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Your questions about Kombo

Kombo, what is it?

Kombo is a website that allows you to buy your train and bus tickets cheaper and simpler.
Kombo references all the major long distance bus companies: National Express, Blablabus, Flixbus, Eurolines, Alsa, Baltour, Marino, Itabus and many others! And on the train, find tickets from SNCF, Deutsche Bahn, TGV, Inoui, Intercités, TER and soon from Trenitalia, Italo, Renfe, Ouigo, Eurostar, Thalys? You can therefore buy tickets directly from any company on our site.
Kombo allows you to travel to more than 10,000 destinations in Europe (but it will take a little time to do everything).

Why cheaper?

With Kombo, you can compare the prices of all train and bus companies, find the cheapest ticket and buy it directly at the best price. Some journeys combine tickets from different companies, whether train or bus, to offer you the cheapest and fastest route.
Better yet, you can buy a round trip on one airline and the return on another, if these tickets are the cheapest. In addition to the direct routes, Kombo has a technology that makes it possible to combine the tickets of different companies. This makes it possible to travel more than 100,000 connecting journeys at a lower cost.

Where is the station of my train (or bus)?

It can indeed be complicated to find the station. For the bus, there are, for example, 8 bus stations in Paris. In case of doubt about the address, the address of the train or bus station is written on your ticket.

Why buy on Kombo?

There are several reasons why you should use our site:

  • The widest choice of tickets: Kombo has indeed the largest choice of bus tickets in Europe with a direct purchase on all companies. You will also find many compagnies de train such as SNCF, inOui ou Eurostar.

  • The best prices: We guarantee the best rate, on all transport.

  • An interface to retrieve your tickets: Your tickets are sent to you by email. If you need you can also find them on the page My tickets.

  • Un service client qui répond en 24h.

Why is Kombo simpler?

Kombo's interface has been designed to simplify your life. To buy a ticket, you just have to go through 3 pages: the home page, the result page, and the payment page. It's as simple as that.
Kombo is optimized for use on a smartphone.

Which train companies are available on Kombo?

Kombo allows you to book bus tickets but also train tickets. You will find the list of companies such as SNCF, Ouigo or Eurostar on our page dedicated to train. You will also see the best routes in carpooling. When you enter your search on our comparator.
The low bus fares, the comfort of the train or the conviviality of carpooling? You can go wherever you want, as you want, thanks to Kombo.

Is it possible to book my ticket directly on Kombo?

Yes, unlike a simple comparator you can book and pay for train and bus tickets directly on Kombo.

How do I book a bus or train ticket?

On our site, it's very simple. Let's take the example of a trip between Paris and Madrid on August 14th for 2 adults. You enter "Paris" in the insert "City of departure", "Madrid" in the insert "City of arrival". For dates, select August 14 on the calendar. To add a return trip, select your return date on the second calendar. Press the + and - to choose the number of passengers and then click on "Compare".
In a few milliseconds we offer you the best bus, train or carpool tickets between Paris and Madrid. All you have to do is choose the route that suits you.

Which countries are served?

Kombo counts more than 10,000 destinations in more than 10 countries in Europe: France of course, but also the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc... We are continuously expanding through new partnerships with bus, train and carpool companies.
In order to find the route that best suits your wishes, take a look at our destination map.

Why buy your tickets with Kombo ?

  • Average savings of 50€ observed

  • 90,000+ destinations in Europe and worldwide

  • 4.7/5, or 95% satisfaction on Trustpilot

  • Your tickets accessible on the phone

  • Cancellation and exchange in 2 clicks

  • Refund directly on your bank account

What are the conditions for travelling?

Is there free Wi-Fi connection on buses and trains?

It depends on the companies. On the bus, almost all coaches, including Flixbus or Blablabus, are equipped with WiFi. This allows you to stay connected to the Internet free of charge during your journey. Buses from Eurolines or from Alsa are progressively equipped with WiFi and do not yet guarantee this service at 100%.
More information about WiFi on the bus companies and the train companies

Can my children travel alone on a bus?

Transportation arrangements for minors vary depending on the companies you travel with. Our bus company pages will detail the specificities of each carrier concerning the travel of minors by bus.
Take the train with SNCF ; Go with Blablabus ; Go with Flixbus .
In order to travel abroad, law requires that young people under the age of 18 residing in France be in possession of an authorisation to leave the country signed by the legal guardian.

How much luggage can be taken on a train or bus?

It's difficult to make a move by bus or train... Well, but can you take a bike with you? A stroller? And what is the weight of the luggage?
Again, each airline is different, and baggage requirements are not always obvious. To find out more about the weight and size of luggage accepted on board buses and trains, visit our pages dedicated to our companies.

Are there prohibited items on buses and trains?

Most companies are fairly unanimous on this issue. Even if you have a grudge against your mother-in-law, it is forbidden to carry firearms, knives, toxic, flammable, explosive or radioactive products. No illegal products/drugs, no weapons ammunition or fireworks. We insist for those who would be tempted to bring back souvenirs from Amsterdam and who have a little too much green thumb: no narcotics.

Should I print my bus or train ticket?

The vast majority of bus and train companies allow you to show your ticket on your smartphone. Watch the battery level! Checks can be carried out throughout the journey, so you must be able to show your bus or train ticket at any time.
For more information on printing bus and train tickets, please visit our pages dedicated to our companies.

Is my pet allowed to travel with me?

In general, bus companies do not accept the presence of animals. Our friends the dogs, cats, rabbits, hyenas or walibis will have to stay at home or with friends. It's easier to travel with an animal by train with SNCF.
But beware, you will have to pay extra.

Baby, child, minor? Ticket and baby seat.

Children of any age are considered passengers for the airlines. If you travel with National Express, your children under the age of 3 may travel without a ticket (within the limit of one child per family). For the bus, a child seat or booster seat must be brought along. Remember to bring one because it is mandatory depending on the age of the baby or child.

When will I get my tickets?

After making your payment on Kombo, you will be able to directly access the download of your bus or train tickets in PDF format.
In addition, you will receive a booking confirmation e-mail with your bus or train tickets attached. If this is not the case, check that you have entered your email address correctly. If necessary you can always contact us.

I prefer to pay cash, is that possible?

It is not possible to pay cash on Kombo: we are a website! The payment by credit card is secure and allows to have a service open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a totally automated way. If you don't have a credit card, you can always book directly at the agency.

I can't make a reservation.

This can happen exceptionally. In this case, please contact us on the contact page.

I found a bug and I want 10€.

If you have detected a bug on our site, please send us an email to contact (at) If it is indeed a bug, we will offer you a 10€ refund on your next purchase on Kombo.

Download the Kombo app

  • Find all your tickets in your app

  • Save your personal information to book in a few seconds

  • Contact customer service in 2 clicks

Download the app

And now that I have my tickets?

I didn't get my tickets.

Check that you have entered your email address correctly and that you have made the payment. The payment being secured, you have to enter a code received by SMS. This system, called 3Dsecure, allows you to validate that the payment is indeed made by the owner of the credit card. If you still do not receive anything after these checks, please send us an e-mail to contact(at)

There's no barcode on my ticket, is that normal?

Don't panic, the tickets of some major bus companies do not have QR-codes or barcodes. When you book on Kombo, your first and last names and file numbers are sent directly to the company. Remember to check directly on our company pages whether or not you need to print your tickets.

What should I take with me?

Whether you are going on a trip for the first time or you don't feel like thinking about it, here are our recommendations for your bus trip.

  • Mandatory: Never forget your identity papers (ID card or passport), your payment card and some cash.

  • For comfort: Favour loose-fitting, comfortable and warm clothing as the air conditioning is sometimes strong on buses. Some even take a thin blanket for long trips.

  • To survive: A small bottle of water is often indispensable. For long journeys, take some food (think of your neighbours: avoid outdated camembert), a small toilet bag with the minimum (toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, tissues, etc.).

  • To keep busy: The smartphone is king: think about the charger, and possibly a backup battery. A deck of cards can keep you busy and make friends on the bus. And finally, if you're traveling with 2 people, you can find double jack jacks to connect 2 pairs of headphones to avoid the hassle when watching the same movie.

  • To sleep: Take along earplugs and a small night mask to make the journey go faster.

  • For travel in the UK: take an adaptor for electrical sockets, GBP and an Oyster Card (if you have one!) for the London Underground.

How do I change or cancel my ticket?

A glitch, a hindrance? Go to the "My Tickets" page to find your tickets. If your ticket is changeable or cancellable, you will be able to change or cancel it. If time permits, you can always write to us at contact(at)

I missed my bus or train: what can I do?

It happens to even the best of us. Next time, follow our advice by arriving at the meeting point at least 30 minutes in advance. Some buses may pass early or late depending on the traffic. Some trains require longer checks for access to the train.

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