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Buy your tickets Italo. Hours, offers and routes


Italo in breve

Creata nel 2006, Italo è la compagnia ferroviaria di proprietà del gruppo Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori. Collega le principali città italiane (come Roma, Milano o Venezia) tramite treni ad alta velocità (fino a 350 km/h). Conta un totale di 20 stazioni servite in tutt’Italia.

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Destinations and durations

Classes and services on board

Tickets, fares and discounts

unexpected management

Destinations and travel times

The Italo trains cover the four main arteries of the peninsula:

Departure station arrival station duration distance Trains / day
Turin Venice 3h 00m 366 km 10
Turin Salerno 5h 51m 756 km 5
Naples 5h 06m 615 km 1
Venice Rome 3h 12m 394 km 20
Train Italo

Italo's NGV trains can carry up to 700 people. By way of comparison, SNCF's TGVs have a maximum capacity of 510 passengers.

Classes and services on board

What is Italo Smart Comfort, premium and Executive club ?

Italo trains are divided into four environments for the needs of all travelers:

The cost for children

Children under the age of 3 travel free on Italo trains without a seat and in the arms of an adult. In case the adult travels with more than one child under 3, the purchase of a train ticket is mandatory. In Smart environment. Minors unaccompanied by adults can travel alone on board Italo Ntv trains, thanks to the Italo Junior service. This service, provided by the Italian railway company, is made available to all children aged 7 to 13, who may not be accompanied by adults. They travel for free in the Smart and Prima environment.

That baggage can I take with Italo

The luggage is free on all Italo trains. Bags and small backpacks can be stowed under the seats, while the spaces dedicated to the station aboard can accommodate medium size luggage. If traveling by Smart class, please note that your baggage may not exceed 75x53x30 cm.

Pets are allowed on Italo trains

Pets are allowed if they travel in special travel carriers. Authorised pets must not weigh more than 5kg. Dogs weighing over 5kg are only allowed on board if they are kept on a leash and have a muzzle. If you have a medium-sized or large dog, you must book and purchase a service online by filling in the appropriate field during the ticket search process. Simply select the "Dog" option from the train search engine and purchase the service together with your ticket. The price of the dog ticket is variable and will be visible before payment.

Can I bring a bike with Italo

folding bicycles are allowed on all provided Italo trains stored in the storage areas. Traditional bicycles are allowed on all Italian trains, provided they are disassembled and placed in special bags (size 80x110x40 cm).

How do I access the Wi-Fi on Italo

On all Italo trains, Wi-Fi is free and all travel environments. Access ItaloLive portal to register and login.

Tickets, fares and discounts

When you book a ticket Italo

We want to plan your trips in advance; Tickets are available from 3 to 6 months before the departure date. No specific dates, the choice is made at the discretion of Italian.

How much is a ticket Italo

Ticket prices vary depending on the rate and the chosen class, the number of places available and the proximity to the departure date.

What are the rates for Italo ?

Italo offers three different prices

  • flex : It is the most expansive price at Italo, but it allows great flexibility before departure. You can change the free ticket (date, time and passenger name) to cancel with a 20% deduction. If you arrive late at the start, the Flex tariff also offers 2 additional hours for access to another train by contacting staff or by contacting using Italo Italo to 892,020.

  • economy : The cheapest fare allows you to change passenger names and change the date and time of departure with an additional 20%. If you change your mind or you accidentally take your train, the ticket can be canceled with a 40% deduction.

  • low cost : This rate is the most beneficial and allows you to change passenger names free. It does not allow the reimbursement, but offers the possibility to change the date and time of departure, up to 3 days with a deduction of 50% price difference before departure.

How can I cancel or change my Italo ticket

The majority of tickets for Italo can be changed, depending on the fare type selected at the time the ticket is booked originale.Se want to change your ticket, click on "Modify reservation " on 89 20 20 homepage or contact the Italo assistance.

Age print my Italo ticket

No, it should not be. In some stations, however, you may be asked to show your ticket, boarding the train. You can still use the ticket in digital or printed form.

What Italo offers and promotions

Italo offre una vasta gamma di offerte e promozioni che ti permettono di acquistare i biglietti del treno ad ottimi prezzi. Su Kombo, teniamo conto di tutte le offerte per potervi sempre proporre il prezzo più basso disponibile. Ecco le principali:

  • return on the same day : go and return the same day with a reduction of more than 50%. This offer can be purchased up to the day before departure through all channels (excluding on-board staff). You also get free changes, change the time of your free ticket as many times as you like up to three minutes before departure. There is no refund.

  • Vado e Torno : is Italo's offer for round trips between Monday and Thursday that allows you to save -60% on your tickets! Offer valid for travel in Ambiente Smart and Prima, purchasable on all channels (except on-board staff). Non-changeable and non-refundable, with a limited number of seats that varies according to the route and days of the week chosen. The offer can be purchased up to 2 days before departure.

  • Italo Family : consente ai bambini sotto i 14 anni di viaggiare gratuitamente con la propria famiglia (classe Smart). (Il biglietto può essere acquistato attraverso tutti i canali (escluso il personale di bordo). Questa offerta non consente alcuna modifica o rimborso. L'offerta è valida per viaggiare tutta la settimana tranne la domenica)

  • Italo Senior : allows people over 60 to benefit from a discount of up to 60%. Offer valid in Smart and Prima. The ticket can be purchased up to 2 days before departure on all channels and you will be asked by our on-board staff for a valid identification document. This offer does not allow any modification or refund. The ticket can be modified up to 3 days before.

N.B. :

The Italo offers change regularly. Go to our blog where we update regularly the information about it.

How Italo Points?

Italo Moreover, Italo loyalty card is a smart way to travel cheap. You can turn Italo Plus free by registering on the site Italo.1 € devoted to the purchase of a ticket Italo is equivalent to 5 points. With a minimum of 1800 points, you can request a free ticket (less than 330 km through the intelligent travel environment only).

unexpected management

What to do in case of strike by Italo trains

In case of a strike, we want to keep an eye on "in Italian Journey" page with real-time updates on the rail conditions in the days of the strike.

How do I request a refund or compensation of an Italo ticket?

You can get a refund if the departure is delayed strict liability of Italian. If your train is canceled, Italo automatically reimburse your trip within 30 days of the canceled trip. The refund is credited to be used for the purchase of services exclusively Italian (good credit or Borsellino Italo Italo).

Regarding compensation, you are insured by Italo for delays:

  • 25% of the ticket for one of 60 119 minutes delay

  • 50% of the fare for a delay of at least 120 minutes

Differences between Trenitalia and Italo:

Kombo lets you compare the Italo trains and Trenitalia, still find much smaller economico. Although Italo has fewer routes compared to Trenitalia, Italo often offers lower prices on the main routes within Italy. It is therefore always worth comparing the two companies before buying a train ticket for travelling in Italy. Automatic systems take supply and demand into account. So for trains where there is less demand, the price will be lower because there will be more tickets available, you can compare them directly on Kombo.

Italobus is Italo's bus service:

Trenitalia ha introdotto un nuovo servizio chiamato Italobus, che collega le principali stazioni ferroviarie a molte città italiane, permettendo ad un numero maggiore di persone di raggiungere l’alta velocità con un unico biglietto Italo. Tutte le tratte Italobus sono disponibili su Kombo.

The trains present on Kombo :