, it is possible to obtain a refund if you do so in time. Whether your train is a TGV or a TER, the amount that will be returned to you depends on the time between the cancellation date and the departure date, but also on whether you have a season ticket or a special discount:

- Up to 31 days before the departure date: free exchange and full cancellation
- Up to 2 days before departure: 5€ deduction for exchanges and cancellations (per person and per trip)
- For TGV: On the day before and on the day of departure, 15€ will be deducted from the ticket.
- For Intercité trains with obligatory reservation: 40% of the ticket price will be deducted.
- From 30 minutes before departure, your ticket can be exchanged a maximum of 2 times (for the same journey or the same day) and cannot be refunded after one exchange.
- After departure, SNCF train tickets are no longer refundable or exchangeable.

On the other hand, if you have a Business Première, Liberté or Forfait et Pro card 2ᵈᵉ, then the terms and conditions are different : Cancellation and exchange free of charge up to 30 minutes before departure. From 30 minutes onwards, tickets can be exchanged a maximum of 2 times (for the same journey or on the same day), non-refundable after an exchange. In that case, check your train schedule carefully.

Cancel your SNCF tickets on Kombo

For the TGV and TGV inOui, it's very simple:

1. In your confirmation email (also containing your tickets), click on the "After-Sales" button.

Bouton d'accès à l'après-vente

2. You arrive directly in your after-sales area. Now click on your ticket.

Page d’accès au billet SNCF

3. Passenger and trip details appear. You can then click on "Cancel Tickets".

Page récapitulative du billet SNCF

4. Click Cancel a second time to confirm...

Page d'annulation du billet SNCF

5. Your ticket is cancelled. You will receive an email to confirm it

Confirmation de l'annulation

If you can't find your confirmation email, then you can go to the "My Tickets" section at the very bottom of the home page of our site: You will then have to fill in your Kombo reservation number (a "K" followed by 6 digits, indicated just after the purchase on our site) as well as the email address used during your purchase. You will then go directly to step 2.

Bouton mes billets sur la page d'acceuil Accès après-vente Kombo

Important: On Kombo, it is not yet possible to exchange the train tickets you buy on our site. If you wish to change your ticket, you will therefore have to cancel the first one as indicated above and then book another one. Believe us, this is even faster than a direct exchange on another site.

Exchange or cancel a Flixbus or BlaBlaBus ticket

With Flixbus and BlaBlaBus, it is also possible to cancel your tickets, but reimbursement is made by voucher. Refunds in the form of a transfer are very rare, and only in very special cases. Namely: When your bus is cancelled, whether it is Flixbus or BlaBlaBus, the company is obliged to inform you by email or sms. If you book on Kombo, it is the information that you indicate on our site that will be used by the company to contact you if necessary. However, we advise you to check this information on your customer area, directly on the company's website (explanations to come). As with SNCF train tickets, cancellation fees will be charged after a certain period of time after your reservation:

For Flixbus:
- Cancel your ticket free of charge up to 30 days before departure.
- Between 29 and 14 days before departure, 1€ fee
- Between 13 and 3 days before departure, 3€ fee
- Between 3 days and 15 min before departure, 5€ fee
However, if Flixbus is forced to cancel your trip, you will be able to recover the full amount paid in the form of a voucher.

For BlaBlaBus:
It's free! And possible up to 30 minutes before departure.

Cancel your Flixbus and BlaBlaBus tickets on Kombo

The process is the same for both companies. Flixbus or BlaBlaBus do not yet allow us to cancel their tickets purchased on our site on Kombo. You will therefore have to do so on the companies' websites. To access the dedicated area of the companies, you can either go to their site or access it directly via Kombo. To do so :

The method is the same as for train tickets. You can access your bus tickets directly from your confirmation email, or by going to the "My tickets" section of our website. Once done :

- Click on your ticket (as in step 2 of cancelling a train ticket)
- Go to step 3, then click on "Cancel on Flixbus" (or "Cancel a BlaBlaBus" if it is a BlaBlaBus ticket).

Page récapitulative billet BlaBlaBus

Explanations above the "Cancel" button are then given to show you how to access your space. You will then be able to cancel your ticket, or simply get your refund. BlaBlaBus refunds as well as Flixbus refunds are communicated to you immediately after the cancellation has been finalised, and are also sent to you by e-mail in code form.

Important: You can use the refund codes of BlaBlaBus on Kombo, but not those of Flixbus.

Exchanging Flixbus or BlaBlaBus Tickets

The companies do not offer real ticket exchanges as the SNCF does. If you want to change your ticket, you will therefore have to cancel your first reservation in order to make a new one. The advantage is that if you are lucky enough to find a ticket at the same price as the one you originally bought, then you won't need to pay one euro more, as you can use your refund directly as a voucher. But beware: With the Flixbus cancellation fee, it will be difficult to find a ticket at the same price, or even to find another route. So check the Flixbus prices and timetables before you cancel your reservation.