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Compare prices Megabus (Flixbus) for a cheap ticket

Megabus or Flixbus? With all these companies is to do nothing understand ... Let us enlighten you on the subject.
The confusion that sometimes exists between the two companies is related to the repurchase of Flixbus Megabus lines continental Europe in June 2016. This means that every bus company Megabus that you used to take in France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands will become, eventually, Flixbus bus.

In practical terms what this means? You can now find on Megabus kombo.co since they are now part of the Flixbus society. Tickets for these buses are available Kombo!

Megabus et ses billets à 1€

Megabus is a British bus company present on the European and North American continents. Megabus arrived in France in 2015 following the liberalization of the sector by Macron law.
A subsidiary of the Stagecoach transport group, the company has become known to the public by operating low costs links on some routes with tickets at € 1.
Unfortunately, times have changed and notes 1 € too ... Even if Megabus continues to operate under its own name in Britain and North America; Continental Europe (France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Netherlands ...), the Megabus lines became Flixbus following the acquisition in June 2016 the British company by the German company.

Megabus in 2 minutes

  • Still present in Grande-Bretagne et en Amérique du Nord
  • Racheté en 2016 par Flixbus en Europe continentale
  • +90 destinations en Grande-Bretagne
  • +5 millions de passagers par an
  • +100 villes en Amérique du Nord
  • Compagnie britannique
  • Création en 2003

Bus operators available on Kombo :