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InOui, the SNCF's top-of-the-range TGV


inOui in brief

inOui, that's the new name the SNCF is giving to its famous TGVs. The lines don't change, but more comfort and Wi-Fi on board!

The first results following the introduction of the TGV InOui in France speak for themselves: by the end of 2017, the number of passengers handled by the SNCF had increased by 20%.

About inOui

Inoui, this is the name found in 2018 SNCF to designate its famous TGV, high speed trains. So from now on, we will have to talk about InOui lines and no longer about TGV lines. With this name change, the SNCF wants to show its desire to improve the experience of its passengers during their train journeys. The 2 main new features of InOui are more comfortable seats and the introduction of WiFi. The number of InOui trains, their frequency and their prices are also quite similar to those of the TGV. The SNCF wishes to highlight low prices comparable to the Prem's offer.

Why book InOui tickets on Kombo?

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inOui, what is it?

As you will have understood, inOui is the brand developed by the SNCF to replace its classic TGV travel offers. It is a Premium TGV offer, providing an unprecedented quality of travel service. By implementing this offer, the SNCF aims to win the hearts of more than tens of millions of passengers every year. Thanks to its new InOui (Premium) and OuiGo (Low-cost) services, the SNCF intends to cover all French rail demand.

Services available on board a TGV InOui :

- Unlimited Internet connection via WiFi network

- The use of electrical outlets for recharging its devices

- A pleasant atmosphere enhanced by an air-conditioning system

- Toilets

- Digital services

- Better accessibility for people with reduced mobility

- Better handling of luggage, bicycles and animals

- Renovation programs for a more optimal customer experience

What are the offers on board a TGV InOui?

InOui TGVs revisit train travel. Do you want to work? Watch a movie? Surfing social networks or playing your favourite games? All this is now possible. In all inOui trains, you can recharge your electrical appliances quickly thanks to the various sockets available to passengers at each seat. What is more, every seat on the train is equipped with a fold-away table to make your journey more comfortable and pleasant.

A little peckish? No problem! The SNCF has thought of everything while adding a catering area in the InOui TGV's. The ideal place to have a good breakfast, lunch, dinner or even an aperitif! Be careful because the prices are expensive, and the bill can go up quickly. Don't hesitate to take a picnic if you prefer to keep your budget for other expenses. The little extra: By choosing 1st class InOui tickets, you can even benefit from a catering service without leaving your seat! Not bad, right? On the other hand, InOui does not yet offer a night line, like other brands in Europe whose night trains are the speciality.

Train TGV InOui sur un pont

Legend has it that these fishermen place themselves here not for the fish they can catch, but to admire the InOui TGVs that pass over this bridge.

Where can we go with InOui?

The journeys proposed by SNCF's InOui are generally journeys linking the major cities in France. When it started in 2017, InOui mainly connected the city of Paris to Bordeaux and Toulouse. Now, most of the destinations offered by the SNCF are covered by InOui trains.

You want to travel to Europe from France? No problem! Even if the Inoui trains stay on French territory, Kombo allows you to buy train tickets (Eurostar, Thalys, Trenitalia, Italo, Deutsche Bahn, Regiojet...) or bus tickets (Flixbus, Blablabus, Alsa...) for international journeys.

What are the types of inOui tickets?

Just like classic SNCF TGV tickets, InOui train tickets are available in first and second class.

Various terms and conditions may cause ticket prices and flexibility to vary. You can choose between a Prems ticket and a Classic ticket, which may have different exchange and cancellation conditions.

-> Prems: This is the name of the non-exchangeable and non-refundable tickets sold by the SNCF. Since 9 May 2019, the name "Prem's" is still used for the cheapest fares, and tickets are now exchangeable or refundable under certain conditions. That is to say, free of charge up to 30 days before departure, for 5 euros up to three days and for 15 euros up to the train's departure.

Good to know: A person who buys a ticket very early before his trip will always pay less than someone who buys a ticket at the last minute.

Where can I buy inOui tickets?

It is possible to book and buy InOui tickets online directly on Kombo

You can also wait for the day of departure and buy your InOui tickets at the station. Be careful, however, because by choosing this option, you run the risk that there may not be a ticket available at the time and price that suits you. By booking your InOui tickets online, you can be sure that you will have a smooth and convenient journey.

How to pay less for inOui tickets?

To save on your InOui tickets, you should keep an eye out for the SNCF's exceptional offers. To do so, you can simply subscribe to our newsletter to take advantage of any good deals that come along.

If you are a regular user of TGVs and other TER trains, it can be extremely advantageous to register for the SNCF's loyalty system (free of charge). This will allow you to benefit from a multitude of discounts on your next train tickets.

Namely: Any child under the age of 4 can travel free of charge aboard an InOui TGV as long as he or she is travelling in the same seat as one of his or her parents. Fares for a child between 4 and 12 years old are always 50% cheaper than the Full Leisure Fare.

Groups of more than 10 people can also get a discount:

- Up to -65% for young people between 12 and 27 years old

- Up to -50% for 28 year-old adults and older

- 50% of the youth fare for children from 4 to 12 years old




Some advices before leaving on an inOui train

→ Avoid the stress of departure, arrive at least 30 minutes early! That way you will be able to settle in better. If you have chosen to buy your InOui tickets on the day of departure at the station, arrive 2 hours in advance to avoid heavy rushes at the ticket office, especially during big departures.

→ Don't forget your tickets (which are on your phone), as well as your ID card and/or passport to avoid any problems when checking your tickets.

→ Label your luggage, this will prove very useful in case of loss. If you don't have a label, don't worry! All station counters in France provide them free of charge.

→ Buy your tickets on Kombo, to be sure to cancel your inOui train tickets in a flash. We tell you how to cancel your SNCF train tickets easily in this article

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