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Kombo offers ticket Eurolines buses and other companies. Find cheap bus tickets by comparing Eurolines and pay directly on Kombo.

Kombo offers ticket Eurolines buses and other companies. Find cheap bus tickets by comparing Eurolines and pay directly on Kombo.


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  • 3,500,000 passengers annually
  • + 600 destinations in Europe
  • Operator Europe
  • Group Transdev
  • Creation 1985

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Eurolines's comfort

The entire Eurolines fleet is less than 5 years old and is regularly renewed. All coaches offer the comfort of "grand touring" buses and are equipped with reclining seats and air conditioning. These elements dedicated to comfort make all the more sense if you decide to opt for a night bus with Eurolines.

Is Eurolines equipped with WiFi?

At Eurolines, free WiFi is available in some buses. Eurolines coaches are in the process of being gradually equipped.

Is Eurolines equipped with electrical outlets?

Most Eurolines buses are equipped with USB ports, however it is possible that this is not the case on your journey. Kombo recommends that you charge your devices in advance to avoid any untimely breakdown.

Is Eurolines equipped with toilets?

All the Eurolines bus normally has provided toilets for passengers.

Are children allowed to travel unaccompanied in Eurolines?

Only children over 16 years old are allowed to travel on Eurolines bus unaccompanied by an adult.

The company Eurolines offers a service for people with disabilities?

For any need assistance, Eurolines recommends contacting their dedicated service at the latest 36 hours before departure:

01 49 72 57 27 (standard rate number available 24/24).

For the hearing impaired:

You have your bus tickets Eurolines...

Should I print my tickets Eurolines?

Eurolines asking its passengers to print their tickets imperative (A4, no front and back) and present them at embarkation.

What identification documents do I need to travel with Eurolines?

An ID valid (national identity card, passport, residence permit, etc.) for your ticket is required to board the Eurolines bus. Also consider the travel documents that may be required on international routes (visa, exit permit, passport, etc.).

How much time should I arrive before the start?

Eurolines recommends that you arrive directly to the driver later than 30 minutes before departure of your bus. Boarding can end 15 minutes before the departure of the bus.
Beware though, for busses from Gallieni Paris and Bordeaux, you first have to register at the counter to receive your boarding pass and can then get on the bus.

What is the maximum size of luggage for Eurolines bus?

Eurolines allows its passengers to carry two free luggage and hand luggage on most of its lines. Checked baggage must meet the following specifications:

Weight: up to 20 kg per bag,

Size: the sum of the length + width + depth of luggage must be less than 170 cm.

You can affix labels provided by Eurolines when recording on your luggage so that they remain identifiable throughout the journey.

Do I bring my pet?

For security reasons, Eurolines does not accept the transport of animals except guide dogs accompanying visually impaired or hearing impaired. So our friends cats and dogs should generally stay home.

Do I change / cancel my ticket?

Eurolines tickets are transferable and non-cancellable.

Other questions?

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You can also check out our FAQ.

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