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Discover the 7 Tips to find a cheap train ticket

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Top 7 tips to find a cheap train ticket

Finding the cheapest price to buy train tickets can often be like a battle course, with all the companies present and prices that can soar according to SNCF timetables. Indeed, typing "The cheapest SNCF trains" in your search engine is not enough. Ticket prices vary according to the season, the day of the week, the timetable, but also and above all according to how full the train is. It's a game of supply and demand. But then which train company is really the cheapest? In reality, there is no company that is cheaper, because prices change all the time. That's why you have to go through Kombo to find the best prices.

2) Buying train tickets in advance

The best advice we can give you to find cheap train tickets is to buy them in advance. Of course, it's not always obvious but remember to look for your train tickets when you know you'll have to travel. In general, train companies, such as SNCF, Trenitalia, Eurostar or Ouigo, sell train tickets 3 months before the departure date. So this is the best time to buy train tickets. If you find out a short time in advance that you have to travel by train, be aware that train companies often make promotional offers (they tell you how to take advantage of these promotions to buy your cheap train ticket). You can find these promotional rates on Kombo! So check the offers regularly to find the cheapest train tickets.

3) Think low cost with Ouigo

Ouigo is the TGV low cost of the SNCF, and the prices can be very advantageous there. Kombo makes it possible to combine Ouigo with other trains or TER for even cheaper prices on more destinations. The OUIGO trains are the cheapest among the different trains proposed by the SNCF. The schedules of the trains are different (they leave at less busy times) than those of the SNCF, and you will be able to travel through nearly 30 different destinations. Examples of OUIGO destinations are Marne-la-Vallée, or Massy TGV for Paris, Saint-Exupéry Airport for Lyon, Lille Flandres, Marseille Saint Charles, Bordeaux Saint Jean etc. Be careful, it is not possible to cancel an OUIGO train ticket (this is also why these SNCF trains are not expensive).

4) Be flexible in your search for train tickets

Another possibility to find your train tickets at the best price is to be flexible in dates or timetables, as you can be with plane tickets. So play with the day and schedule filters to get the best view of train ticket prices. Choose early Saturday morning instead of Friday night to go away for the weekend. This will reduce the price of your round trip. Choose to leave at less busy TGV schedules in general: very early in the morning, mid-afternoon or late in the evening.

5) Take a season ticket to pay for cheaper train tickets

If you travel regularly by train, most train companies offer season tickets:

  • For young people: MAX Jeune, MAX Jeune (MAX Jeune, formerly TGV Max, is particularly useful for making free return trips over a day. It also allows you to be more flexible in choosing your TGV timetable).
  • For seniors
  • For Professionals

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6) Finding train tickets on special offer

By subscribing to the Newsletters of the train companies or Kombo, you are guaranteed to always be informed of any promotions. For example, the SNCF sometimes offers train tickets at €1 in certain regions for travel on TER trains. Also, remember to consult Kombo every time you are looking for a train ticket as we show you the best prices for all types of trips. Moreover with Kombo you will always be able to compare the train with the bus or the carpool, something you won't find elsewhere.

7) Take advantage of special train fares

Depending on your age or personal situation, you can find interesting prices to buy the cheapest train ticket possible. Be sure to check the different types of fares offered by train companies to find the best SNCF fare. You now have plenty of tips to find your cheap train tickets!

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