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Terms and Conditions

1 - Who we are? 

The website (hereinafter referred to as "the Kombo Site"), is edited by the company ARTEA, SAS with a capital of 16,392.14 euros, whose registered office is 5 rue Pleyel, 93200 St Denis, registered in the RCS of Bobigny under the number SIREN: 820 902 377, VAT number FR 42 82 0902377 (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"). Publisher: Mr. Clément Hugon.

More details are available in our Legal Notice Section.

All orders placed on the Kombo Site are subject to these Terms and Conditions. The Company reserves the right to adapt or modify these Terms and Conditions at any time, the version of the Terms and Conditions applicable to any transaction are those online on the Kombo Site at the time of payment.

2 - Definitions 

Client: A User who buys a Ticket on the Kombo Site for themselves and/or for multiple people (see "Passengers").

Kombo: Brand of the company ARTEA used to communicate on the Kombo Site.

Kombo Site: The website as well as the iOS and Android mobile applications, edited by the company ARTEA. The Site allows users to search for, compare, combine, and book train, bus, plane, and carpool tickets.

Operator: Company that carries out the transport of the Passenger(s). Kombo is not responsible for the transport.

Passenger: When making a purchase, the Client books Tickets for the Passengers who will take the Trip. The Client may be one of the Passengers. The entire order will be in the name of the Client but each Passenger will have their own personal transportation ticket.

Personal Account: A User can create an account on the Kombo Site and store their Personal Data on their Personal Account. Each Personal Account is accessible using an email address and password. The email address will be used for bookings.

Personal Data: This is all the information needed to create a Personal Account and book a Trip. More details on the composition of Personal Data are available in these General Terms and Conditions. More details on the storage of information are available in the Privacy Section.

Price: Amount paid by the Client to book a Ticket.

Ticket: Transportation ticket provided by Kombo for a Trip. According to the Terms and Conditions of the Operators, the Ticket may only be available a few days before the departure date. For more information, please consult this article.

Trip: trip made using a transport operator to which access is authorized through the Ticket(s) purchased by the Customer on the Kombo Site.

User: Individual using the Kombo Site and the services offered by the Kombo Site.

3 - How to access Kombo's website

The Kombo Site is accessible on computer, tablet, telephone and via the mobile application. It is possible to access the Kombo Site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, only with an Internet connection.

The Kombo Site is regularly updated and its content may be modified at any time.

The Kombo Site is accessible in several languages.

Use of the Kombo Site is limited to the uses described in paragraph 12.

The Kombo Site reserves the right to suspend access to the Site or the mobile application to the User who does not comply with the Terms and Conditions.

4 - Contact us

The customer service of the Kombo Site is available to assist and support the User before, during, and after the booking of one or more Ticket(s). The customer service of the Kombo Site is available 7 days a week from 9am to 11pm through the contact form. As an experimental service, the customer service is also available by phone, in French only, at +33 7 56 81 28 28 from Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm.

5 - Our services

a. Clients

The User declares, hereby, that they are an individual (acting possibly on behalf of a legal entity), are of legal age (or have the authorization of a legal representative), have the legal capacity to enter into this Agreement and use this Site in accordance with the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, which they fully understand, in order to be able to place an order on the Kombo Site.

The Client declares, hereby, that they are of legal age (or have the authorization of a legal representative), have the legal capacity to enter into this Agreement and use this Site in accordance with the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, which they fully understand and accept. The Client agrees to assume full financial responsibility for any use of the Kombo Site.

It is not necessary to create a Personal Account to make purchases on the Kombo Site. To create a Personal Account, the User needs to enter a valid email address. All information must be correct and updated regularly.

The User can also create a Personal Account by logging in via "social login" (Facebook, Google, Apple, etc., the list may evolve). If the User creates a Personal Account through one of these intermediaries, the Personal Data will be automatically completed. It is up to the User to check all the information themselves to verify its accuracy.

Using a valid email address is essential to receive all important information related to a trip (confirmation, Tickets, etc.) or the Personal Account.

The User agrees to respect the general provisions of the Operators of the Tickets purchased on the Kombo Site. The Company reserves the right to suspend an Account or block a User if they make abusive use of the services of the Kombo Site.

In particular, any automated use (scripts, robots, etc.) of the Kombo Site may result in the suspension of the Account or blocking of the User. Similarly, abusive use of a referral system may result in the cancellation of the benefits of this referral.

b. Passengers

The User may purchase Tickets for several Passengers in addition to himself. For each Passenger, the User is responsible for the Personal Data provided.

This Personal Data is necessary for the issuance of Tickets by the Operators. In the event of an error in the Personal Data, Kombo cannot be held responsible for issuing a Ticket that does not contain the correct information.

c. Our services

Kombo offers a service for searching, comparing, and booking train, bus, plane, and carpool tickets. Thus, the User can search for, compare, and book train, bus, plane, and carpool tickets on the Kombo Site.

The Tickets offered for sale correspond to Trips operated by different Operators, all explicitly presented in the checkout tunnel. The Company takes great care in presenting and describing the results in order to best meet the information needs of the User. The Trips and Prices indicated during the result of a search carried out by the User are the best results available to the Kombo Site at the time of the search.

d. Availability

The Trips offered on the Kombo Site are the result of Kombo's work and may have been provided by the Operators. Due to the way the Operators' pricing processes work, Prices may change at any time and particularly between their presentation to the User and their final selection. Each update of the Price will be presented.

Kombo sells all the Trips available from the referenced Operators. The Company therefore cannot guarantee that all the Operators' Trips are available on the Kombo Site.

Kombo is constantly working on improving and refining the information displayed on its Site. Kombo cannot guarantee that all the information will be correct because the information is transmitted by the Operators.

e. Connection and layover

Some Trips require a layover, and include one or more intermediate Trip(s): from the departure point to the layover, and then from the layover to the arrival point. In this case, the Kombo Site offers the User separate Trips, which can be operated either by the same Operator or by different Operators. On these Trips, the User buys independent Tickets. Kombo will do its best to offer Trips with sufficient layover time, but cannot guarantee it.

The User will also ensure that they choose a Trip with enough layover time, even in case of delay of the first intermediate Trip. The Company cannot be held responsible for a missed layover, especially if the first intermediate Trip was delayed.

f. Documents, IDs

Some Trips require an ID, passport, visa, form, or document to travel, particularly for foreign countries. The User is responsible for checking which documents are required for the Trip in the countries crossed, checking the validity of these documents, and having these documents on them during the Trip.

Likewise, the User must ensure that they are in compliance with the rules of the Operator and those of the countries in which the trip(s) take place (health, vaccination, tests, war, etc. - this list is not exhaustive), particularly in the case of crossing borders. More information is available on the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for French nationals.

g. Price

The Prices indicated on the Kombo Site are in euros (€). During the search, the displayed Prices include all taxes and fees associated with the Ticket(s).

Depending on the characteristics of the Trip (e.g. luggage, seat choice, payment method, combinations, etc. - this list is not exhaustive), additional fees may apply. These are detailed at each step of the sales channel.

Due to the nature of travel products, it is possible that the Price will fluctuate, upwards or downwards, between the search, selection, addition of Passengers, and payment. The User will therefore have to assume the Price in effect when they make the payment.

h. Booking and Payments

The User can pay for the selected tickets through the Kombo Site interface. The accepted payment methods are listed on the payment page. No other payment methods will be accepted.

By paying, the User also validates the present Terms and Conditions of Sale as well as the General Terms of the various Operators (generally: Terms and Conditions of Sale and Transport Conditions) that are included with the selected tickets. These Terms can also be viewed directly on the Operators' websites. To finalize payment for the Tickets, the User must verify the transaction amount before clicking on the 'pay' button.

The Kombo Site reserves the right to add additional fees if a business credit card or international card (outside of the SEPA zone) is used. Our systems automatically detect the payment method used. These fees are not refundable. The reservation is not validated until full payment for the selected ticket(s) has been made.

The entire ticket sale transaction and payment are secured using the TLS 1.0 (SSL) protocol.

Bookings can be made on a computer, tablet, phone, or through the mobile app. The Kombo Site acts as an intermediary between the User and the Operators. The booking is then submitted to the relevant Operator. Confirmation may not be immediate.

The Kombo Site is committed to communicating booking information (such as the reservation status) to the User in the after-sale area of their account. By reserving through the Kombo Site, you accept the present Terms and Conditions of Sale.

In the event of suspicion of fraud, the Kombo Site reserves the right to not honor the reservation made by the User and to cancel the transaction.

i. Transport Ticket

Upon payment, the Tickets for the trip ordered by the Client are issued. The Company processes with the Operator(s) to retrieve the data that will allow the Client to obtain their transportation tickets. The Kombo Site may perform this processing with the Operators through various means, such as a reservation through an API, a manual reservation, or any other means of reserving the Tickets for the journeys on behalf of the Client.

If the Client does not receive their Ticket(s) within the expected time frame, the Client must contact the Kombo Site customer service to report it, otherwise the Ticket may be lost by the Client. The Kombo Site customer service is available through the contact form (7 days a week from 9:00am to 11:00pm).

The Tickets are digital. The Kombo Site sends the Tickets in PDF format by email to the Client after payment. Some Tickets may be issued later depending on the Operator's policy. The Client will however receive a reservation confirmation. The Client agrees to contact the Kombo Site through the customer service if they still have not received their Tickets before departure.

Once the Tickets are received, the Client agrees to present the tickets when accessing the means of transportation on their smartphone or printed on paper. The Kombo Site cannot be held responsible for the consequences of the Client not presenting the ticket (phone battery running out, lost ticket or phone, etc.). The tickets are personal and cannot be transferred to someone else unless the Operator's Terms and Conditions allow it.

j. Issue during the trip

The Company is not responsible for transportation, as the transportation service is provided by the Operator. If the transportation service did not meet the Client's expectations (delays, cancellations, travel conditions, etc.), the Client can contact the Operator directly.

k. Kombo Voucher

The Kombo voucher can take the form of a promotional code or a gift card. It must be issued by the Kombo Site.

Each voucher has an expiration date (specific to the voucher) and applies, unless otherwise stated, to all Trips offered on the Kombo Site. Once the expiry date of the voucher has passed, it becomes non-usable.

The amount of the voucher applies to the total value of the order. A voucher cannot be combined with other promotional offers (other vouchers, loyalty programme, etc. -the list is not exhaustive-).

The voucher is used on the payment page by clicking on the "promo code" button. If the total amount of the order is greater than the amount of the voucher, the User must pay the difference using one of the payment methods offered on the payment page of the Kombo Site at the time of booking.

The voucher cannot be exchanged, refunded or resold.

By purchasing and using a voucher on the Kombo Site, the Customer accepts the General Conditions of Sale. The Kombo Site reserves the right to suspend or cancel the validity of a purchase voucher in the event of suspicion of fraud or non-compliance with the General Conditions of Sale.

6 - Discount cards

The Kombo Site allows you to buy discount cards from various companies (SNCF, Trenitalia, etc). The sale of these cards is subject to the Operator's Terms and Conditions.

7 - Right of withdrawal

In accordance with Articles L. 221-2 and L. 221-28 of the French Consumer Code, the Client is informed that the tickets sold by the Company are not subject to a right of withdrawal.

8 - Changes, cancellations and refunds

Each ticket may have different changes or cancellation conditions. The modification, cancellation, or refund conditions are set by the Operators. These are mentioned at the time of ticket selection on the Kombo Site at the time of purchase and on the Operators' website. They are also accessible in the Client's ticket after-sales area at any time. The Client will therefore, for certain tickets, have the option to cancel or modify their ticket.

Here is a guide explaining to Clients how to check the cancellation and exchange conditions of their ticket, and then another one explaining how to cancel or exchange their ticket after checking the conditions based on the chosen means of transport.

For ticket exchanges with certain companies, exchange fees may be applied. The fare difference between the old and the new ticket is the responsibility of the Client. If the old ticket is more expensive than the new ticket selected by the Client, the Client will have to pay the difference between the two.

For any questions about modifications, cancellations, or refunds, a FAQ is available on the Kombo Site. In case of error, the Kombo Site invites the Client to contact customer service through the contact form.

Kombo gift vouchers can be issued by customer service. In case of suspicion of fraud, Kombo reserves the right to cancel them at any time.

9 - Compensation

If the Client's Trip has been canceled, delayed or suffered a major disruption, it is possible that the latter will receive a refund or compensation from the Operator.

In the event of a canceled trip, the Operator generally allows Kombo to process an immediate refund. However, in cases where the reimbursement from the Operator is not immediate, Kombo must wait for the reimbursement from the Operator in order to be able to reimburse the Customer.

In other cases, Kombo will provide the Client with all the information it has available so that the Client can make the claim directly with the Operator.

If the Client wishes to request compensation in addition to the refund (additional hotel expenses, additional transport costs, etc.), the Client will have to make the claim directly with the Operator. Kombo's responsibility is limited to the refund of the Ticket only, in cases where the carrier allows it to make the refund.

10 - Responsibility

The responsibility of the Kombo Site is limited to the services offered. The Kombo Site is not an Operator but acts as an intermediary. It cannot therefore be held responsible for the transport service or for any damage or loss suffered that is not related to the services offered by the Kombo Site.

For example, the Kombo Site cannot be held responsible in the event of delays, strikes, demonstrations, denied boarding, cancellation of transport, etc. - the list is not exhaustive. Also, in the event of a change to the Journey by the Operator (change of timetable, change of station, cancellation of the Journey, cancellation of the Ticket by the Operator - the list is not exhaustive), the Kombo Site will do everything possible to help the Customer, but cannot guarantee to inform the Customer of every change. Please note that although the Kombo Site endeavours to minimise errors, it is not responsible for any errors that are beyond its control. The Kombo Site's liability is limited to the refund of the Ticket only, in cases where the carrier allows it to make the refund. If the Customer wishes to request compensation in addition to the refund (additional hotel costs, additional transport costs, etc. - the list is not exhaustive. If the Customer wishes to claim compensation in addition to the refund (additional hotel costs, additional transport costs, etc. -the list is not exhaustive-), they must make the claim directly to the Operator.

Also, as explained in paragraph 5e, the Kombo Site is not responsible in the event of a correspondence being missed.

Nor is the Kombo Site responsible for errors in the User's Personal Data. It is the User's responsibility to check the completeness and accuracy of the information used to make their reservation. The User has the possibility of consulting this information at any time during and after the purchase process.

11 - Passenger rights

a. Trip by Train

When traveling by train, passenger rights are defined in European Regulation (EC) 1371/2007. In terms of passenger compensation by the carrier following a train delay, the minimum compensation is as follows:

  • 25% of the ticket price in the event of a delay of between 60 and 119 minutes

  • 50% of the ticket price in the event of a delay of 120 minutes or more.

The railway companies are free to set more advantageous rules. All information on compensation is available on the carriers' website.

More information on SNCF strikes.

b. Trip by Bus

Regulation (EU) No 181/2011 defines the rights of passengers traveling by bus or coach in the European Union.

When a carrier expects a bus to be canceled or departure to be delayed by more than 120 minutes, then passengers have the right to choose between:

continuation of the journey or re-routing to the final destination, at no additional cost under comparable conditions and as quickly as possible;

reimbursement by the carrier of the full ticket price.

Also, the carrier is required to inform passengers of the situation as soon as possible, and in any event no later than 30 minutes after the scheduled departure time.

c. Trip by Plane

Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 defines the rights of air passengers.

In the event of delay, cancellation or denied boarding, the passenger may receive compensation from the carrier (subject to eligibility). All the details are available on the website of the Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and the Repression of Fraud (DGCCRF).

d. Trip cancelled by the Operator

In the event that a Trip is canceled by the Operator for an exceptional reason (strike, accident, bankruptcy, etc. - this list is not exhaustive), Passengers are protected by law. In the event that the Customer is eligible for a refund, the Ticket(s) may be refunded to the Customer, only once the Operator has refunded the Kombo Site.

Thus, the Kombo Site does not refund the Ticket(s) canceled by the Operator to a Customer before the refund of this Ticket to the Kombo Site.

12 - Personal Data

Kombo collects Personal Data for each passenger. This Personal Data may include the name, first name, date of birth, email, discount or loyalty cards from certain operators, identification information (necessary for flights), previously searched or completed trips. Email addresses provided by the User as part of a referral program may also be recorded.

The User has a right to access their personal data (law no. 78-17 of January 6, 1978) by contacting the company by email. This request must be accompanied by an identification with the date and place of birth to prove their identity.

The Personal Data necessary for the operators to book a trip and issue a ticket are transmitted to them.

More information are available in our Privacy Policy section.

The e-mail addresses provided can be used to send Kombo newsletters.

13 - How to use our services

The User is authorized to use the Kombo Site only via the interface offered. Scraping or direct connection via an API that may be developed by the Company is strictly prohibited without written authorization from the Company.

14 - Governing law and jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are subject to French law. Any dispute relating to their interpretation and/or execution is subject to the French courts.

The Customer has the option of having recourse to a consumer mediator in the event of a dispute.

15 - Updates

These Terms and Conditions were updated on March 20, 2023.