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Book cheap bus and train tickets for Amsterdam

13 connections

TrainTrain, TER, TGV, Thalys, Eurostar

2 trips/day

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Why go to Amsterdam with Kombo?

Kombo is a website for booking train, bus and carpool tickets. We offer more than 100 tickets to go to Amsterdam, from 13 cities.

Which means of transport to get to Amsterdam?

To get to Amsterdam, do you have to take the train, bus or carpool? The train is often the most comfortable means of transport. The bus has the advantage of being cheaper, like Blablacar. Carpooling is nice if you want to chat but if you want to rest, you'll be more comfortable by bus or train! Kombo allows you to compare ticket prices for Amsterdam. Yes, but above all you can book your tickets directly on our site, whether by train or bus.

You can take the train to go to Amsterdam but also the bus. Indeed, there are 1 trains and 1 coaches arriving at Amsterdam every day. So you have a choice.

Which cities are connected to Amsterdam?

On Kombo, you will find direct train tickets from 0 different cities to get to Amsterdam. Slightly more 0 cities have direct trains for Amsterdam, of which .

Here some tips to find the best train for Amsterdam.

There are direct bus tickets from 13 different cities to Amsterdam. Kombo has developed a technology that combines all means of transport. Thus, Amsterdam is accessible from 2 departure cities.

How to buy cheaper bus or train tickets to Amsterdam?

Train or bus ticket prices for Amsterdam vary over time: indeed, the more passengers there are, the more ticket prices increases for Amsterdam . So the earlier you buy your tickets, the cheaper they will cost. However, buses and carpooling often offer cheaper prices than trains.But we also take the environment into consideration: the train is still the least polluted option for getting from one place to another! Buses and car-sharing can also be more environmentally friendly than the simple car. Find all our tips for buying cheap train tickets and cheap bus tickets.

Which company to go to Amsterdam?

To get to Amsterdam, there is only one type of train:

No less than 6 bus companies can take you to Amsterdam :

How do you buy your ticket to Amsterdam?

After finding a cheap ticket on Kombo, we recommend you should book it directly on our website. As Kombo compares the prices of all buses and trains, you will have the best choice and the best price on your ticket for Amsterdam. However, note that trains and buses can quickly be full during weekends and holidays.

Where do trains and buses arrive at Amsterdam?

When you arrive in Amsterdam, the bus stops in one train station :

As for buses, they can stop at 6 bus stations. At Amsterdam, the busiest bus stations for coaches are Amsterdam Sloterdijk.

What to do at Amsterdam?

The city runs the channels the Amstel River offers a multitude of surprises: no less than 1281 bridges allow the crossing (cycling) of this atypical city where houses lean somewhat in line the shores. Some hide multiple stories, away from the small fishing port that was the Venice of the North in the twelfth century as the home of Rembrandt. Amsterdam, is a land filled both water that multiple cultures: the museums are flourishing all over the city, followed closely by various music festivals, innovation, design ... But do not be fooled its postcard appearances, this is one of the most vibrant municipality: day and night, sensual red light district of the windows rattle the curious, and traditional coffee shops perfume the air of a city also green smell as trees along innumerable banks: a multi-sensory journey awaits you out of your bus, train, car. The main access to the city is by train but also buses, since the Sloterdijk railway station hosts both means of transport with glee, and drops you right next to the Anne Frank House. It is also possible to leave his coach Metro Station Amstel, and jump on a bike the next.

Cheap bus tickets for Amsterdam