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Ouigo: the low cost offers train SNCF

By using Kombo you can buy train tickets Ouigo, and all major European companies, including SNCF. By comparing, you will pay less.

By using Kombo you can buy train tickets Ouigo, and all major European companies, including SNCF. By comparing, you will pay less.

Ouigo in 2 minutes

  • Unbeatable price from € 10
  • Fast trains like TGV
  • 30 towns served in France
  • Launched in 2013 by SNCF

Ouigo, the TGV discounted

Ouigo corresponds to low-cost TGV SNCF. Launched in April 2013, the Ouigo trains connect dozens of cities in France such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Rennes, Nantes, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Nice, Metz, Nancy, etc.

Offer inspired by the low-cost airlines, Ouigo offers tickets at a lower price than the lines in CA and reaches charging extra luggage. Note that the stations served by Ouigo are most often the stations located outside of the main cities in Marne-la-Vallée - Chessy, Massy TGV, Charles-de-Gaulle Airport TGV to Paris; Champagnes-Ardennes TGV Reims, etc.

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Ouigo What is the secret?

How does the SNCF can offer such low prices for the TGV? We have identified the top 5 reasons.


Prices of Ouigo tickets are really cheap. But if you go at the last moment, the prices can be much higher. It will never be said often enough, but book as soon as possible. And unlike other tickets SNCF trains, the Ouigo tickets can not be refunded but only exchanged.

The stations:

Ouigo trains often leave from peripheral stations, so less central than stations with inOui. For example, in Paris, Massy station is located south of Paris even if it is accessible directly by RER B. And the Montparnasse station used is the one of Vaugirard, whose platforms are a few minutes walk from the centre of the Montparnasse station.

The trains :

The Ouigo trains are optimized to reduce costs. These are trains with 2 floors and there is a bar car.


If Ouigo are not expensive, it's also because the TGV travel at peak hours; early in the morning, at noon or late in evening.

The options:

Like any low cost service, Ouigo ticket does not include an option. The outlet is by example and pay for additional baggage.

Tenders of Ouigo trains

Tickets OUIGO

When traveling on Ouigo, there is only one seat in the classroom, which means that all passengers are offered the same level of service on board. Since there is no restaurant on the train car, so it is highly recommended to refuel before in your favorite supermarket. On the other hand, the absence of a cafe or restaurant on board means that there is usually more places available than in other high-speed trains.

Buy the train tickets Ouigo

Note that Ouigo tickets can only be purchased online, so do not forget to buy your tickets well in advance or before you leave for the station. In terms of luggage you can carry, bring two hand luggage is free, but there is usually a charge for suitcases or large equipment.

You will receive your train ticket four days before departure, or immediately if the departure is within four days. Make sure you print your tickets before you go or upload your Ouigo ticket because you will be able to show one of these two options before boarding the train.

Tickets are non-refundable Ouigo but can be redeemed on the website of Ouigo until 1:30 before the train departure fee. Since these tickets are sold exclusively online, the exchange is not possible at the station and can only be used with another train ticket Ouigo.

The Ouigo options

When booking train tickets Ouigo, you can add some features to make your trip more enjoyable as possible:

  • • Electric socket:

    Check the "plug" if you need to recharge your electrical appliances. This service includes a nominal fee.

  • • Additional baggage:

    Also available for a fee, take up to two more bags with you on board.

  • • Stroller:

    You can take a free stroller in Ouigo trains, provided that the state at time of booking and bend when boarding.

  • • Warning message:

    Select the text messages to receive confirmation of the ticket booking and travel information, including the train platform number directly on your smartphone.

  • • Pets:

    If your cat, dog or rabbit weighs 6 kg, you must purchase a pet ticket price.

  • • Quiet:

    For a small charge, you can choose a place in the quietest cars of the train. Perfect for those who want to work or relax in peace and quiet during the journey.

Tickets Terms Ouigo

Launched in April of 2013, it is a subsidiary Ouigo low cost of SNCF. They offer train tickets between Paris and several cities in France, from 10 € for adults and € 5 for children.

The specific conditions Ouigo tickets are:

  • The Ouigo tickets are non-refundable.

  • Tickets are redeemable online Ouigo up to 1 hour before getting on board (10 € per passenger per change).

  • An exchange is not possible at the station.

  • Boarding starts 30 minutes before departure.

  • The Ouigo tickets can only be redeemed against another Ouigo ticket with the departure and arrival stations are identical.

  • You will receive your ticket Ouigo no later than four days prior to departure (or immediately if booked less than 4 days prior to departure).

  • The Ouigo tickets must be printed on A4 paper or displayed on an electronic ticket Smartphone / Tablet.

  • The reductions and SNCF discounts do not apply to Ouigo tickets.


They are sold Kombo Ouigo tickets the same price as the site Ouigo?

Yup! We do not charge additional costs for our customers, because you get a Ouigo commission for every ticket sold.

Tickets are refundable Ouigo?

No. They are only exchangeable.

What is the relationship between Ouigo and iDTGV?

iDTGV was a TGV service whose tickets were sold only online. It is in a way the ancestor of Ouigo. But iDTGV was discontinued in 2017.

As Ouigo exchange my tickets?

An exchange is possible until 1 hour before boarding (1 hour and 30 minutes prior to departure). You can exchange your business against another Ouigo ticket. You can exchange your ticket price of € 10 per passenger.

Can I exchange a ticket that I already printed?

Yes. It makes no difference.

Can I change the name on my ticket?

Yes. The ticket was a specific name, a transfer can be free of charge. A change of name is free in 60 minutes after the ticket is booked. If you want to change the name after this you can change the OUIGO.com line for an amount of € 10 per passenger.

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