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Flixtrain, the train company of Flixbus

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Compare Flixtrain tickets

Kombo offers bus trips with Flixtrain and other companies. You can always search and find the cheapest ticket and buy it directly on Kombo. FlixTrain is part of the FlixMobility Group, the parent company of Flixbus, the largest bus company in Europe.

Having conquered the roads of Europe, FlixMobility started offering low-cost train connections starting in March 2018. Flixtrain lines offer the possibility to travel between 20 different cities in Germany, such as Berlin, Stuttgart, Dortmund, Cologne and Hamburg.

Much appreciated by Europeans, it is also possible to make the trip with a night train thanks to a line offered by Flixtrain.

Flixtrain in 2 minutes:

  • Always affordable fares compared to other railway companies

  • Modern and comfortable trains for long journeys

  • Millions of passengers every year

  • German company founded in 2018

Flixtrain trains

Flixtrain trains are characterized by lime colors and are distinguished by the basic package offer which keeps ticket prices low. Flixtrain trains travel at the same speed as Deutsche Bahn's high-speed trains. Travel time may vary based on the number of stops.

How much does a Flixtrain ticket cost?

Like Flixbus, FlixTrain also stands for lower prices. FlixTrain prices can vary, like Deutsche Bahn, depending on the route, date and how far in advance you book. However, in general, FlixTrain tickets tend to be cheaper than other traditional train companies.

Why are Flixtrain tickets cheaper?

There are several reasons why FlixTrain tickets can be cheaper:

  • Low-cost business model: FlixTrain adopts a low-cost business model, similar to that of low-cost airlines. This means that they try to optimize their operating costs in various ways, for example by reducing personnel costs or optimizing the use of the train fleet. This allows them to offer more competitive rates.

  • Promotional offers and discounts: FlixTrain often offers promotions, discounts and special fares to attract passengers. This may include last-minute offers, youth or student discounts, or promotional seasonal rates. By taking advantage of these offers, you can get tickets at even more affordable prices.

  • Route Optimization: FlixTrain seeks to optimize routes to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. This may involve choosing popular and high-demand routes, which allow them to make best use of train capacity and maintain competitive prices.

It is important to note that FlixTrain ticket prices can vary and depend on many factors. It is advisable to directly compare the various companies on Kombo to always have updated prices on tickets.

What are the offers and discounts of Flixtrain ?

Children and young people benefit from some discounts: children up to 5 travel for free. Discounts are available for young people up to 14 years old. There are also special promotions where you can save up to 50% off the ticket price. Furthermore, there are offers reserved for those traveling in groups. If you don't want to miss any news about Flixtrain discounts, subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page or follow us on Facebook.

Why buy your tickets with Kombo ?

  • Average savings of 50€ observed

  • 90,000+ destinations in Europe and worldwide

  • 4.7/5, or 95% satisfaction on Trustpilot

  • Your tickets accessible on the phone

  • Cancellation and exchange in 2 clicks

  • Refund directly on your bank account

Before buying your Flixtrain ticket

Where can I buy Flixtrain tickets?

Tickets can be purchased directly on Kombo. Tickets are available on the platform and you can also compare other bus, train or carpool companies at the same time. This way you will be able to buy the option that is closest to your needs.

What are the ticket prices for FlixTrain?

FlixTrain ticket prices depend on the route, travel date and class of service chosen. FlixTrain tends to offer affordable fares, often cheaper than other traditional train companies.

Is FlixTrain cheaper than other train companies?

The convenience of FlixTrain compared to other railway companies depends on several factors, including ticket prices, route coverage, on-board comfort and the services offered. FlixTrain tries to be competitive on the price front, offering affordable fares compared to some traditional train companies.

Can I choose the seat to book?

On FlixTrain trains, it is not possible to choose a seat, but it is still guaranteed to all passengers.

Do I need to print my Flixtrain ticket?

No, to travel on FlixTrain trains you only need the QR code that you find on the ticket.

Can I change or cancel my FlixTrain ticket?

Yes, all tickets can be changed or cancelled. Passenger names and contact details can be changed free of charge. However, if you want to change your route, you will pay the price difference.

If you decide to cancel all or part of the trip (in the case of a combined ticket), you will receive a voucher by email which can be used for your next trip with Flixtrain.

Please note that there are cancellation charges which vary depending on the travel cancellation times. If you cancel more than 30 days before the departure date, you will not pay any penalty. Within the 30 days, you will be charged cancellation fees.

Can I rebook a Flixtrain ticket?

Yes, if you cancel part of your trip and pay the cancellation fee (as described above), you can book a new ticket.

What are the services on board the Flixtrain train?

  • Wi-Fi : Wi-Fi is available and free on board all FlixTrain trains. Once connected, you can browse the Internet, watch movies or work with your smartphone, tablet or laptop on the go. There are electrical outlets for each seat.

  • Baggage : Each passenger can carry one bag free of charge with no weight or size restrictions. For extra baggage on board, you need to pay an extra 2€ for each bag. Each vehicle has space for luggage in lockers above the seats.

  • Bicycles : The price for transporting bicycles is 9€, regardless of the distance travelled. For bicycle parking, reservations are required. If you continue your journey with Flixbus, your bike can only be transported on some routes.

  • Seating : FlixTrain trains offer great comfort with plenty of legroom. For night journeys, night trains are equipped with comfortable beds, sheets, blankets and pillows, which are included in the price. Furthermore, there is the possibility to have breakfast on board in the morning.

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More information about Flixtrain trains...

What are the destinations covered by FlixTrain?

FlixTrain offers train connections on several routes in Europe. Destinations may vary over time, but some of the common destinations served by FlixTrain include cities in Germany such as Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Stuttgart. Furthermore, FlixTrain has extended its service to other European countries such as Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Austria. It is advisable to consult the official website of FlixTrain to obtain updated information on the destinations covered by the company.

Can I bring pets with Flixtrain?

Small pets travel for free on board if kept in their carrier. If your dog cannot be placed in a kennel or bag, it can be transported by purchasing a ticket at the child fare. It will be necessary to keep it on a leash, it must be equipped with a muzzle for the entire duration of the trip.

Can minors travel alone with FlixTrain?

Children up to 10 years of age must always travel with their parents. Children between the ages of 10 and 14 may travel alone between 6:00 and 22:00, with written parental consent.

Is there a reduced price for children?

Yes, children under 5 can travel for free and children under 14 can get a reduced price ticket. Children using the reduced price ticket must be accompanied by an adult or have a written declaration confirming that they are authorized to travel alone.

What should I take into consideration if I am traveling with a disabled person?

For passengers with disabilities, we recommend traveling with a companion. People with disabilities are entitled to specially reserved seats. It is possible to transport a wheelchair, the maximum dimensions of which are 120x60 cm and the weight of which does not exceed 350 kilograms. Wheelchairs or other assistive devices must be registered at least 36 hours prior to departure.

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