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Flixtrain, the train company of Flixbus

FlixTrain part of FlixMobility Group, the parent company of Flixbus , The largest bus company in Europe. After conquering European roads FlixMobility began in March 2018 to offer rail connections at high speed and low price.

FlixTrain part of FlixMobility Group, the parent company of Flixbus, the largest bus company in Europe. After conquering European roads FlixMobility began in March 2018 to offer rail connections at high speed and low price.

The trains Flixtrain

The FlixTrain trains are characterized by lime color and a basic package that maintains the low ticket price. The FlixTrain trains run at the same speed as the high-speed trains of Deutsche Bahn. The travel time may vary depending on the number of stops.

The price of tickets FlixTrain

As Flixbus FlixTrain also means lower prices. The price depends, as Deutsche Bahn, the day you book your ticket. If you book early, you save money.

Kids tickets on Flixtrain

Children and young people benefit from certain discounts: children up to 5 years free. Discounts are available for children up to 14 years. There are also special promotions where you can save up to 50% on the ticket price. In addition, there are offers reserved to those traveling in groups.

On board services in FlixTrain


WIFI is available and free on board all trains FlixTrain. Once logged in, you can surf the web, watch movies or work with your smartphone, tablet or laptop on the road. There are electrical outlets at each seat.


Each passenger may carry one bag free of charge without restriction of weight or size. To carry extra luggage on board, you must pay an extra 2 € per item. Each car has space for luggage in lockers above the seats.


The price for the transportation of bikes is € 9 regardless of the distance traveled. Reservations are needed for bicycle parking. If you continue your journey with Flixbus , your bike can be transported on some routes.


The FlixTrain trains are very comfortable with lots of leg room. For night travel, trains are equipped with comfortable beds, sheets, blankets and pillows, which are included in the price. In addition, there is the possibility to take breakfast on board in the morning.


Can I bring animals with Flixtrain?

Small pets travel free on board if they are kept in a carrying bag. If your dog can not be placed in a bag, you can ship it by buying a ticket price of a Child fare and leash and muzzled holding throughout the duration of the trip.

Can I reserve a seat?

On FlixTrain trains, it is not possible to reserve a place, but a place is guaranteed for all passengers.

Should I print my ticket Flixtrain?

No, for travel on trains FlixTrain, you only need the QR code found on your ticket.

What should I consider if I travel with a disabled person?

The railways are still not accessible to disabled independently. It is advisable to disabled passengers to travel with an attendant. Disabled people are entitled to specially reserved seats. It is possible to transport a wheelchair, whose maximum dimensions are 120x60 cm and whose weight does not exceed 350 kilograms. Wheelchairs or other support devices must be registered at least 36 hours before departure.

Can children travel alone with FlixTrain?

Children under 10 must always travel with their parents. Children between 10 and 14 years may travel alone between 06:00 and 22:00, with the written consent of their parents.

Can I change or cancel my ticket FlixTrain?

Yes, all tickets can be changed or canceled. Names and passenger details can be changed free. However, if you want to change the route of your ticket, you will pay the price difference if there is one. If you decide to cancel all or part of your trip (with a combined ticket), you will receive a voucher by email which can be used for your next trip with FlixTrain. Please note that there are cancellation fees vary depending on when you cancel your trip. If you cancel more than 30 days prior to departure, you will not pay fees. Below 30 days, you will have to pay a cancellation fee.

Can I book again FlixTrain a ticket?

Yes, if you cancel part of the trip and you paid the cancellation fee (as described above), you can book a new ticket.

Are there a reduced price for children?

Yes, children under 5 years travel free and children under 14 can get a discounted ticket. However, children who use the discounted ticket must be accompanied by an adult or have written confirmation that they are allowed to travel alone.

Where can I buy tickets FlixTrain?

You can buy your tickets directly on Kombo. Tickets are available to purchase 4 to 6 weeks in advance.

Can I choose my seat on FlixTrain?

Unfortunately, it currently is not possible to select seats on FlixTrain.

The trains present on Kombo :