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Book your train, bus and plane tickets for Rotterdam.

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Why go to Rotterdam with Kombo?

Kombo is a train, bus, plane and carpooling ticket booking site. Founded in 2016, several hundred thousand customers have traveled with us. We offer more than 520 tickets to go to Rotterdam, from 56 cities.

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How do I get to Rotterdam?

To get to Rotterdam you can take the train, the bus, plane Indeed, there are 277 trains, 216 buses, 27 planes arriving at Rotterdam every day.

Each of these types of transport has its own advantages. That's why Kombo helps you choose. From the fastest to the cheapest, from the most ecological to the most comfortable, there is something for everyone.

The train is a fast and comfortable means of transportation that will save you precious hours to get to Rotterdam. Indeed, in addition to offering you the possibility to stretch your legs and walk through the cars, some trains can reach 300 km/h and the railway stations, often located in the heart of the city, are therefore easy to find and very accessible.
In addition, travelling by train, you will be able to discover the picturesque landscapes of the regions you pass through to get to Rotterdam.
Finally, if you care about our beautiful planet, you should know that today's trains, whether they are fast or slower, are the most environmentally friendly means of transportation.

The bus, like carpooling, often has the advantage of being the cheapest way to travel. In addition to that, even if the trips for Rotterdam can be longer or of the same duration as by car, today's buses are equipped with comfortable seats and often benefit from a free wifi connection. This will allow you to do your favorite activities without worrying and thus, not to see the time passing. On the other hand if you like to chat and meet people, carpooling with blablacar will be the perfect option.

Which cities are connected to Rotterdam ?

On Kombo, you can find direct train tickets from 53 different cities to Rotterdam. Rotterdam is very well served by train, as this destination is accessible from Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Antwerp, and more 53 departure cities.

There are also direct bus tickets from 3 different cities to Rotterdam.

You will be able to find direct flight tickets from 0 different cities to Rotterdam.

Kombo has developed a technology that combines all means of transportation. Thus, Rotterdam is accessible from 56.

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City of departure by bus

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City of departure by plane

How to pay less for your transport ticket to Rotterdam

For the train, we advise you to make your journey to Rotterdam at staggered times. Therefore, leaving in the middle of the day during the week, or on the contrary very early in the morning or late in the evening is ideal to have access to lower prices. At weekends, as with air travel, train tickets are more expensive, especially on Friday and Sunday evenings. Finally, anticipating weekends and holidays will save you a few euros, in fact, the earlier you take your tickets, the less you will pay.
To pay less, you can also favour low-cost airlines such as OuiGo in France or even take out special subscriptions.
Find all our tips for buying cheap train tickets

For buses, even if they generally offer cheaper prices than trains and planes, the prices of buses or carpooling for Rotterdam, vary over time. Indeed, the more crowded it gets, the higher the ticket prices for Rotterdam. So the earlier you buy your tickets, the cheaper you'll be. Find our page with the secrets to find your cheap bus tickets.

To go to Rotterdam by plane, there are many cheap tickets, but their number is limited. That's why we advise you, if you want to pay less, to book as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you are flexible on the price, you can also treat yourself by booking at the last minute!
Generally the best times to book your air tickets for Rotterdam will be in January, February and September from Tuesday to Thursday.

Which company to go to Rotterdam ?

Rotterdam is served by the following railway companies :

No less than 5 bus companies can take you to Rotterdam :

More than 7 airlines can take you to Rotterdam:

  • British Airways
  • Corendon Airlines Europe
  • SunExpress
  • TUI fly Belgium
  • Pegasus
  • Corendon
  • Transavia

How to buy your ticket for Rotterdam ?

After finding a cheap ticket on Kombo, we recommend you to book it directly on our website. As Kombo compares the prices of all buses, trains and planes, you will have the best choice and the best price on your ticket for Rotterdam. Be careful, buses, trains and even planes can be quickly full during the weekend and holidays. And if you don't want to leave after buying a ticket, we've got you covered with a guide to how to cancel your bus and train tickets easily.

Where do the trains arrive at Rotterdam?

When you arrive in the city of Rotterdam the trains stop at Rotterdam Centraal.

Where does the bus arrive in Rotterdam?

In Rotterdam buses stop at 3 bus stations. The most frequent are Rotterdam Centraal and Zuidplein - Plateforme X.

Where do planes land in Rotterdam?

At Rotterdam the planes land at Rotterdam The Hague Airport, RTM

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