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Transavia : Escape by plane at mini price

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Transavia 2 minutes

Over 100 destinations in Europe
30 million passengers per year
Low cost airline
Subsidiary of the group Air France
No plastic on board

Transavia on takeoff

Travel with peace of mind, the fleet of Transavia is among the most modern!
Did you know that on average, the plane does 1,060 km / h!? That's more than 10 times the speed of a car on the highway!

Buying a Transavia ticket with Kombo is very convenient.

By buying your Transavia ticket directly on Kombo, you will be able to compare prices, and combine different airlines, all with a very simple interface. Finally, you won't even have to worry about checking in with Transavia: we do it automatically for you. You'll receive your boarding passes as early as 48 hours before departure.

Finally, at Kombo, customer satisfaction is our priority!

Do you really know Transavia?

Transavia was originally a Dutch airline created in 1965. In 2007, the airline and the French group Air France decided to merge. It is at this moment that "Transavia Netherlands" becomes "Transavia France" as a low cost subsidiary of the group. The objective of Transavia is to offer low prices while keeping this service and this attention to the customer which became essential today.
In recent years, the company has received many awards such as the Best Brand in the category of low-cost airlines for its quality of service for example.
Transavia flies from France (Paris Orly, Nantes, Lyon, Montpellier) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Groningen). Transavia aircraft fly to more than 100 destinations throughout Europe as well as to Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Dubai.

Transavia's aircraft

Transavia France currently has 52 aircraft and uses exclusively the latest generation Boeing 737 aircraft.
Transavia's planes only allow short-haul routes unlike Air France and KLM which also offer long-haul flights.

Transavia, ecology and equality

Transavia is an innovative company that is concerned about the environmental issues of today and tomorrow. In fact, in addition to having state-of-the-art aircraft, Transavia is the first airline to have completely eliminated single-use plastic on board its aircraft.
The shakers are made of wood, the paper bags, the bamboo cutlery and the paper cups are FSC and Plastic Free certified, which means that even the plastic coating that is usually used to ensure watertightness is made of biodegradable and bio-based materials.
Transavia claims that with these measures, as much as 40 tons of plastic will be saved every year.

In addition to this, Transavia has implemented a very strict flight protocol to the pilots. Indeed, in collaboration with the start-up OpenAirlines, Transavia has set up a system that allows to know if the team in charge of the trip respects the 7 rules imposed to limit CO2 emissions.

For example, only 1 engine is used for landing.
These procedures allow Transavia to avoid the emission of 13,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Finally, Transavia is particularly active in associations for the disabled or ill and takes gender equality within the company very seriously. They have a score of 89 points out of 100 for the male-female distribution and every year, they make several flights with a 100% female crew

transavia plane in the sky

The "Economy" class is the only one available on board Transavia aircraft

With Transavia, it's very easy to choose since there is only one economy class.
And what's more, once you've booked the trip you need, even if the tickets are in "economy" class and the company is low-cost, at Kombo we do the check-in automatically for you. So, once you have purchased your ticket, you can go directly to the airport. Once there, if you don't have any large luggage to check in, you can go directly to the boarding lounge.
Once on board your Transavia flight, you will be able to enjoy drinks, sweet or savoury products, or even menus for a competitive rate.

The Flying Blue loyalty program is compatible with Transavia flights

Air France, KLM and Transavia have a common frequent flyer program (with a few exceptions) to allow travelers to accumulate "Miles" (points) and "XP" (points too). This program allows travelers to access benefits such as discounts on partner hotels, on mountain stays, free travel ...
To earn miles and XP, you must subscribe to Transavia's Flying Blue program. At the beginning you will be an "explorer member", and depending on your purchases on Transavia you can become Silver, Gold and then Platinum, which will allow you to accumulate your points much faster.

How can I get my Transavia tickets cheaper?

As with other airlines (Air France, Easyjet, Ryanair), Transavia ticket prices vary often.
To get the best prices on Transavia, we advise you to book early and use Kombo. Indeed Kombo is the best way to get cheaper tickets whether it's on Transavia plane, bus or train.

Boarding a Transavia aircraft