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Are you looking for the best prices to travel by night bus ? Then you are in the right place, Kombo allows you to compare bus tickets of all the European companies: Flixbus, Blablabus, Alsa, Megabus, Itabus, Marino Bus etc. On Kombo it is possible to book trips with more than 250 bus companies and combine journeys with train or plane, to find the best balance between price and travel time.

Thanks to the Kombo app (App Store, Playstore) you can always have your tickets at your fingertips. But that's not all, our customer service is easily reachable 7 days a week, and with the Kombo guarantee you can get a refund on non-refundable tickets!

The night bus in short:

  • Travel at night with all companies

  • Quick and safe journeys

  • Destinations throughout Europe

  • Night buses from €5

Why travel by night bus

Kombo offers the widest range of bus tickets in Europe, listing routes from over 250 companies. Most of these transport companies offer overnight trips. You will find in just 2 clicks the journey in a night bus that best suits your needs. Connections with numerous cities such as Paris, Milan, Rome, Madrid, London and many others.

In addition, thanks to an easy-to-use interface, you can compare the different times when you can find your bus at night, but also find the cheapest bus.

Why book bus tickets on Kombo?

Kombo gives you access to all the offers of the main night bus companies: Blablabus (ex Ouibus, now Blablacar bus), Regiojet, Eurolines, Flixbus, Itabus and many others. You can compare the different routes, combine them, buy at the best prices, choose the best times... And all this directly from the website or the Kombo app (available on iOS and Android ). In addition to the best prices and options, Kombo offers reliable and easy-to-use service and a customer support highly responsive, available 7 days out of 7. Overnight bus trips are a handy way to save on a hotel night. For example, if you are looking for night buses from London you could find direct buses to Paris!

Another advantage of Kombo is that the companies' cancellation system normally only allows you to get a refund through a voucher. But if you book through Kombo, you won't have this problem! Because in the event of cancellation, we refund you directly to the payment method from which you made the purchase.

The main characteristics of the night bus

Unlike night trains, night buses are the same as day buses. When choosing a bus, prefer price over speed. But this is precisely the advantage of traveling at night: if you travel by night, you sleep. And if you sleep, the journey is faster and the expense of an extra night in a hotel is saved! To enhance the passenger experience, bus companies have introduced the following features to ensure adequate comfort:

  • Toilets

  • Wifi

  • Adjustable footrests

  • Electrical outlets

  • Screens integrated in the seats (as in the case of RegioJet or Alsa)

  • Entertainment platform to be used on smartphone, tablet or computer (such as Flixtainement, available on some Flixbus routes)

  • Air conditioning and courtesy lights.

These are all little extras that a day bus can offer, and they are especially important for a night bus.

But what is the true value of an overnight bus trip?

The advantages of the night bus

An overnight coach has several advantages when it comes to traveling at night and you want to be careful with your wallet at the same time.


While night trains are known to save you a night in a hotel or a car journey, night buses offer the same benefit, but even cheaper, for two reasons. Firstly, it is common knowledge that the bus is a cheaper means of transport than the train. Despite the advantages of the much more expensive high-speed lines (Trenitalia and Italo).

On the other hand, bus prices do not vary (or vary little) depending on whether you want to travel during the day or at night. One reason is that night buses cannot yet offer additional services such as sleeping berths and private areas.

However, this is convenient for us, who want to travel all over Europe at mini prices (how about a London-Paris night bus for example?).

Finally, you save one night in a hotel or hostel on site, which is certainly convenient.

The feasibility

The feasibility of night buses is reflected in 3 main aspects:

  • The offer: unlike the train, almost all companies offer night buses. Whether it's Fixbus or Blablabus, the night bus offers on the market are numerous. This means that you can be sure of finding the most suitable route in terms of departure and arrival stations, timetables and prices.

  • Comparison with numerous bus companies: Despite the large offer of night buses, it is quite easy to compare everything to find the right route. Indeed, Kombo allows you to compare the offers of all these companies and book your ticket directly, without redirection. This way you will be able to clearly distinguish all the night bus offers available, in order to find the one that best suits your needs. And given the number of routes offered, you have the choice.

  • Relax: Finally, the night bus offers a unique advantage: you will be able to sleep most of the journey. This will shorten the trip!


Finally, the ecological aspect of night buses and buses in general is not negligible. Traveling by night bus is much greener than driving, as the carbon footprint is divided by dozens of people. We are aware of the traffic problems on some European roads during peak hours and the environmental consequences of this consumption. Traveling by bus at night is therefore a great opportunity to remedy this situation and you don't even have to watch out for the road.

The drawbacks

The great savings and convenience of a night bus is always accompanied by a slightly less positive side.

The comfort

The comfort on an overnight bus is similar to that of an airplane. You will be able to recline the seat but not lie down completely. However, if you were to find yourself alone without any passengers alongside you could stretch out more comfortably.

In conclusion, if you want to travel by night bus, you will have to forget about couchettes, private compartments or breakfast in the morning.

Mandatory stops

Another negative point of the night bus is the stops. For safety reasons, legislation requires drivers to stop at least once every four hours. It is therefore not easy to make a complete night journey with repeated stops at least 45 minutes, announcements from the driver and lights going on.

Discounts and promotions for night buses

To benefit from the best rates and offers, we advise you to book your night bus tickets in advance. If you want to receive information on the special offers of the bus lines at night, follow our newsletter.

Why buy your tickets with Kombo ?

  • Average savings of 50€ observed

  • 90,000+ destinations in Europe and worldwide

  • 4.7/5, or 95% satisfaction on Trustpilot

  • Your tickets accessible on the phone

  • Cancellation and exchange in 2 clicks

  • Refund directly on your bank account

Learn more about night buses

Where to travel by night bus

With the liberalization of the bus market in Europe, it is now possible to travel almost everywhere by night bus. Here are some ideas for unbeatable overnight bus trips across Europe:

Flixbus is the leading mobility company in Europe, with a bus fleet covering more than 30 countries and serving almost 2500 different destinations. So it's very likely that your next trip to Europe will be on a Flixbus night bus.

Blablabus , on the other hand, is the French long-distance bus company. It offers overnight bus trips throughout France and Europe, with 10 countries served and several hundred cities.

The Italian company Marino Bus as well as covering hundreds of routes in Italy, extends into Europe with international trips to France ( Lyon, Nice, Marseille, Montpellier), Germany (Frankfurt, Monaco), Switzerland (Basel, Lugano, Zurich ) and the Benelux (Liège, Luxembourg) .

The Czech company Regiojet flies to a dozen Eastern European countries. To make your overnight bus journeys faster, Regiojet offers screens on the seats, the possibility of ordering hot drinks and the presence of a member of staff on board.

Alsa is a renowned Spanish bus company that operates in several European countries, offering a wide network of connections to reach various locations easily and conveniently. With Alsa you can travel comfortably from Paris to Lyon or from Milan to Madrid.

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