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Travel at a low price with Transavia

Navigate forward to interact with the calendar and select a date. Press the question mark key to get the keyboard shortcuts for changing dates.

Navigate forward to interact with the calendar and select a date. Press the question mark key to get the keyboard shortcuts for changing dates.

With Kombo, compare and combine 400 flight, train and bus companies

On Kombo, you can book your flight tickets at the best price. From Milan-New York to Rome-Guatemala City (yes, we really sold that ticket), our algorithm compares the biggest transport companies to find the cheapest, fastest, best suited flight for your needs.

Unlike other flight comparators, we don't just compare air travel. We also include trains, buses and carpooling.

By buying Transavia flights directly on Kombo, you can compare prices and combine different airlines, all with a very simple interface.

Transavia in 2 minutes

  • Over 100 destinations in Europe

  • 30 million passengers per year

  • Low cost airline

  • Subsidiary of the group Air France-KLM

  • No plastic on board

Transavia and Kombo, the perfect combination

At Kombo, we search and compare thousands of combinations and hundreds of airlines to give you the best price.

To buy a plane ticket on Kombo:

  1. Enter the city of departure and arrival on the dates you want

  2. Choose the flight that suits you best

  3. Enter your full name, date of birth and passport/ID

  4. Validate your purchase and you will have your e-ticket.

You will receive your Transavia tickets by email, and you can also find them in your Kombo profile.

Transavia: your airline tickets in Europe and beyond...

Transavia is a low-cost airline based in the Netherlands. It is a subsidiary of KLM and part of the Air France-KLM group. Transavia operates passenger flights to numerous destinations in Europe and some regions of North Africa and the Middle East. The company offers affordable fares and mainly focuses on carrying passengers on short and medium-haul routes. Transavia has several operational bases in Europe, including Holland, France and Germany with more than 100 destinations.

Transavia's goal is to offer low prices while maintaining this service and customer focus that has become essential today.
In recent years, the company has received many awards such as Best Brand in the category of low-cost airlines for its quality of service for example.

Transavia plane

Transavia's fleet consists mainly of Boeing aircraft, including models such as the Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737-700. These aircraft are used for short and medium range flights. Transavia's aircraft only allow short-haul routes unlike Air France and KLM which also offer long-haul flights.

Transavia's Boeing 737-800 seats around 189 passengers, while the Boeing 737-700 has a slightly smaller capacity, seating around 147-149. Both aircraft are configured for passenger transport and offer basic onboard comforts.

Travel anywhere in the world with Kombo

Transavia Services

The "Economy" class is the only one available on board Transavia aircraft

With Transavia, it is very easy to choose as there is only one class and that is the economy.
Once on board your Transavia flight, you can enjoy drinks, sweet or savory products, or even menus at a competitive rate.

The Flying Blue loyalty program is compatible with Transavia flights

Air France, KLM and Transavia have a common frequent flyer program (with some exceptions) to allow travelers to accumulate "Miles" (points) and "XP" (also points). This program allows travelers to access benefits such as discounts on partner hotels, mountain stays, free travel... To earn miles and XP, you must join Transavia's Flying Blue programme. At the beginning you will be an "explorer member", and depending on your purchases on Transavia you will be able to go Silver, Gold and then Platinum, which will allow you to accumulate your points much faster.

What baggage can I take on Transavia?

Hand luggage restrictions on a Transavia flight depend on the type of ticket purchased and the flight destination. Below are the general guidelines for hand luggage on Transavia:

Dimensions : Hand luggage must be of an appropriate size to be stored safely in the overhead compartments of the aircraft. The maximum dimensions allowed for hand luggage on Transavia are usually 55cm x 40cm x 25cm (length x width x depth), including handles, external pockets and wheels.

Weight : The maximum weight allowed for hand luggage on Transavia varies, but is usually between 7 kg and 10 kg. It is important to check the specific restrictions of your flight, as there may be differences depending on the type of ticket or the destination.

Personal items : In addition to hand luggage, Transavia usually allows passengers to bring along one small personal item, such as a handbag, laptop bag or camera bag. The dimensions of this personal item are generally limited to 40cm x 30cm x 15cm.

How can I pay less for my Transavia flight?

As with other airlines (Air France, Easyjet, Ryanair), Transavia ticket prices vary often.
To get the best prices on Transavia, we recommend booking in advance and using Kombo. Indeed Kombo is the best way to get cheaper tickets, whether for the plane, the bus or the train.

Additional information on Transavia flights

What liquids are allowed in the cabin on a Transavia?

On board the Transavia cabins you can take liquids with you, but only if they fit in containers of no more than 100ml. The bag of maximum 1L in which the liquids are contained must be transparent and resealable so that it can be checked separately.
You can also bring hot drinks with you if they are bought at the airport and have a lid.

I have sports equipment, can I take it on a Transavia flight?

Transavia allows sports equipment to be transported in the hold if it has sufficient baggage allowance. Usually, the maximum weight allowed for checked baggage varies between 15 kg and 32 kg, while the maximum dimensions can vary from 158 cm to 300 cm (sum of the three dimensions).

Can I bring my musical instrument on a Transavia flight?

Small musical instruments can be transported as hand baggage, provided they comply with the dimensions and maximum weight allowed. Larger or fragile musical instruments may require carriage as checked baggage. In this case, additional fees may apply and will be subject to Transavia's checked baggage size and weight restrictions. The maximum dimensions allowed for checked baggage vary from 158 cm to 300 cm (sum of the three dimensions), while the maximum weight usually varies between 15 kg and 32 kg.

Transavia, ecology and equality

Transavia is an innovative company that cares about today and tomorrow's environmental issues. Indeed, in addition to having state-of-the-art aircraft, Transavia is the first airline to have completely eliminated single-use plastic on board its aircraft. The glasses are made of paper like the bags, the bamboo cutlery and are FSC and Plastic Free certified, which means that even the plastic lining that is usually used to ensure watertightness is made of biodegradable and bio-based materials .
Transavia claims that with these measures, up to 40 tons of plastic will be saved every year.

In addition to this, Transavia has implemented a very strict flight protocol for pilots. In fact, in collaboration with the start-up OpenAirlines, Transavia has created a system that lets you know if the team in charge of the trip complies with the 7 rules imposed to limit CO2 emissions.

For example, only 1 engine is used for landing.
These procedures allow Transavia to avoid the emission of 13,000 tons of CO2 per year. Finally, Transavia is particularly active in associations for the disabled or sick and takes gender equality within the company very seriously. They score 89 points out of 100 for male-female distribution and make several flights each year with a 100% female crew.