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Train Czechowice Dziedzice Nürtingen

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715 km

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Train Czechowice Dziedzice Nürtingen in brief

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It will take you 3h35 minutes by train from Czechowice Dziedzice to reach Nürtingen. Bring food and drink (unless you prefer the car bar) and of course entertainment with your favourite activities. If you are travelling with children, remember to bring snacks and something to keep them occupied during the journey. You can also see all the departure and arrival times for Czechowice Dziedzice - Nürtingen.

The distance between Czechowice Dziedzice and Nürtingen is 715 km and the average speed is 166 km/h.

No bus company provides the route Czechowice Dziedzice - Nürtingen.

First and last train Czechowice Dziedzice Nürtingen.

First Train Czechowice Dziedzice - Nürtingen.

Departure at 13:02

Last Train Czechowice Dziedzice - Nürtingen

Departure at 13:02

Czechowice Dziedzice - Nürtingen train on average every


How to travel at cheapest prices from Czechowice Dziedzice to Nürtingen

To find an even cheaper Czechowice Dziedzice Nürtingen train ticket, we suggest you should travel during off-peak periods. This will be during the day (middle) on weekdays, or very early in the morning or late in the evening. On weekends, Czechowice Dziedzice-Nürtingen train tickets are more expensive especially at the beginning of the weekend and on Sunday evenings. Finally, the closer the departure date, the higher the prices increases, especially in the event of heavy traffic. So you have to anticipate during weekends and holidays.

You can also buy train tickets Nürtingen-Czechowice Dziedzice in the other direction.

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Our guides on Cheap train tickets.

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The advantage of booking with Kombo is that cancellations are very simple and fast. Thanks to your reservation number from your confirmation email, or directly via your customer account in the heading my tickets , you can find your tickets and cancel them .
We even prepared a guide for you to know how to cancel your train tickets easily .

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