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Book your train tickets and cheap bus for Bordeaux

162 connections

TrainTrain, TER, TGV, Thalys, Eurostar

2 trips / day

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Price from 1€

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Why go to places Bordeaux with Kombo?

Kombo is a train ticket booking site, bus and carpooling. We offer more than 100 tickets to go to Bordeaux from 162 cities.

What means of transportation to get to Bordeaux?

To get to Bordeaux, do you have to take the train, bus or carpool? The train is often the most comfortable means of transport. The bus has the advantage of being cheaper, like Blablacar. Carpooling is nice if you want to talk but if you want to rest, you will be more relaxed by bus or train! Kombo allows you to compare ticket prices for Bordeaux. Yes, but above all you can book your tickets directly on our website, whether by train or bus.

You can take the train to Bordeaux but also the bus. Indeed, there are 1 trains and 1 coaches arriving at Bordeaux every day. So you have a choice.

Which cities are connected to Bordeaux?

On Kombo, you will find direct train tickets from 43 different cities to Bordeaux. Just over 43 cities have direct trains for Bordeaux, including Paris, Marseille, Nantes, Toulouse, Montpellier.

Here are the tips for finding the best train for Bordeaux.

There are direct bus tickets from 119 different cities to Bordeaux. Kombo has developed a technology that combines all means of transport. Thus, Bordeaux is accessible from 3 departure cities.

How to pay for a cheaper bus or train ticket to get to Bordeaux?

The prices of trains, or buses for Bordeaux, vary over time: Indeed, the more people there are, the higher the prices of tickets for Bordeaux. So the earlier you buy your tickets, the cheaper you will pay. However, buses and carpooling often offer cheaper prices than trains. And we think of the environment: the train is still the least polluting way to get around! Buses and carpooling are also more environmentally friendly than cars. Find all our advice to buy cheap train tickets and cheap bus tickets.

Which company to go to Bordeaux?

Bordeaux is served by the following railways:

No less than 4 bus companies can take you to Bordeaux:

How to buy your Bordeaux ticket?

After finding a cheap ticket on Kombo, we recommend you to book it directly on our website. As Kombo compares the prices of all buses and trains, you will have the best choice and the best price on your ticket for Bordeaux. Please note that trains and buses can quickly become full during weekends and holidays.

Where do trains and buses arrive in Bordeaux?

Trains arriving at Bordeaux stop at a single bus station :

As for buses, they can stop in 3 bus stations. At Bordeaux, the busiest bus stations frequented by coaches are Gare Saint Jean.

What to do at Bordeaux?

Some say that Bordeaux is a small Paris: its architecture, though lower, has nothing to envy. Human scale, it is the ideal city to disconnect its obligations few days time. Sleeping Beauty is crossed by some frantic strides -or tram and buses for less énergiques- and offers urban landscapes in warm colors and is a long lovely walk along the Garonne. The city juggles its traditional buildings and urbanization developed in order to facilitate access to every corner of the city. From the lookouts, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the town, including a number of buildings are classified by UNESCO. Not far from the Quai des Chartrons, the city has a lung eleven hectares where the Natural History Museum but also the oldest in France Puppets Theater. Bordeaux, as the name suggests, is the ideal place for an exceptional wine tasting admiring the theater in Greco-Roman inspiration, or enjoying the lively Sainte-Catherine district. The municipality has two bus stations in the city center from the Gare Saint-Jean and Pessac. It is also accessible from the airport Bordeaux - Merignac.

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