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How to book cheaper TGV tickets

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Discover the best prices to take the TGV in France or elsewhere. Secure payment on Kombo.

The TGV in 2min chrono

  • Paris 2 hours from Nantes, Bordeaux, Lyon...
  • but also Strasbourg or Rennes!
  • 2,600 km of railways
  • A record speed of 574,8 km/h
  • 3h00 for Paris-Marseille
  • Lille-Paris in 1h

Why buy your TGV tickets on Kombo?

Kombo has the approval SNCF to sell TGV tickets, as a site like SNCF Connect. Buying your ticket on Kombo is the guarantee to pay the best price using a reliable and easy to use service. Why? Why? Because we are committed to finding you the most optimal route at the best price. How do we do it? We are directly connected to SNCF's reservation systems and have our own itinerary engine. On some routes, we can therefore offer cheaper prices. However, keep in mind that ticket prices change every day and that SNCF (and other transport companies) make extensive use of yield management to improve the filling of their trains, buses and planes. This explains why the price of a train can change between two searches.

We could explain why we think Kombo is the best way to book its tickets but we prefer let our customers speak. The best way is to test the service by yourself. Are you ready to go? On the way!

Train à grande vitesse SNCF

Did you know that? Some SNCF TGVs that have been used for a long time are then recycled into OUIGO trains.

SNCF high-speed trains in France

SNCF offers its users two TGV offers: SNCF's "Low cost" TGV offer TGV Ouigo to travel in cheap TGV, and the offer of premium train TGV Inoui at more expensive fares. On the other hand, trains TER or Intercités are not TGVs since they are not high-speed.

TGV Ouigo

Learn more on our page TGV Ouigo

TGV Unworthy

The Unwanted TGVs are the TGVs with several free services on board: wifi, electric sockets, luggage. Two comfort classes are available that you choose when booking your TGV.

Learn more about our page TGV Inoui

TGVs for foreign countries

To travel in France and abroad there are also other TGV companies such as:

- Eurostar, to visit London and England

- Thalys, if you are rather Belgium or Netherlands

- Italo, Trenitalia or Thello for a little Dolce Vita in Italy

- Renfe, to get closer to the Mediterranean in Spain

- TGV Lyria to go for a ride in Switzerland

Can we get free TGV tickets?

Yes, it is possible, with the subscription %URL%. But this is only for young people aged 16 to 27.

What if my TGV is cancelled in the event of a SNCF strike?

En cas de grèves SNCF, you can postpone your train trip, refer to a carpool, or a bus ticket. Our greveSNCF

How much does a TGV ticket cost in France?

The ticket prices of TGV inOui depend on the range you choose and when you buy the ticket.

The different fares offered allowing more or less flexibility :

Prem's : the prices of TGV Prem's tickets start at 15€*, the tickets cannot be modified, nor refunded. But it is still ideal to find a cheap train.

Prem's : they offer more flexibility and these TGV tickets can be refunded up to the day of departure (with a fee).

Pro: they offer more flexibility on bookings and allow you to exchange or cancel your Pro ticket free of charge up to two hours after the train's departure. You can also take any train on the same day, even if it is full, after exchanging your Pro ticket. Convenient for daytime round trips.

Our tips for finding a cheap TGV ticket

Is it possible to modify / cancel your TGV ticket?

It is quite possible to cancel a TGV train ticket by buying on Kombo. The advantage over the SNCF is that it is simple and quick. Indeed, in a few clicks, you can access your ticket and cancel it directly on our site, and be refunded under conditions. We have therefore prepared a guide for you to know how to cancel your train tickets easily.

The trains present on Kombo :