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What is the difference between and Kombo?


Oui.SNCF in 2 minutes!

  • Sells train tickets as Kombo
  • Formerly Voyages SNCF
  • Property of SNCF Group
  • Launched in 2000

Oui.SNCF, a site like the others?

Yes, the site Oui SNCF is a site selling train tickets, as well as Kombo. Despite what some may think, the site Oui SNCF is no more official a site like Kombo. So Oui SNCF is an online travel agency (OTA what is also known in English for Online Travel Agency), specializing in SNCF train tickets. The small difference is that it is a subsidiary of SNCF. And so, because of the reputation of the name SNCF is the first online tourism site and first commercial site in France. But the Competition Authority to ensure that competition is fair, and that Oui SNCF is not privileged by its parent company, SNCF, compared to sites like Trainline, Omio or Kombo.

Kombo can it be cheaper than

Yes it's possible. On our website you can have cheaper prices than Oui SNCF. How? Because even though the ticket price is the same everywhere for legal reasons in France, our algorithms may combine notes and you find cheaper prices on certain routes. Moreover, Kombo combines the low cost trains as Ouigo with other trains as TER, that does not always Oui.SNCF.

How to pay the cheaper train tickets?

For cheaper train tickets, there is a golden rule: book early! Whether on buses or trains, the lowest prices are available at the opening of ticket sales. Sure, the TGV can be expensive or very expensive when we do it at the last moment. In this case you still have the option of taking a bus you like Flixbus  and Blablabus , or a carpool with Blablacar.

Train SNCF inOui

Yes, the muzzle of this inOui is a little dusty. But the comfort inside will soon make you forget it, believe us.

How to write “Oui SNCF” ?

The confusions are frequent on the terms Oui SNCF. Some may sometimes think that the site is called Oui TGV, which of us could make sense at the time of the democratization of high-speed trains. This is not Oui train, although the train is very rooted in the history of the train to France. Then comes the problem of spelling. To find the site SNCF Yes, you have to type Oui SNCF in its browser, with a point between the 2 words. Beware, it can be quite confusing because .sncf extension is not usual., a multimodal site?

Like other sites of mobility and transport sector, Oui.SNCF is intended as a multimodal site, ie they offer different means of transport. Of course, the train, but also airline tickets, buses and hotels. While the challenge of similar websites to Oui.SNCF is to ensure that the reservation is simple. For more site offers a different means of transport, the more complicated for the user. It is precisely the simplicity that Kombo is different.

What about website usability Oui.SNCF?

Everyone must think what he wants of ergonomics (also called UX) and usability of each Web site. This is also the case for Oui SNCF. Before the opening to competition in distribution in France train tickets, the site Voyages-SNCF was criticized for ergonomics. Since the arrival of Captain Train in 2009, and that of Kombo in 2018, the UX has been improved. Thanks to competition!

What are the destinations offered by

Like its ancestor Voyages SNCF, Yes train station offers train tickets for all destinations in France. But the site also has agreements with the European train companies, as Trenitalia and trains going to other countries such as Eurostar, Lyria, Thalys, Izy.

What are the types of gear available

As Kombo, Oui SNCF offers all types of operating TGVs in France. There may be mentioned Ouigo, the low-cost supply of the train, or incredible offer of premium called TGV, offering the most comprehensive service.

Are there any trains?

No, as you understand, is a site selling train tickets. And unlike SNCF does not operate trains do not care stations and railways. And if you wish to cancel your Oui SNCF train ticket easily, we have prepared a guide for you for this purpose.

Choose a seat with

On SNCF trains, seat selection is vast: aisle or window, duo or square. If you are traveling with someone else and you buy your tickets separately, it is also possible to book a specific numbered place so that you are together. Kombo like Oui.SNCF, the choice of place is made at the time of ticket purchase, either online or at the counter.

The trains present on Kombo :