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incredible: the new TGV SNCF

The TGV is incredible ...

You may have (or not) heard, but since May 2017 the train has renamed its famous TGV. It will therefore now speak of incredible lines instead of TGV lines.

With this name change, SNCF intends to symbolize its commitment to improve the experience of passengers when traveling by train: purchase tickets online, setting up WiFi, etc.

TGV becomes inOui

The first inOui line was inaugurated on a Paris - Bordeaux journey made July 2, 2017 at 2:08 instead of the usual 3:14. Note, however, that it saves time, certainly not insignificant, is felt all the same in price since incredible journey should be charged € 10 more on average than the TGV.

Le saviez-vous ? Même si Kombo est, comme son nom l’indique, avant tout le spécialiste du bus, vous pourrez également retrouver vos billets de train SNCF, et donc d’inOui sur kombo.co.

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