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Bus operating companies on Kombo

Tourism, family, business, pleasure... there are so many reasons to travel! Bus, train, carpooling, plane... it's hard to know which means of transport to choose. And yet, making the right choice is essential to the smooth running of your trip. Discover in this article the safest and most reliable transport companies to prepare your trip as well as possible!.

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Why traveling by train?

Since its invention in the 19th century, train travel has never ceased to seduce the many travellers on their adventures. Fast, comfortable, environmentally friendly and now economical, train travel has many advantages.

Nowadays, some cheaper trains make it possible to travel faster, with decent comfort! On the other hand, if your first search criterion is price, the train won't be able to compete with the many bus companies offering unbeatable prices. You can also embark on even more unusual adventures thanks to the various offers of night trains !

Which are the main train companies in Europe?

To reach Italy? Nothing could be simpler! Italo, Thello and Trenitalia will accompany you on your travels.

A little desire to go to Germany? The Deutsche Bahn and Flixtrain will take you to German territory. The German company already offers its trains in the North-East of France, on routes such as Paris-Strasbourg for example.

A little east? Regiojet, a Czech company created in 2009, offers trains (but also buses) throughout Eastern Europe. It is within the 4 different classes it offers (Low cost, standard, Relax and Business) that you can travel to Slovakia or Austria.

How to choose your train company?

It all depends on how long before the trip you book your tickets (prices can vary a lot depending on the dates). Each train company offers multiple and varied solutions to meet your needs. Thanks to its easy to use interface and super algorithm, Kombo helps you make your choice, highlighting an infinite number of options from different companies so that you can find the best ticket, simply. It's up to you now!

Kombo also allows you to compare and buy cheap train tickets. So you will find information about each train company right here :

The trains present on Kombo :

Compare bus companies

Kombo makes it possible to book tickets on all bus companies at the best price. You will find here all the information you need to book your trip. You will know, if the buses have WiFi, electric sockets or toilets, if you can travel with your dog on the bus, or how much luggage you can take with you. And this is for each bus company.

Why travelling by bus?

Low budget? Looking for flexibility? Travel by bus.

The bus is no longer only dedicated to intra-urban journeys, it is now possible to do bus tourism all over Europe! More comfortable and above all more ecological than the car, the arrival of the many bus companies in France is a godsend for budget holidaymakers. And as the bus can sometimes (often) require patience, you will be able to have fun thanks to the various services on board (Wifi, entertainment platforms, electrical outlets...).

Although the train is undoubtedly the best value for money in terms of comfort, it is not impossible to enjoy a relaxing bus journey. Removable seats and adjustable footrests will be at your disposal to ensure decent comfort. And to save a night in a hotel during your stay, we also advise you to opt for the night bus.

How to choose your bus company?

To make the best possible trip, you must choose the right company for your needs! Always in the spirit of saving you time and making it easier for you, Kombo has made you a table comparison of the different bus companies.

Bus operating companies on Kombo :

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Why choose carpooling?

Known for its ecological and above all economic character, the practice of carpooling is gathering more and more followers. Consisting in sharing a car with passengers having the same route or almost the same route, it has several advantages :

  • - Creator of social bonds: Various discussions, beautiful encounters. A great way to make the trip go faster and have a good time!
  • - More economical: The distance price ratio is very often lower, especially compared to the train. On the other hand, compared to the bus, the average price is quite similar. Carpooling is still less subject to market rules, since prices are set by the community.
  • - Ecological: A single car makes a single trip but carries several passengers from different backgrounds. This also reduces traffic, and therefore a lower carbon footprint.
  • - Practical: carpoolers form a large family with strong values of mutual aid. It is therefore easy to ask to find a meeting point suitable for everyone.

How do I choose my carpool company?

Although Blablacar is the best known carpooling company in Europe, there are many others, whose rules governing their operation (payment, reservation...) may vary. Kombo has prepared for you a comparison of the different existing companies so that you can find the best carpool, adapted to your needs... and to your personality!

Carpooling on Kombo :

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