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What is the difference between SNCF connect and Kombo?

With Kombo, book your train, bus and plane tickets


SNCF Connect in 2 minutes!

  • Reservation of SNCF tickets like Kombo
  • Do not sell other companies
  • Does not sell airline tickets
  • Formerly Yes SNCF
  • Belongs to SNCF

What is SNCF Connect?

What is the difference between "SNCF Connect" and Kombo?

Kombo and SNCF Connect are two websites approved by the SNCF, selling SNCF train tickets. Thus, Kombo is an official website for selling train tickets, like SNCF Connect.

What is the difference between "SNCF Connect" and "SNCF"?

SNCF Connect is a subsidiary of SNCF, dedicated to online distribution, or in other words, to the sale of train tickets on the Internet. Thus, SNCF is a train operator that takes care of the transportation of passengers. And like Kombo, SNCF Connect only sells SNCF train tickets on its website.

The French Competition Authority ensures that competition is healthy and fair, and that SNCF Connect is not favoured by its parent company, SNCF, over sites like Kombo. Like SNCF Connect, Kombo also offers an iOS app and an Android app.

SNCF Connect and what's the difference?

Oui sncf changed its name in 2022 to SNCF Connect. Compared to Oui SNCF, SNCF Connect additionally offers information on commuter trains and urban transport such as metro, RER, buses, scooters, taxis or VTCs like Uber.

SNCF Connect versus Kombo

Can Kombo be cheaper than SNCF Connect?

Yes, Kombo allows you to have cheaper prices than SNCF Connect. Why? Essentially for 3 reasons.

  1. First of all, Kombo offers other means of transportation. A bus, a carpool or a plane can be cheaper than a train ticket.
  2. Kombo offers train tickets from other train companies, such as SNCB, NS, Deutsche Bahn, Italo or Trenitalia. As the tickets are not offered on SNCF Connect, you can find better prices on these trains.
  3. Kombo allows you to find combinations of tickets that are cheaper than a direct trip. By combining tickets from SNCF or other companies, we often find much better prices. This works for journeys to and from small towns, but also when the journey is long, usually more than 2 hours.

What are the features of Kombo compared to the SNCF Connect website?

Kombo allows you to book plane, bus and carpooling tickets, in addition to train tickets, which SNCF Connect does not allow.

As far as train features are concerned, Kombo offers, like SNCF Connect, SNCF Advantage cards, ticket cancellation, ticket exchange and seat selection.

Kombo goes even further by offering automatic reimbursement in case of train delays, the invoice available in 1 click, or the exchange of a train ticket for a bus or plane ticket.

What companies does SNCF Connect offer?

Like Kombo, SNCF Connect offers TGV, Inoui, Ouigo, TER, Intercités, Eurostar, Thalys or Lyria but also night trains. But Kombo also offers Flixbus, Blablacar buses, and tickets from Air France, Easyjet, Transavia, Ryanair and most airlines.

What destinations does SNCF Connect offer?

While SNCF Connect offers all French destinations, Kombo offers many more destinations abroad, whether by train, bus or plane.

The trains present on Kombo :